Getting the Message

Season 2, Ep 39, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • Caillou learns about a number of different ways of communicating. As for the puppets, Gilbert is working on another of his odes, whereas Teddy seems to be upset about something and doesn't want to talk about it. Gilbert and Rexy consult the "appropriate reference text" and learn that the only language Teddy bears truly understand is a hug. "Caillou's Phone Call" Lifted from the original series. Caillou has important stuff to tell Mommy. Rosie tore up a book and he drew her a picture and wants to show it to her. Every time he tries to speak to her though, he's interrupted by the ringing of the telephone and Mom's forced to ignore him. Then a call comes in and Mom hands the phone over to Caillou. It's Grandma. She comes over with a dog she regularly dogsits, Rover. When the phone rings, Rover goes nuts and Caillou discovers that he and Rover have something in common. "Caillou's Secret" (A42 wip title: "Smile! You're on Caillou Camera") Mom's birthday is coming up and Dad wants to get her something extra-special. He decides that the best present would be a picture of Caillou and Rosie. Rosie's afraid of the camera, but she's able to smile for the camera when distracted with a toy that she likes. Meanwhile, Caillou and Rosie are told to "zip their lips" so that they don't reveal the "you know what" to Mommy. "Caillou meets Robbie" (A42 wip title: "I Can't Quite Hear You, But We Can Still Be Friends") Caillou goes to the park and sees a boy that he's never sand before making a sand castle. He goes over and asks him if he can help, but the boy just ignores him. This bothers Caillou and so he goes to his mom, who talks to the boy's mom standing nearby. They just moved in and the boy's name is Rob. She explains that Rob is deaf and so he can't hear Caillou. Caillou doesn't get it at first though. He thinks that perhaps if he were to talk really loudly, Rob might be able to hear him. It doesn't work, but eventually Caillou starts picking up on Rob's sign language. Rob's mom agrees to let Rob come over to Caillou's. They play for a while and Caillou wonders about Rob's sign language. It's explained to him and then Rob has to leave. He parts, having made a new friend. "A Frog in Caillou's Throat" (a42 wip title: "Let's Play Charades" ) Repeat of Episode 13 , Segment #1. At first, Caillou's throat is sore and he's given some medicine and instructed to go to bed. But then, the next morning, it seems he's lost his voice. So instead of saying what he wants, he uses hand signals and body movement (charades) to communicate.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Quotes (2)

    • Dad: Let's go "you know where" to pick up "you know what."

    • Gilbert: Ode to a half-eaten cookie... no.

    Notes (3)

    • Caillou speaks about Rosie at the end of the show, Rexy asks the viewers to look for jobs that adults do.

    • Real Kids Segment: A girl discovers other ways than talking to send a message. She draws a picture, then sends it via a fax machine. (Who uses those anymore?)

    • "Caillete" Musical Number: "Communicate: Give Your Bestest Smile"

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