Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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  • Buzz: Buzz lightyear Mission log: Zurg's dark shadow looms over the... could you not do that? XR: (mimicking Buzz): Buzz lightyear Mission log: Zurg's dark shadow looms over the... could you not do that?

  • Buzz: Lets go people. XR: People? That does include me right?

  • Buzz: Buzz Lightyear Mission Log: We've searched this gasious planetoid from top to bottom with no signs of the missing LGM's. Warp Darkmatter (Comes from behind honking horn): Come on buddy no one ever reads these reports. Buzz: Procedure separates us from the wicked forces of Chaos. Warp: If it means less paper Work I'll take Chaos.

  • Mira: Wow! I didn't know a Star Cruiser could make a move like that! Buzz: Niether did Zurg. Evil Commander Nebula: I'll make a note of it. Mira: We're surrounded. XR: The guy is supposed to be an evil genius and the best he can come up with is a Ventriloquist act, what's next? Evil Juggling? Evil Commander Nebula: Farewell Lightyear. Mira: They're retreating. XR: Obviously my caustic tounge cought them to the quick. Booster: I'm getting a funny energy reading. Buzz: Mira Check the hull. Mira: We've go a bomb! Booster & XR: A bomb! Buzz: Perfect.

  • XR: See this is where medal arms come in handy, I always like to, Ahhh!

  • Buzz: Of course, amnesia, Evil Clone, Android repleca, OK it's so obvious, Zurg's mind controld ray, he got to you first. Warp Darkmatter:(talking with Buzz) No, No, No, actually I went to him.

  • Buzz: (Buzz firing his laser at the door...nothing happens) Blast, lasercarbonic alloy. Warp Darkmatter: Let me try.(Knocks on the door, a grub answers) Grub: Yes? (Darkmatter slams the door, 1 quarter open) Warp Darkmatter: After you (Buzz walks in).

  • Buzz: There's only one way for me to finish this mission - alone. Booster: But Buzz, that's against the rules. In the Star Command mission manual, it clearly states that no ranger is supposed to go into action without backup. I think it's Section 6, Subsection Delta. Buzz: Actually, it's Section 6, Subsection Gamma. XR: He's right, big guy. Subsection Delta's the dress code. Incidentally, why can't we have nose rings? Buzz: Because nose rings are for punks, little mister! Mira: Well, if you can take on Zurg alone, I don't see why XR can't get a nose ring. XR: I was just asking a question. I'm not the one getting a nose ring. Booster: Then who's getting a nose ring? (gasp) That's why Buzz wants to ditch us! Buzz: I AM NOT GETTING A NOSE RING! NOBODY IS GETTING A NOSE RING! It's against the rules! Mira: Which apparently don't apply to you. Buzz: Of course they apply to me! The rules apply to everyone. Mira: Great! Then you're not facing Zurg alone and we'll be your backup. Buzz: Errrrgh! I want the three of you off this planet now! And that's an order! Booster/XR: Yes sir! Buzz: Ranger Nova? Mira: Yes, sir... Buzz: Thank you.

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Notes (139)

  • This later aired as part of the TV series (in three parts, with Patrick Warburton's voice replacing Tim Allen's and without the end credit William Shatner song).

  • The other cast of Toy Story makes a cameo in this pilot episode. They are never again featured in the series.

  • This video is 70 minutes Long.

  • The location things are only on this video and not on Any of the episodes.

  • The air Date is actually the day the video was released.

  • This is the only part where Tim Allen Does the Voice of Buzz. In all the others Buzz's Voice is done by Patrick Warburton

  • This is sometimes called the Buzz Lightyear Pilot.

  • This was the first of the Second season to be aired in the UK. As Season 2 was aired as Season 1

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Trivia (52)

  • Episode Villain: Torque

  • First apperence of Gravitina

  • Episode Villian: Gravitina

  • In this episode, we learn that Gravitina likes Buzz Lightyear.

  • Goof: XR got dirty from the explosion and he is seen cleaning himself but after he is cleaned, he is suddenly dirty again.

  • This episode also explains why Commander Nebula hates the idea of robot Space Rangers (he was scared they'd go crazy like XL).

  • Episode Villain: XL

  • In this episode, we learn that XL was the original XR.

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Allusions (29)

  • 42: The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything
    Readers of The Hitchhickers Guide To the Galaxy will know that the The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything is 42. Buzz has ship number 42. Co-incidence?

  • B Deck cafeteria: The "B Deck" could be a reference to the "Star Trek" movies, in which the ships' decks were labeled A-Z.

  • Brain Pod: "That's not a spacecraft, that's just a weather balloon." Reports of crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico were officially denied by the military and attributed instead to sighting of a crashed weather balloon.

  • Name: Professor Triffid This could be a reference to the book and movie Day of the Triffids, in which killer, mobile plants wreack havoc on society after Earth is blinded by a meteor shower.

  • NOS-4-A2 is a joke on the famous vampire, Nosferatu. But unlike NOS-4-A2, Nosferatu didn't turn his victims into vampires.

  • Warp Darkmatter: "Oh, great... it's the tin toy." ... "See ya, Tin Toy!" Likely a reference to "Tin Toy", an early Pixar short (and the first computer animated film ever to win an Academy Award).

  • Booster: Leaning Tower of Commerce This is an infamous structure in Pisa, Italy.

  • "Oil Can... When XR wakes up in one of the Greys' labs, he says "Oil can." This is reference to the Tin Man's first words in the original "Wizard of Oz" film.

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