Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes as Voted by Users

By jessicakroeber

Feb 08, 2014

Lately I have Buffy on the brain. The other day I walked in on my friend dancing & giggling to the Angel theme song. So, hey, let’s all enjoy this Buffy streak! Want to know what the best episodes of everyone’s favorite Whedon show are? Well, let’s count them down.

Remember that these episodes were rated by users just like yourself! Want to know how to see those ratings? More on that later. First, we have a date with Mr. Pointy.

10. Chosen (Season 7, Episode 22)
The series finale! It’s only fitting that this one is on this list. I don’t even know where to begin recapping this episode. It was a fitting end to a wonderful series. Buffy has a family again, and they will survive.

9. Grave (Season 6, Episode 22)
Dark Willow is SCARY! Xander finally saves the day as he gives Willow his strength so that the dark magic can finally leave her body. Go Xander!

8. Graduation Day (Season 3, Episode 21 & 22)
Fabulous ending to an episode! The Mayor turns into a giant snake demon and the gang destroys the school in true Buffy fashion. How many schools can a girl destroy in her lifetime?

7. Innocence (Season 2, Episode 14)
This episode is pretty infamous. Buffy & Angel take their relationship to the next level and Angel turns into a soulless, blood sucking, demon again. Heartwrenching.

6. Passion (Season 2, Episode 17)
Oh no, not Ms. Calendar! But in all seriousness, the scene where Giles finds her dead body was incredibly emotional. Will Angelus ever get his soul back?

5. The Body (Season 5, Episode 16)
Yeah, this episode. I’m not surprised to find it on this list. Buffy’s mother may have been meddling at times, but she was a really big part of this show. This was a huge turning point for Buffy’s character, who now suddenly has to grow up pretty quickly. I’m getting emotional just thinking about this episode.

4. Becoming (Season 2, Episode 21 & 22)
Angel’s soul is restored! But Buffy kills him anyway. Oops. Also, Spike and Buffy form their first (of many!) alliance. Plot twist!

3. Once More, With Feeling (Season 6, Episode 7)
Ah yes, the musical episode! I thought it was a bit cheesy but this is definitely a fan favorite.


2. The Gift (Season 5, Episode 22)
Buffy refuses to let her sister sacrifice herself and jumps into Glory’s portal instead. Seriously, how many times can a girl die? Death is her gift, after all.

1. Hush (Season 4, Episode 10)
Absolutely no surprise here. A whole episode without any dialogue? Brilliant. This is what great television looks like, folks.

So there you have it!


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  • jameyhart Feb 13, 2014

    Ooh, I totally forgot about Superstar (the Jonathan episode) too.
    Hilarious! =)

  • jessicakroeber Feb 13, 2014

    Oh yeah, I love that one!

  • techngro Feb 12, 2014

    Hush was one of the best episodes of any tv show ever devised.

    The part where the Scooby Gang is in the classroom trying to figure out how to kill the Gentlemen and Buffy does her 'stake them' motion...without the was hilarious.

  • moneill09 Feb 12, 2014

    Conversations With Dead People really needs to be on this list. A lot of people underrate that one and whilst the final season was all over the place that one was fantastic.

  • Haloprogram Feb 11, 2014

    I actually watched through Buffy again quite recently, must have topped the dozen mark by now, so maybe I make my own top 10 or perhaps one of Angel..

  • jessicakroeber Feb 11, 2014

    Do it!!!!!! We'd love to see your personal fav list!

  • Haloprogram Feb 11, 2014

    done and done!

  • jameyhart Feb 09, 2014

    Tabula Rasa!

  • skydiver_4 Feb 09, 2014

    Innosence and Doppelgangerland were allway my favorites.

  • funnyl3unni Feb 08, 2014

    Hush and Once More with a Feeling are tied for top for me. I know OMWAF was cheesy, but i still loved it. Today this day I still find myself singing I've got a Theory. Hush was just remarkable television.

  • jessicakroeber Feb 10, 2014

    It was cheesy but I do also think they managed to pull it off. I mean, it screened at Comic Con for YEARS! Maybe it still does, I'm not sure. So people obviously loved it which means they did something right.

  • sylaine Feb 08, 2014

    Really good list. They really are some of the best episodes Buffy has ever done. But I too think that Tabula Rasa should have been included. No argument form me about the Top 3. The rest are very good episodes, but not all of them favourites. "The Body" is just extremely depressing. It's a punch in the gut, every time. I just don't particularly like to subject myself to that, unless I'm doing a whole season re-watch. Doesn't mean it isn't one of the best things Joss Whedon has ever done.

  • jessicakroeber Feb 10, 2014

    Tabula Rosa was close to the top 10! It was after Doppelgangeland & The Wish.

  • sylaine Feb 10, 2014

    Also two great episodes. They're on my personal top 10 - I love What If/AU scenarios

  • Oenc Feb 08, 2014

    Oh nice homage to BTVS. The show that made me. (That and My So Called Life.)

    The episodes I have watched the most and love the most my top 5 in no order though Hush is always number 1:

    1. Hush (So clever. So perfect. So chilling. The Gentlemen I think are the most scariest demons we could imagine. I think as children we had those nightmares where we were screaming but no one could hear us and the monster juts kept coming. The ingenious of how would we continue if we couldn't talk? Well everyone found a way and even cashed in on it (big corporate machine!) The fear and frustration and break outs of violence that people had. Also, Buffy and Riley finally really met...and that ending ..."We should talk" poignant juxtaposed with the whole episode. Perfect execution 10 outta 10)

    2. Primeval (Amazing. So Matrix like. Loved the use of Magic and Adam was all like what? I cannot compute magic.... and they all worked together, just cemented their bond to each other for the rest of time.)

    3. The Gift (I love how Whedon and team weave whats coming from so far in the previous seasons with the coming of Dawn and we didn't pick up on it. When Tara in Buffy dream state says "Be back before Dawn" and the dead girl also said something along those lines...then the season started and BAM. Dawn arrives, then the whole your "Gift is death" spirit walk which she misinterpreted....but it all about love and sacrifice. What would you do to save your loved one and the world. So powerful the lead up to this season and to this episode was. I didn't like the Glory story at all and skip most of those Glory/Ben scene and watch only Scooby gang, but ultimately it was more about the relationship between Buffy and her Scooby family.)

    4. Anne (wonderful continuous opening shot. Wonderful strong story. Really powerful. Buffy realising who she truly is and no longer wants to run from it and instead owns it. She had to go home and deal with her lost love and the consequences of ditching her friends like that too.)

    5. Showtime (pretty depressing before, this little show of hope. Loved the arena and Buffy back to strength. It was a long time coming.)

    I also quite liked:
    Earshot (hilarious, trying to read Angel's head. Finding out about Mom and
    End of Days/Chosen (pretty much 1 ep cut in 2 I thought. Spike at the end, the power, willow, the potentials :))
    No Place Like Home (The key and the monk's story revealed so great. Buffy seeing the magic, almost killing her then realising her responsibility and accepting her in her heart.)
    Bargaining Part 2 (Buffy coming back from the dead and seeing Buffy bot and beating those monsters.)

  • jessicakroeber Feb 10, 2014

    Ooooh My So Called Life! Loved that show, too.

  • TrevPlatt Feb 08, 2014

    There are so many fantastic episodes that I just can't narrow it down, although I do think Tabula Rasa has a good shout at being included in the list.
    Thanks for this article though, it's brought back some great memories. When I've finished re-watching The West Wing I think I know what's next on the list.

  • jessicakroeber Feb 10, 2014

    Tabula Rosa was close but surprisingly did not make the top 10!

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