Season 2, Ep 30, Aired 10/8/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Caillou and the gang celebrate a number of different events, while the puppets are busy going about their business. Gilbert is trying to write an ode to a daisy, but can't think of anything that rhymes with "great elation." Teddy looks to be busy preparing some kind of fesitivity and Rexy's just around moping that Caillou is away and all of the other puppets seem to be too busy to play with him. "The PiƱata" (A42 wip title: "Xavier's Mexican Birthday Party") Caillou gets up early because he's eager to receive an invitation in the mail to his friend Xavier's birthday party. The mail comes, but Rosie is also up and about and she snatches Caillou's letter and none of the rest of the mail, making it look like it didn't show up. Then Rosie appears with the letter and they realize what's happened. The letter mentions a pinata and Mom tells Caillou there's a special surprise inside the pinata. Caillou wants to know what it is, but he can't find out... until the party. "Happy New Year" (A42 wip title: "Chinese New Year") Caillou feeds Gilbert and then goes looking for him outside. But the cat that comes in isn't Gilbert, but rather his friend Sarah's cat, Ollie. He goes to Sarah's to return Ollie and it turns out that Gilbert was over there trying to eat Ollie's food. Meanwhile, Sarah has a special guest at her house, her cousin Lee-Wun. They're celebrating Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger and ask Caillou if he wants to join them. The offer is made tempted when he's told that he'll get to see a dragon, but Caillou's not so sure. Caillou's Birthday Present Lifted from the original series. It's Caillou's birthday, and he's hoping for a particular special dinosaur. His grandma gives him a present. He opens it. It's a t-shirt with a picture of the special dinosaur on it, but no special dinosaur. Caillou's upset by it. The guests arrive, and so the play some games. Soon, it's presents opening time. Caillou opens the gifts, but no special dinosaur. Caillou's parents thats points out to Caillou that he missed a box. Caillou opens it, and it's that special dinosaur Caillou wanted. Caillou is happy. The end. "Surprise Party" (A42 wip title: "Surprise Party For Grandpa") Repeat of a segment first shown in "Caillou Helps Out". After Grandma tells Caillou that Grandpa was too sick to have a party on his birthday, Caillou is in disbelief. He decides to throw a belated birthday party for Grandpa and Rosie helps.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Notes (5)

    • In the Chinese New Year episode, you can see Mr. Hinkle sitting at a table in the chinese restaurant.

    • In the "Caillou's Birthday Present" segment, the special dinosaur that Caillou receives is not Rexy. Additionally, there are four candles on his cake, suggesting that this segment takes place near the beginning of the "Caillou" timeline since he states in the theme song that he's a "kid who's four."

    • Caillou speaks about Daddy at the end of the show, Rexy asks the viewers to look for types of food.

    • Real Kids Segment: While Mom and Dad are away, a group of kids work on a surprise party. They prepare a cake with sliced strawberries and decorate with balloons. Mom and Dad are blindfolded and brought in, where they proceed to act "surprised."

    • "Caillete" Musical Number: "Celebrate: Do Something Zany"

    Allusions (2)

    • Sarah: "Xin Nien Hau!"
      Generally, this means "Happy new year". However, some Chinese communities say "Gong Xi Fa Chai" instead, which is synonymous to the Vulcans' "Live Long and Prosper".

    • Sarah: "Have you got your special coin today"
      The special coin in a red packet was originally given during Chinese New Year as a sign of prosperity. Nowadays, though, the packet contains money for the child to spend or save up (more often the former) instead.

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