Doing it Together!

Season 3, Ep 16, Aired 9/24/03
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  • In the puppet segment, Rexy is trying to plant a flower. Gilbert and Teddy ask if they can help him, but he says that he wants to do it on his own. He's trying to roll the flower pot into position and finally manages to get it up. He wonders what he should do next. Gilbert and Teddy try to help again, but he says that he wants to figure it out on his own. He things for a minute and admits that he wants their help. Gilbert says that he needs to put dirt in the pot next and suggests that he use a shovel. Rexy does, but is only able to get a little dirt into the pot with his small shovel. He asks Gilbert and Teddy to come and help him out. They do and it's not long before the flower is planted and watered. Rexy says that they can all talk to the flower too, but Gilbert and Teddy aren't so sure about that. "Caillou Helps Grandpa" Caillou and Daddy are outside, walking to Grandpa's house. It's a cold winter day and everything is covered in snow. Caillou's starting to get a bit impatient. He can't wait to get to Grandpa's so they can go skating. They get there, but the driveway is covered in snow and so if they want to go to the skating rink, they're going to have to shovel out first. Caillou volunteers to help, but soon finds that he has trouble keeping up. Daddy, however, praises him and tells him to keep going. His shovel gets stuck in the snow. He pulls on it hard and manages to get it out. He then starts a snowball fight with Daddy and Grandpa. This is fun for a little bit, but then Grandpa stops it and says that if they're ever going to go skating, they need to get going on shoveling the driveway. Caillou finds a green pot laying in the snow. He uses it to make neat snowcastles, which Daddy and Grandpa compliment. Grandma calls everyone in for a break and inside, Grandpa and Daddy are both looking tired. They suggest that maybe they could go skating tomorrow, but Caillou doesn't even care anymore anyway. He's at the window watching a snowplow pile up even more snow in the driveway. He can't wait to go outside and build more snowcastles, while Daddy and Grandpa sigh resignedly at the prospect of shoveling out more snow. "Our Rocket Ship" Caillou and Leo are outside playing with their toy rocket ships. They've decided that they want to play all day. Daddy takes them to the park with Rosie. There, they decide to make a spacestation for their ships in the sand. Rosie sees that they're having fun and tries to join in, but Caillou just gets annoyed at her and makes her leave. Daddy takes her away so that they can play a game together. It comes time to leave because Rosie has to take a nap. Caillou's upset that they have to leave just because of Rosie's nap, but decides that they can make a second spacestation at the sandbox at home. At home, Rosie cries because she doesn't want to take a nap. She wants to go outside and play with Caillou. Mommy comes out and tells Caillou and Leo that they have to be a little quieter as they're playing so Rosie can take her nap. Caillou really is unhappy about this until Mommy plays space explorer with them. They have fun playing this and then Mommy has them land on "Planet Daddy," who was out mowing the lawn. Mr. Hinkle shows up. He has a box which his refrigerator came in which he has no use for and thinks maybe Caillou and Leo could use it for something. They decide to make it into a spaceship and Daddy helps. Rosie comes out again and wants to help too, but when she scribbles on the box, Caillou sends her off again. Mommy takes her inside, saying that she has something she can do which Caillou will like. They come back out with a flag for the spaceship, which Caillou does indeed really like. They pretend to launch the spaceship and Rosie gets to sit next to Caillou. "Backyard Bowlers" Caillou and Rosie are spending the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa. Caillou spots Grandpa's old bowling trophy sitting on a table. Grandpa decides to fish out his old bowling ball to show Caillou. Caillou checks it out and doesn't understand how anyone could play with a ball that is so heavy. Grandpa decides to set up a miniature bowling game with pins and a ball that are better suited for Caillou and Rosie. They use soda bottles for pins. Caillou tries it out and manages to knock down a couple of the pins. Grandpa then gets a phone call and so he has to go inside. He suggests that Caillou teach the game to Rosie while he's gone. Caillou tries, but at first Rosie doesn't even get the ball anywhere close to the pins. They're both disappointed at first, but then Caillou has Rosie move closer and this time she bowls a strike. They then both go back inside and Grandma presents Grandpa his bowling trophy, shined up nicely. She also presents Caillou and Rosie each with miniature trophies and says that Caillou's is also for being such a good teacher to Rosie. Mommy comes and Caillou shows off the trophies and tells her all about bowling. "Caillou's Milk Run" It's morning and Caillou seems like he's still tired. He yawns and Mommy yawns too. He finds it funny that the yawning seems to be catching. This morning, Daddy is pretending to be a chef and says that he's taking special requests for Daddy's Dinner. He even speaks in a bad French accent. Rosie wants cereal, but Caillou spills the milk and Gilbert licks it up. There's no more milk, which really upsets Rosie because she wanted cereal, but won't eat it without milk. Caillou decides that he and Mommy should go to the store to get some more. Meanwhile, Daddy says that he'll get Rosie to eat something else. Caillou and Mommy go to the store and they also play a game of red-light / green-light. He also finds a picture of the sun on the sidewalk in chalk, to which he adds a smiley face. They get the milk and once back home, Rosie still wants cereal, despite everything she's now already eaten. She gets her cereal, with milk and Caillou plays red-light / green-light with her.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Daddy: I think we're ready for our first flight! Rosie: Rosie ready too!

    • Rexy: Can I change my mind and make my "all by myself" project into a "doing it together" project?

    • Grandpa: Good. The more help we have, the faster the work will get done.

    Notes (6)

    • Close-captioning, at least in the U.S broadcast, does a very good job of displaying Daddy's fakey-French dialogue when he's taking orders for his "diner."

    • Caillou talks about his Grandma at the end of the show.

    • Now That I'm 4: Caillou helps Daddy and Grandpa shovel snow from the driveway and also goes on a fishing trip with them.

    • At the end of the episode, Rexy plays the matching card game using three different shapes of three different colors. Now all of the puppets except Deedee (not present in Season 2 U.S. anyway) have played the matching card game.

    • Real Kids Segment: Kids have a "together day." First, they have to get everything ready. They then play soccer. At the end of the game, they all congratulate each other win or lose and share a treat together.

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