Reptile Boy

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  • Tom: Thanks for letting me ramble. Buffy: You know, people underestimate the value of a good ramble.

  • Willow: I can't believe she lied to Giles. My world is all askew. Xander: Buffy's lying, Buffy's going to frat parties. That's not askew, that's cockeyed. Willow: Askew means cockeyed. Xander: Oh.

  • Cordelia: (about going to a frat party) This isn't about fun. This is about duty, your duty to help me achieve permanent prosperity. Okay? Do's and dont's: don't wear black, silk, chiffon, or spandex. These are my trademarks. And don't do that weird thing with your hair. Buffy: What weird thing with my-- Cordelia: Don't interrupt. Do be interested if someone should speak to you. It may or may not happen, but do be polite and laugh at the appropriate intervals. Do lie to your mom about where we're going. It's a fraternity, and there will be drinking.

  • Buffy: I'm Buffy Summers. Tom: Oh, nice to meet you. Are you a senior here? Buffy: Junior. Tom: Oh, me too... except that I'm a senior and I'm in college. So we have that in common, and I major in history. Buffy: History stumps me. I have a hard enough time remembering what happened last week. Tom: Nah, nothing happened last week. Don't worry, I was there.

  • Xander: And we thought just because we didn't have any money or anyplace to go this would be a lackluster evening. Willow: I know! We could go to the Bronze and sneak in our own tea bags and ask for hot water. Xander: Hop off the outlaw train, Will, before you land us all in jail.

  • Giles: Buffy, you think I don't know what it's like to be sixteen? Buffy: No. I think you don't know what it's like to be sixteen. And a girl. And the Slayer. Giles: Fair enough, no, I don't.

  • Richard: So, who's your friend? (indicates Buffy) Cordelia: Her? Oh, she's not my friend. Tom: She's amazing! Cordelia: She's more like a sister, really! We're that close.

  • Cordelia: Buffy! Did you lose weight? And your hair... Alright, I respect you too much to be dishonest. The hair's a little... Well, that really isn't the point here, is it?

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  • When Xander, Angel, Willow and Giles enter the frat house, Angel was never invited inside and had no problem entering. A possible explanation for this is: during the raising of Machida Tom states that they have no wealth or possessions. It is possible that they give everything to Machida as insurance just in case they don't feed him, thus making the house in the possession of a demon and allowing Angel to walk in freely.

  • The movie Buffy, Willow, and Xander were attempting to watch at the beginning of the episode is the 1993 Bollywood film Kshatriya.

  • When Cordelia tells Buffy what she mustn't wear to the frat party (things that Cordelia considers her "trademarks"), she mentions anything black among the rest. Nevertheless, Buffy arrives to the party wearing a black dress.

  • Apparently, Giles has had Angel's phone number since the end of Season 1.

  • Goof: Look how Giles pulls the printout from the printer out (of Callie). Those printers don't feed out like that. The page is upside down and turned around!

  • Nitpick: The length of Cordelia's chains change from the first scene they are in to the next. They appear to get shorter.

  • Goof: Not only were the fraternity boys apparently sentenced quickly, but when Xander reads the newspaper saying they were sentenced to consecutive life sentences, the headline only says, Fraternity Arrested.

Allusions (11)

  • Machida: Machida's form is reminiscent of a mythological Hindu being known as a Naga. Nagas were a primeval race of serpent people with the bodies of snakes and the heads of humans. Unlike Machida, Nagas were usually benevolent, though some sources claim that Nagas could kill with a single glance when angered. Nagas feature heavily in Hindu and Buddhist lore.

  • Xander: Godzilla's attacking downtown Tokyo! Aargh, Aargh! Godzilla is of course the big green lizard from the sci-fi classics.

  • Cordelia: You could go on to live among rich and powerful the "Bizarro World." The Bizarro World is an alternate reality in the Superman comic books where everything is the opposite of what it is in the real world. The Superman comics also feature a character called Bizarro from the Bizarro World who is pretty much a dumb version of the Man of Steel.

  • Buffy: There's a kind of hush all over Sunnydale. Herman's Hermit's (and later, the Carpenters) released a song in the 60s called "There's A Kind of Hush" which has the line, "There's a kind of hush all over the world."

  • Tom: Anyway, the Hulk is gone.
    Comic book and TV show character the Incredible Hulk is very large, not very intelligent brutish sort that actually quite resembles a drunken fraternity brother.

  • Xander: Oh Buffy I don't think so. Frying pan, fire. Out of the frying pan into the fire is an expression used to describe an escape from one bad situation that only leads to a worse situation.

  • Angel: When I kiss you, you don't wake up from a deep sleep and live happily ever after. In the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, the handsome prince wakes the cursed princess from a deep sleep with a kiss. And of course they live happily ever after.

  • Xander: OK boots. Start a-walkin'.
    A reference to the 1966 Nancy Sinatra song "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'". More from Xander's music of pain collection (see season 1 episode - "Prophecy Girl").

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