Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Some Assembly Required

Season 2, Ep 2, Aired 9/22/97
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  • Episode Description
  • The bodies of several recently deceased teen girls are stolen from their graves, and most of the parts are discovered in a dumpster on school grounds. From the missing pieces, the gang deduces that someone has collected almost enough parts to build their own girl. Now, all they need is a head, and it has to be fresh...

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Buffy Anne Summers

  • David Boreanaz


  • Nicholas Brendon

    Alexander 'Xander' Harris

  • Alyson Hannigan

    Willow Rosenberg

  • Charisma Carpenter

    Cordelia Chase

  • Fan Reviews (33)
  • Frankenstein meets Slayer

    By aurorawall16, Feb 02, 2015

  • Cordy nearly becomes the Bride of Sunnydale's Frankenstein.

    By peyngel, Dec 14, 2013

  • After the scorcher of an opener that was "When She Was Bad", it is disappointing to see the show settle back into what feels like a normal routine.

    By tarafan2, Jun 11, 2013

  • Some Assembly Required

    By arkanitoo, Jul 09, 2012

  • Buffy vs Frankenstein

    By joxerlives, Jan 11, 2012

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (36)

    • Eric: Cordelia's so fine. Y'know, she'd be just perfect for us.
      Chris: Don't be an idiot. She's alive.

    • Xander: Speaking of love... Willow: We were talking about the reanimation of dead tissue. Xander: Do I deconstruct your segues?

    • Giles: (Rehearsing a speech to an empty chair) Uh, what I'm proposing is, um, and I, I don't mean to appear indecorous, is, is, um, a, a social engagement, um, a date if you're amenable... You idiot! Buffy: (Coming up behind him) Boy, I guess we never realized how much you like that chair.

    • Chris: (to Willow) You know what the key is? If Dr. Clark doesn't understand your experiment he gives you higher marks so it looks like he understands your experiment.

    • Willow: It says that Meredith and two other girls in the car were killed instantly. They were all on the Fondren High Pep Squad, on the way to a game. Buffy: You know what this means. Xander: That Fondren might actually beat Sunnydale in the cross-town body count competition this year?

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    Notes (4)

    • This episode marks the first time that we hear "Close Your Eyes", the Buffy/Angel love theme by Christophe Beck. It is played briefly near the end of the episode.

    • Overnight rating: (each half hour) 4.6/7 & 4.4/6. Rank: 6/12 Wb shows.

    • The French title for this episode is "Le Puzzle", which translates to English as "The Puzzle".

    • This is the first episode in which Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) recites the "In Every Generation" opening narration, replacing the announcer who recited the lines in season one.

    Trivia (10)

    • Goof: At 32:36 as the cheerleaders cheer at the game, you hear them say "Go, Greenbacks, Go!" The Sunnydale mascot is the Razorback. Even the subtitles on the DVD say Greenbacks.

    • We learn in this episode that Ms. Calendar's first name is Jenny.

    • Nitpick: It seems odd that Angel doesn't react or even seem to notice the vampire sneaking up on Buffy, even though he is looking right at her.

    • Angel reveals his age in this episode. He is 241 years old.

    • When Buffy refers to losing someone close to her, she may be thinking of Merrick, her first Watcher.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Title: "Some Assembly Required"
      Alludes to a common reference on products or furniture bought in a store that it will come in parts and need to be put together for use.

    • Episode
      The episode has a strong similarity to the 1935 horror classic Bride of Frankenstein. In the movie, a mate is created for a monster who was reanimated from the dead.

    • Eric: (singing) I guess you'll say / What can make me feel this way? / My girl / Talkin' 'bout my girl / My girl... (speaking) How's my baby?
      Eric is singing a few lines of the 1965 song "My Girl" by The Temptations. Actually released at the very end of 1964, it dominated the charts in '65, becoming The Temptations' first number one hit.

    • Xander: You ever think that the world's a giant game of musical chairs, and the music's stopped, and we're the only ones who don't have a chair? Musical chairs is a children's party game in which there is one more participant than chairs. The participants circle the chairs and when the music stops attempt to sit on an unoccupied seat. The participant left without a chair is out of the game and one chair is removed. This continues until there is one one person remaining who is the winner.

    • Xander: Say, nine-ish? BYO shovel. BYO = Bring Your Own. A reference to parties that are BYOB - Bring Your Own Beer.

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