Springtime for Caillou

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (7)

  • Daddy: Hey! Every other page in this newspaper is upside-down! Mommy: April Fool's.

  • Mommy: (after Daddy plays an April Fool's trick on her) I'm gonna get you back. Daddy: You can always try.

  • Caillou: I like spring! Daddy: Me too!

  • Caillou: Miss Martin said that all the birds that went away in the winter come back in the spring.

  • Caillou: I don't want spring to come. I want it to be winter all year.

  • Narrator: Caillou was having a lot of fun making Valentine cards. He wished every day could be Valentine's Day.

  • Narrator: Caillou remembered Valentine's Day. He had gone to a Valentine's party last year at Leo's. Daddy: It's the day when people tell others how much they care about them. Caillou: But you tell Mommy that all the time. Daddy: (chuckles) Yes, but sometimes it's nice to show it too, with flowers or a card.

Trivia (3)

  • Caillou talks about both his Daddy and his Grandpa at the end of the episode.

  • Caillou hosts the "Sound Detective" game at the end of the episode. It features sounds a the park, including a barking dog, the ringing of a bicycle bell, honking of Canada geese, chirping of a robin and even his friend Leo saying "hi."

  • Caillou, along with a chorus of kids sing a song titled "It's Spring" in-between the second and third stories.