Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Welcome to the Hellmouth (1)

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 3/10/97
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  • Episode Description
  • Buffy Summers is the Slayer, but after being expelled from her old high school for burning down the gym (it was full of vampires) she just wants to forget about her destiny and be a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She and her mother move from L.A. to Sunnydale, California. She now has a new school, new friends, and a chance to start over. But Sunnydale is on top of a Hellmouth -- a center of mystical convergence that draws evil and demonic forces -- and Buffy soon realizes that she will have to pick up her stakes and holy water in order to save her new friends.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Brian Thompson


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Buffy Anne Summers

  • Mark Metcalf

    The Master

  • Ken Lerner

    Principal Flutie

  • Nicholas Brendon

    Alexander 'Xander' Harris

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  • Strong pilot!

    By SwanRonson, Nov 29, 2015

  • More revealing

    By HaileyWoznicki, Aug 19, 2015

  • A great start to an amazing series

    By aurorawall16, Feb 02, 2015

  • it is really great start for the show that gave us 7 fantastic years of Buffyverse where many of us want to live and actually partly live in.

    By peyngel, Dec 14, 2013

  • "In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is The

    By tarafan2, May 30, 2013

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (61)

    • Angel: You're standing at the mouth of hell. And it's about to open.

    • Buffy: I'll be back in a minute. Willow: Oh, that's okay, you don't have to come back. Buffy: (smiles) I'll be back in a minute.

    • Buffy: Have you guys seen Willow? Did she come by here? Cordelia: Why? Do you need to attack her with a stick? Jeez!

    • Giles: The vampire is not dead? Buffy: No, but my social life is on the critical list.

    • Xander: Hey, I hope he's not a vampire, because then you might have to slay him. Buffy: Was there a school bulletin? Was it in the newspaper? Is there anyone in this town who doesn't know I'm the Slayer?

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    Notes (29)

    • Originally, the Master was supposed to rise from the pool of blood and be covered with blood for the entire episode. But it turned out to be too difficult to do so they had him arise completely clean.

    • Alyson Hannigan was convinced that she had been so terrible in her first scene at the Bronze, that she had ruined the entire show. That convinced Joss Whedon that she was insane since he thought she had been wonderful in it.

    • The scene where Giles talks to Buffy in the Bronze was used for Anthony Stewart Head's audition.

    • In the scene in the Bronze Sarah Michelle Gellar had to eat a cherry the same way ten times from ten different angles - and she was very professional in it.

    • The scene where Jesse asks Cordelia to dance is actually from Joss Whedon's school experience. Though in answer to the girl's reaction "With you?" he said nothing and left unlike Jesse.

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    Trivia (4)

    • Goof: In the first classroom scene when Buffy doesn't have her own textbook, she shares Cordelia's. The teacher asks them open to page 63, but Cordelia opens the book almost at the beginning.

    • Thomas is the first vampire that Buffy stakes in the series.

    • Goof: The bite marks Darla leaves on the boy's neck run horizontally (when standing) and due to the shape of the neck and the location of the wound, a bite like that should be impossible. A bite would have to be vertical up the neck or close to vertical, and the way Darla bit him would have produced close to vertical marks anyway.

    • Goof: In the library, Giles stacks several books in Buffy's arms while telling her about all the different creatures that actually exist. He stacks them so that the bindings of all the books are facing Buffy. Right before she gives them back to Giles, the bindings are facing Giles. As she hands them over to Giles, the bindings are once again facing Buffy.

    Allusions (11)

    • Buffy: It's carbon dated. Trust me, only someone who had lived underground for ten years would think that was still the look. Carbon Dating is a technique that is used to determine the age of organic matter. Buffy says this about the vampire's clothes because they are so out of style.

    • Buffy: (holds an outfit in front of herself) Hello, would you like a copy of The Watchtower? Buffy here refers to the prim and proper appearance of the dress and compares it to Jehovah's Witnesses. Witnesses are a Christian sect which relies heavily on door-to-door prosetylization. Church representatives dress very formally and often try to sell subscriptions to their church magazine which is called "The Watchtower."

    • Buffy: Live in the now, okay? You look like DeBarge.
      A reference to the 80's pop music group DeBarge. Made up of five siblings and with aspirations to be a new The Jackson 5, they only wound up with one hit, 1985's "Rhythm of the Night".

    • Buffy: Sorry, that's incorrect. But you do get this watch and a year's supply of Turtle Wax. A supply of Turtle Wax car wax was a popular parting gift for game show losers.

    • Cordelia: James Spader?
      Buffy: He needs to call me.
      American actor James Spader is best known for the movies sex, lies and videotape, Pretty In Pink and more recently Stargate.

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