Burn Notice

You Can Run

Season 6, Ep 17, Aired 12/20/12
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  • The team runs into trouble when trying to escape the country. Someone from Michael's past offers him a possible second way out of his situation but Fiona refuses to accept that. And Riley's severe attack causes serious consequences.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jeffrey Donovan

    Michael Westen

  • Gabrielle Anwar

    Fiona Glenanne

  • Coby Bell

    Jesse Porter

  • Bruce Campbell

    Sam Axe

  • Sharon Gless

    Madeline Westen

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    • Michael: You're gonna be okay. I'll do whatever it takes.
      Sam: Oh, Mike. Just stop. Enough of this "do whatever it takes" crap.
      Michael: What are you talking about?
      Sam: That's your problem, see? It's the stuff that you're doing. You've got good reasons for things, but you do enough bad things, you become the bad guy.
      Michael: Sam, I'm...
      Sam: Don't do it, Mike. You're heading down a dark path, brother. Mike, you made me a promise. So, you look me in the eye, and you swear to me that you're gonna make this right.
      Michael: I swear to you I'll make this right, Sam.

    • Agent Riley: Look, man, I'm just trying to give you a second chance.
      Jesse: You know what? Clean slate just isn't all that appealing if I have to sell out my friends to get it.
      Agent Riley: So, you're telling me you want a life sentence over a fresh start?
      Jesse: No, that's not what I want. But, looks like that's what I'm gonna get.

    • Agent Riley: Michael Westen chooses his friends very carefully. But it's a shame to see you suffering for the sins of another man. Just give me something I can use. I can make all this stop.
      Jesse: Seriously? Wow. I am so disappointed in you right now. You're supposed to be, like, this legend. You're coming at me with a good cop/bad cop play? Boo.

    • Agent Riley: Jesse Porter. Where's Michael Westen?
      Jesse: Oh, damn. I was hoping you knew. Guy owes me 20 bucks.
      Agent Riley: That's cute. Take him in.

    • Michael: Listen, there might be a way we don't have to run, an arrangement.
      Fiona: What happens to you in this arrangement? (Michael doesn't answer) Thought so. Michael, I appreciate it. I really do. But I haven't fought this hard just to watch you turn yourself in.
      Michael: I don't know what else to do.
      Fiona: What happened to the man who moved heaven and earth to get me out of jail when I'd lost hope?
      Michael: He looked at the board, and he realized he might be running out of moves and this might be the best option.
      Fiona: We tried living our life separated by glass. It didn't work out. You wouldn't accept this fate for any of us. Why are you willing to accept it for yourself? We have a plan. We're leaving, starting over someplace new. That's our move. So, no more talk of Bly or any kind of deal that puts you behind bars, okay?
      Michael: Okay.

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    Notes (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: January 24, 2013 on Super Channel 2

    • This episode is the first hour of the two hour Burn Notice Season 6 finale.

    • Series lead Jeffrey Donovan and guest star Lochlyn Munro are reunited after being guest stars on CSI Miami in the third season airing, "Nothing to Lose".

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