Caillou the Sports Star

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Quotes (7)

  • Caillou: Maybe I should keep the extra wheels on a little while longer. Daddy: I think that's a good idea because you know what? There's a right time for everything.

  • Rosie: Moo! Daddy: Sounds like feeding time at the zoo.

  • Narrator: Caillou was tired of being small. He wanted to be big and strong.

  • Rosie: Rosie hungry! (picks some grass from the ground) Mommy: Oh no, you don't! Cows eat grass, not little Rosies. Rosie: Moo!

  • Gilbert: Meow. Grandma: All right, Gilbert. You can win a ribbon too, for having the best purr.

  • Caillou: I want to win a ribbon. Mommy: I know, honey, but remembver, they're games. And games are supposed to be fun. Narrator: Caillou decided that Mommy was right. He was thinking too much about the ribbons and not enough about having fun.

  • Caillou: I wish I could win a ribbon like Clementine's.

Trivia (1)

  • Between the second and third stories, Caillou solos in on a song called "I Wanna Be Big Right Now".