Bubble Guppies

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  • Music:

    Bunch of Bones


  • The Lunches

    Nonny: An Egg Salad Sandwich
    Goby: A Cheese Sandwich

    The Gag Lunch

    Gil: A Hambulance on Rye

  • <b>Music:</b>

    How Many Colors Do you know?

    What Do they Mean

  • Music:

    What Colors do you know?


  • The Lunches

    Nonny: A Sandwichand a Box of Apple Juice

    Goby: A Quesadillaand a Box of Grape Juice

    The Gag Lunch

    Deema: A Pita Wrap and a Box of Crayonberry Juice

  • <b>Music:</b>

    I want a Pet to Love

    Puppy/Kitty Dance

  • The Lunches

    Oona: Baby Carrots

    Molly: Milk

    The Gag Lunch

    Goby: A Hot Dog (Weiner Barks like a Dog)

  • Music:

    Build Me a Building

    Let me Fix you Up

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  • Optimus Prime

    The semi-truck known as Humunga-truck has a bit of a similarity of the "Transformers" autobot leader, Optimus Prime.

  • Laverne & Shirley

    The two lobster girls at the beach ball look almost like the ladies from the "Laverne & Shirley" show.

  • Chris Angel
    The way Molly and Gil say "Illusion" is somewhat similar to the way Chris "MindFreak" Angel says it by saying "Illuuuusion"