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  • Gwendolyn: You telegraph punches, leave blind sides open and, uh, for a school-night slaying, take entirely too much time. Which one of you is Faith? Faith: Depends. Who the hell are you? Gwendolyn: Gwendolyn Post, Mrs. Your new Watcher.

  • Buffy: How are you? Faith: Five by five. Buffy: I'll interpret that as good.

  • Gwendolyn: The fact is, there is talk in the Council that you have become a bit too... American. Giles: Me? Buffy: Him?

  • Giles: She was kicked out by the council a couple of years ago for "misuses of dark power." They swear there was a memo.

  • Xander: (by himself in graveyard) Hey Giles! Here a nifty idea. Why don't I alleviate my guilt by going out and getting myself really, really killed?

  • Giles: That was bracing. Buffy: Interesting lady. Can we kill her? Giles: I think the council might frown upon that.

  • Faith: I have this thing with authority figures. They end up kind of dead.

  • Gwendolyn: Faith, a word of advice. You're an idiot.

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Notes (4)

  • Buffy mentions "and it's another Tuesday night in Sunnydale" while talking to Angel at the mansion. Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired on Tuesday nights on both the WB (beginning with Season 2's "Innocence") and UPN.

  • Music: At the Bronze, "Dingoes Ate My Baby" perform this song -- "Run" by Four Star Mary Just after Oz leaves the stage -- "West of Here" by Lotion At the end of the episode -- "Silver Dollar" by Man Of The Year

  • The events of the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer video game for Xbox take place sometime between this episode and the next episode, "Lover's Walk".

  • Guest star Serena Scott Thomas is the younger sister of actress Kristin Scott Thomas, star of such films as The English Patient and The Horse Whisperer.

Trivia (9)

  • There are 12 cemeteries within the city limits of Sunnydale.

  • Goof: When Buffy and Willow are sitting outside the crypt talking about secrets, we see a full moon over Willow's shoulder. However, no one is at all concerned about locking Oz up during this episode.

  • Faith's past boyfriends have included guys named Ronnie, Steve, and Kenny (who was a drummer).

  • Goof: Look carefully as the glove attaches itself to Gwendolyn's arm. At the spot where the last claw penetrates her arm a puncture wound appears before the claw enters her skin.

  • Goof: When Giles is telling Gwendolyn Post that he found a way to destroy the glove the camera switches to a close up of Gwendolyn. During that close up you can see that she has her gray sweater on but she did not have that sweater on before or after her close up.

  • Goof: When Buffy and Faith are fighting, Buffy smashes them through the window. When they land on the hard ground, you see all the glass residue that lands with them, and that there's a standing-out piece of white wood that's shaped like a "Y" that also lands in-between them. Yet, when the camera switches to a top view and the two roll away from each other to stand up, all of that is gone, including the very noticeable large wood piece.

  • Goof: When Faith sweep kicks Buffy while they are fighting you can see Faith start the kick from pretty much a sitting up position, but in the next camera angle, she is pretty much parallel to the floor. And the shot changed too fast for her to have had time to move.

  • Nitpick: After Angel gets the glove, you see him walk back to the mansion. Xander follows him and he looks in the window and sees Buffy and Angel kissing. How would Angel have enough time to get in, put the glove down, and start kissing Buffy? And why wouldn't he show her the glove first?

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Allusions (6)

  • Xander: I leaned toward the postal.
    Another play on the idea of disgruntled postal workers and their over-reactions.

  • Willow: I opened my S.A.T. booklet 5 minutes early.
    Another reference to the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Willow's comment relies on the fact that S.A.T. tests are timed and the test takers are not supposed to open their booklets before being signaled by the proctor.

  • Buffy: What's with the tragedy masks?
    Buffy likens the sad faces of her friends to the tragedy mask of classic Greek drama. The smiling comedy mask and frowning tragedy mask have become symbols of theater in general.

  • Buffy: You think they make a patch for this? Other bad habits (namely cigarette smoking) have a medicinal patch that can be worn to help break the habit.

  • Faith: Excuse me Mary Poppins, you don't seem to be listening. Faith compares her new watcher's British accent to that of the character Mary Poppins from the 1964 Disney film of the same name.

  • Buffy: Synchronized slaying. Which Faith suggests could be a new Olympics category. Together these lines are a play on synchronized swimming which is in fact a new Olympic event. Synchronized swimming is a team event of dance like moves in the water. There was in fact a certain grace and beauty to Buffy and Faith's team slaying.