Caillou Creates (Caillou crée)

Season 2, Ep 6, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • In the puppet segments, Teddy makes a collage from things in the garden. Meanwhile, Rexy solves a puzzle, then finds a piece from a puzzle threw out and decides to do something fun with it. Gilbert works on an "Ode To a Beautiful Garden." In the non-puppet portions of the show, Caillou puts his creative ability to work. "I Made it Myself" (A42 WIP title: "Caillou and the Paper Hat") Caillou's Grandpa comes over to watch him. Soon after, Clementine stops by to show Caillou a birdhouse she made for her father. Caillou wants to make one too, but doesn't want Grandpa's help at first. When he's unable to make one, Grandpa tries to show Caillou the art of paper crafts instead. He finally comes up with the idea of a paper hat. Caillou uses Grandpa's crossword puzzle to make it, Grandpa couldn't solve it anyway. When Dad arrives home, Caillou presents it to him and at first he thinks that it's a sailboat. Caillou's upset at first, but then Daddy praises it, calling it the best present he's ever given him. "Caillou's Got Rythim" (A42 WIP title: "Concert at the Park") Caillou and Rosie go to the park with Grandma. There's a band at the gazebo there and Caillou dances with Rosie. Then, the musicians pack up and leave. Caillou's upset, he wants to hear them play! Back at home, Grandma plays the tune the musicians were playing on the piano. Caillou joins in, playing the "drums" and Rosie helps too. Grandma then assists them in maknig better instruments so they can join her band. They make maracas and at first Caillou wants to play those, but Grandma convinces him to play the drums. Then Grandma tells them about listening to what the other musicians are playing so that they can play along. They play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Mom gets home and they give her a performance. The next day at the park, the musicians haven't come back. So Caillou, Rosie and Grandma give the concert instead. "Caillou's Colours" Caillou's at Grandma's and he's in a bad mood. He doesn't feel there's anything to do. Caillou insists anyway that he's not grumpy and not hungry either and doesn't want apple pie. Caillou decides to fingerpaint using Grandma's paints. Then, Grandma convinces him to have some pie, but only after getting cleaned up. Then his Mom comes to pick him up. Grandma tells him he can come back if he's ever grumpy again. "The Caillou Show" Caillou and his friends are putting on a play at daycare. They dress up in costumes. Caillou is the sun, Clementine is assigned to be a flower and Leo is a raincloud. Clementine puts on an apparently overly dramatic act of being thirsty from heat because the daycare supervisor tells them to get serious. They put on their play for their parents, but not without a few hitches.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Quotes (1)

    • Gilbert: Ode to a Beautiful Garden You've flowers, in bowers And I could sit and Look at you for hours and hours. Rexy: ... Gilbert... What's bowers?

    Notes (5)

    • This episode was the second of five aired during a "New Discoveries" theme week shown from July 16-20 on some PBS stations.

    • The scene from "Caillou's Colours" in with Caillou fingerpaints is used in the message that airs before and after the show in the United States stating that the program is brought to you "by the financial support of viewers like you. Thank you."

    • "Caillete" Musical Number: "Creating Something New: Draw, Paint, Build, Sketch, Act, Sing, Dance"

    • Real-Kids Segment: Kids paint, create, draw, sculpt and do various other art projects. Then they show their projects to their parents, who praise their excellent work.

    • Rexy speaks about Teddy at the end of the show, then asks the viewers to look for artwork.

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