Big Brother Caillou (Grand frère)

Season 2, Ep 17, Aired
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  • In the puppet segments, Rexy is outside with his "little sister," Deedee. She's working on a painting, but is worried that she isn't very good. Rexy tells her that it doesn't matter. He looks at her painting and thinks it could be a turtle. Deedee says that it isn't, so he gets further away, thinking that maybe he was looking at it from too close up. As he looks at the picture, he can't figure out what it is, so he starts making excuses and says that he has to wake up Teddy from his nap. Deedee looks at her picture and agrees that it is hard to tell what it is from close up. Rexy goes and consults with Teddy, saying that Teddy taught him about not hurting peoples' feelings. He tells him that he's not sure how to tell Deedee what he thinks of her painting without hurting her feelings. While Rexy is consulting with Teddy, Gilbert wanders over to Deedee and sees her picture. He tells her that he thinks that she should just have fun with her painting, but also suggests that if she's having trouble with it, that maybe it could use eyes. Deedee complains to herself that it's not supposed to have eyes. Eventually, Rexy comes out, with Teddy, to talk to Deedee about her picture. He says that he doesn't know what it is, just a blob of green really, but it still makes him happy. Deedee tells him that's exactly what it is. Rexy admits that Teddy wasn't really taking a nap, but that he needed to talk to Teddy to learn that good friends can say to each other what they really think. Deedee is happy that Rexy considers her not only a little sister, but a good friend. As for Caillou, he finds friendship in Rosie too, but sometimes it's difficult because he would rather do things on his own sometimes. ---Alternations--- Big Brother Caillou Lifted from the original series. Caillou has just got a new baby sister: Rosie (Mousseline to those who watch the French version). And his parents are ignoring him. This causes jealousy to ensue and ended with Caillou pinching Rosie. But his parents keeps cool and asks him on why he does that. Caillou admits that he doesn't like Rosie. His dad gives him a little pep talk, and he eventually copes with it. The end. --or-- "Caillou is a Clown" Lifted from the original series and a repeat of a segment first shown in "Just For Laughs." A circus parade is in town, and Caillou wants to go watch. Unfortunately, he let it slip that there are clowns in it. Rosie, being afraid of clowns, is upset by this and refuses to go. So, they try to show Rosie that there's nothing to be afraid of. Caillou dresses up as a clown in front of Rosie, and soon Rosie is no longer afraid, but rather like being one. So, they head off to watch the parade. --- "Mom for a Day" Repeat of a segment first shown in "My Sister Rosie." Mom leaves for a business meeting, so Caillou helps Dad with caring for Rosie. For example, she doesn't like cheese on her macaroni and she always has a little water in her apple juice. Caillou helps Dad look after Gilbert too. Rosie bumps her knee on a chair, so Caillou kisses it to make it better. Then the two play house together. Daddy lies Rosie down for a nap. Caillou gets bored and wants to play with her, so he feigns sneezing to wake her up. Daddy reprimands him for it, calling his bluff. At dinner, Rosie won't eat all of her food, so Caillou does the old "open wide for the plane" trick. Daddy gives Rosie a bath and she fusses until Caillou gives her a rubber duck. That night, Rosie cries when Daddy tries to make her go to bed. Caillou explains that Dad needs to read them a story. Dad has Caillou read the story. When Mom gets home, Dad's fast asleep, whereas Caillou and Rosie are wide awake. "Hide and Seek" Rosie and Caillou are happily playing together with toy trucks. It's going well, but then Rosie starts grabbing things such as action figures out of Caillou's toy box. Caillou takes them from her and she cries, so he gives them back to her. He goes downstairs and finds Daddy in the kitchen cooking something. He complains about Rosie taking his toys. Daddy suggests that he share them. He tells Caillou to wait a little while and come back for a special surprise. Caillou is annoyed that Daddy isn't listening to him, so he goes to Mommy, but she also suggests that he play with Mommy. Really annoyed now, Caillou decides that perhaps if he gives Rosie something to do on her own, then he'll be left alone to do what he wants. So he goes upstairs and creates a playfort for her, but she disappears and he gets to thinking she's playing hide-and-seek. He ends up going on a wild-goose-chase all around the house and looking outside too for Rosie, but it's a game he can't win. Rosie isn't hiding in one place, she keeps moving about such that Caillou can't find him. Caillou starts to get worried, so his parents help him out and they eventually manage to track Rosie down to the playfort that Caillou set up for her. Caillou tries to join her inside, but it ends up falling over. Mommy and Daddy decide that they'll play hide and seek with Caillou, but then Daddy remembers his surprise. So they all go downstairs and enjoy the surprise - gingerbread cookies and then they all play hide and seek together, with Mommy, Daddy and Rosie hiding together and Caillou looking for them all. "Caillou Watches Rosie" Lifted from the original series. Caillou's mom is sick. So Caillou is put in charge of watching over Rosie while she has a nap. Unfortunately, Rosie got out of control and started scribbling on the walls. Caillou tries to stop her, but fails. Caillou's mom then wakes up and sees the mess. She's disappointed with Caillou, but helps him clean up anyway.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Notes (4)

    • Like "My Sister Rosie," the official PBS Caillou website lists "Big Brother Caillou" as a segment in this episode, but actually "Caillou is a Clown" is shown.

    • Rexy asks viewers to look for parts of the body at the end of the episode.

    • Caillete Musical Number "Big Brothers / Big Sisters"

    • Real Kids Segment: Big brothers and sisters are shown doing things with their siblings as a portion of the Caillete musical number from later in the episode plays. This segment includes a clip from the Real Kids Segment in "Caillou Helps Out."

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