All Around the Block!

Season 3, Ep 15, Aired 9/23/03
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  • Episode Description
  • In the puppet segment, the puppets are reading a story. As they're reading, Rexy notices that there's a balloon near him. He figures it must have traveled all throughout the neighborhood before finally reaching him. He makes up a song all about its journeys. Teddy decides to go and get something to tie the balloon down. As he does this, the balloon pulls Rexy upward and it's not long before he's floating in the air. He calls for Gilbert's help, but Gilbert can't really do anything. Teddy comes back out and tosses Rexy the string he went to get. Rexy finally makes it back to down to the ground and says he has an idea. So Gilbert and Teddy finish the story, while Rexy floats atop the now tied-down balloon and looks all throughout the neighborhood. Caillou is exploring his neighborhood too, but he's staying on the ground. "Caillou's Horn" Gilbert is outside chasing a butterfly. Caillou tries to catch the butterfly with his net, but misses. Sarah shows up and shows Caillou an old toy horn of hers. She explains that she and her Mom are going to go and donate some of her old toys to the Community Center. She says she has to leave, so Caillou hands her back the horn, but she says that her Mom said it's okay for him to keep it. Caillou loves the horn, but at lunchtime, Mommy tells him that it's not an appropriate time to play with it. She sets it aside, but Rosie gets ahold of it and so Mommy moves it out of her reach too. Caillou eats quickly so that he can play with the horn some more. He goes outside to play with the horn and ends up scaring away some birds. Mommy comes out and says that she's taking Rosie to the store with her. She asks if Caillou wants to come and he asks if he can bring the horn, but she says that he can't. So he decides he doesn't want to go. He's starting to get annoyed at how it seems like it's never the right time to play with the horn. Daddy says that he'll take him someplace where he can play with the horn all he wants. Caillou goes to the playground and has lots of fun. Atop a slide, he spots Sarah and calls out to her, but she can't hear him. So he toots the horn and it gets Sarah's attention. Finally, Caillou found the right time to toot the horn. "The Mighty Oak" Caillou is outside swinging in his tire swing, while Daddy reads the paper. He hears an odd and loud sound and wonders what it could be. It turns out that it's coming from Mr. Hinkle's house. Caillou and Daddy go over and find that a hired worker is cutting down Mr. Hinkle's tree. Mr. Hinkle explains that the tree is sick and the branches are getting weak. He's having the man cut it down, so that it doesn't fall down on its own and hurt anyone. Later, Caillou and Daddy have the man come and examine their tree. Caillou's worried that he's going to cut down the tree, but he says that the tree is healthy and he just needs to trim a few branches on it. Caillou decides that it would be a good idea to plant another tree to keep it company. He suggests that Mr. Hinkle also plant a new tree to replace his old one. They all go to a nursery and Caillou wonders where the trees are. A lady there points them out, but Caillou says that they aren't trees, they're just plants. The lady explains that they're baby trees. Caillou considers a pine tree. He figures if they got it, then they would have a Christmas tree all year long. They finally get a tree and plant it and Daddy shows Caillou some plant food. He explains that this is a special case and from now on, the tree will just need water and sunlight to grow. Caillou wonders when the tree will be as big as the one they have now and Daddy tells him that it'll probably be by the time he grows up. It starts to get stormy and they go inside, but Caillou is worried about the tree. Daddy decides to get a stake to hold the tree up and Caillou places his red toy car behind it and also covers it with a blanket. "Get Well Mr. Hinkle" Caillou is in the living room, playing with Rexy, when the mail comes. He gets the mail from the mailman and then takes it to Daddy. He asks if there's anything for him, but Daddy says that there isn't. He does, however, point out a catalogue that was actually supposed to go to Mr. Hinkle. He asks Caillou to deliver it to Mr. Hinkle. Caillou gets into it and has Daddy dress him up as mailman. He and Daddy then take the catalogue to Mr. Hinkle, who shows him that he's already received a copy of that particular catalogue. So he lets Caillou keep it. Back at home, Caillou notes that Mr. Hinkle still had his pajamas on. Daddy thinks that maybe Mr. Hinkle wasn't feeling well. So Caillou and Daddy put together a get-well package for Mr. Hinkle, with a card and flowers in vase which Caillou paints himself. They take it all to Mr. Hinkle, who is happy to receive it. He notices that the card features a bluebird, which is appropriate because he just got a new birdhouse. He asks Caillou to come back tomorrow and he'll show it to him. "Something For Everyone" Caillou is in a hurry. Mommy wants him to slow down because they're running a little early and they're not meeting his friends at the park till three. They get to the park, but find that it's closed for the day because they're putting down fertilizer. Caillou and all of his friends are disappointed, but Caillou invites everyone to his house to play and Mommy gives the okay. At his house, they decide to make a sandcastle. Caillou has to share his bucket and shovels, which he's a little reluctant to do at first. There ends up being a problem anyway because there aren't enough buckets and shovels for everyone to play. Then, there's another argument when everyone wants to play on the tire swing. Caillou goes inside and says that he wants everyone to leave. He explains what happened and Mommy suggests that he come up with a game everyone can play together. So they all play freeze-tag. It comes time to go, but tomorrow, they can play at the park like they wanted to today.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Notes (4)

    • Now That I'm 4: Caillou takes a trip on the subway and goes on a boating trip.

    • At the end of the episode, Teddy plays the "Which Doesn't Belong?" game with things that would find around the neighborhood.

    • Real Kids Segment: Kids go all around their block with their parents to see all sorts of neat things.

    • Caillete Musical Number: "A Neighborhood's a Place Where People Live Together"

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