Imagine! (Imagine!)

Season 2, Ep 16, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • It's sunrise and the puppets are just waking up. The puppets all see the beautiful sunbeams and it inspires them to use their imaginations. Teddy thinks that it's a magical day, a good to imagine a song. Gilbert imagines he's dancing to music and Rexy pretends that he's conducting an orchestra. Eventually, everyone comes together and they all use their imaginations to put together everything they've been imagining. Caillou is imagining things too, from seeing things in clouds to fantasizing a pretend friend. "Caillou's Clouds" Mommy, Caillou and Rosie are out at the park having a picnic. Caillou also has another reason to be excited about being at the park - he has a kite that he wants to try out. He tries it, but he can't get it to work. He runs, but it won't fly and he gets to thinking that it's broken. Mommy tells him that it isn't going to fly right now since there really isn't any wind. So they settle down to eat their food and then Mommy pushes Caillou and Rosie on the swings. Caillou watches the clouds in the sky and fanta various things, such as a tree, a train and an ice cream cone. He goes to play in the sandbox and then notices that the clouds are beginning to blow away. It's starting to get windy and Mommy reminds him about flying his kite. He goes to get it, but it nearly blows away itself. Caillou saves it and has a great time flying it. "Caillou's Sea Adventure" Caillou is inside the house, playing with his kite again. He tries to interest Gilbert in it, but Gilbert doesn't care. He goes downstairs to get Mommy because they're supposed to be going to the park, but Mommy opens the door and shows him that it's raining. She says that the forecast is for rain all day. Caillou is upset. He feels that he has nothing to do and doesn't like the suggestion of playing with Rosie. Daddy suggests that Leo could come over. So Caillou calls over to Leo's house, but is simply told that Leo isn't home. Daddy suggests that he use his imagination to find something to do. He finds Roise playing peekaboo, but gets upset because she's playing with something of his. He ends up deciding to let her play with it, though. He's gotten an idea of something he can do. He grabs the tablecloth off the kitchen table and creates his own pirate ship. Rosie comes in and wants to play, but Caillou won't let her. They argue and Mommy ends up taking the tablecloth away. Caillou tries playing a matching card game and Rosie interferes. At first he's mad again, but then he makes her laugh and decides to play with her. So they once again set up the pirate ship and Caillou gets a cardboard tube from Dad to use as a periscope. They pretend that they're trying to escape from Gilbert, who's a shark. Then, Daddy joins in the game and pretends to be a pirate. "Caillou Learns to Drive" Lifted from the original series and a repeat of a segment first shown in "Traveling!" Caillou is asked to help his dad with washing the family car. Halfway through, he sits inside the car and imagines that he's driving to the beach. While having his heads in the clouds, he accidentally taps on the horn, giving his dad a shock and squirt water all over himself. Later, his family takes a trip to the beach, and Caillou reminisce about his imaginary journey. The end. "Caillou's Special Friend" Lifted from the original series. Caillou has a special friend named George. He's special because only Caillou could see him. Caillou suddenly wants to have a race. On winning the race, Caillou knocks over a flower pot. While thinking it over, Caillou decides that it was George's fault that the flower pot broke. Later, while eating, Caillou talks about George some more, and says that George lives in the basement. But he comments that George is his favourite friend in the whole world. But because he spent too much time talking about George, he hardly ate his lunch. Later, Caillou's asked about the broken flower pot. He claims that George did this. But Caillou's dad knows better - George is to Caillou what Nadine is to D.W. in Arthur. So, he manages to talk Caillou into admitting that he also had something to do with it. He also talks Caillou into helping him clean up. Later, Caillou talks about George some more while playing on the swing with his dad.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vanessa Lengies

    Boy/Girl (Season 1) (English Language version) (voice)

  • Jonathan Koensgen

    Leo (English Language version)

  • Tim Gosley

    Deedee (sometimes captioned as "Deidi") (English language version)

  • Bob Stutt

    Gilbert Felinieus Cat (English language version)

  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel

    Julie (English language version), Cailette Singer

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  • Quotes (3)

    • Narrator: Now you know Caillou likes anything that has to do with cars and buses and trucks.

    • Gilbert: Another great day for imagining. Purrrrfectly beautiful. Ahhhh.

    • Teddy: "The Sunbeam," by Matthew Theodore Bear. That's me.

    Notes (5)

    • Caillou's kite in this episode is the same one seen in the opening sequence used for the puppet "reveal."

    • Caillete Musical Number: I Have a Special Place

    • Rexy asks the viewers to look for things that make music at the end of the episode.

    • Real Kids Segment: Kids use their imagination to see all sorts of neat things, or play cool games.

    • The Real Kids segment immediately follows the Caillete musical number in this episode.

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