California Dreams

NBC (ended 1997)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 5 : Ep 15

    The Last Gig

    Aired 12/14/96

  • S 5 : Ep 14

    The Fashion Man

    Aired 12/7/96

  • S 5 : Ep 13

    A Band Divided

    Aired 11/30/96

  • S 5 : Ep 12


    Aired 11/23/96

  • S 5 : Ep 11

    Love Letters

    Aired 11/16/96

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kelly Packard

    Tiffani Smith

  • Michael Cutt

    Richard Garrison (1992-93)

  • Heidi Lenhart

    Jenny Garrison (1992-93)

  • William J. Jones

    Tony Wicks

  • Michael Cade

    Sylvester 'Sly' Winkle

  • show Description
  • California Dreams is a show about a group of high school teens that form their own band, The California Dreams. The show follows the group through their problems in high school as well as their problems in trying to score a record deal. The theme song to California Dreams is an original song performed by the season's current bandmates. The lyrics are as follows:Surf dudes with attitudes (Kinda groovy) Laid back moods Sky above, sand below (Good vibrations) Feelin' mellow Won't give it up Don't wanna stop Don't wake me up Don't wake me up if I'm dreamin' California dreams Just let me lay here in the sun Until my dream is doneAll actors sang their own songs in each and every episode, with the exception of Jay Anthony Franke (Jake) and Aaron Jackson (Mark), whose characters were voiced by Barry Coffing and Zachary Throne.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (63)

    • Jenny (to Tiffani): At least I would never sic a disgusting creature like Sly on someone. Sly: Hey, I'm sitting right here!

    • Sly: ( to Tiffani ) Are you saying I was your rebound? Tony: Boing, Boing, Boing

    • Sly: Look! No one gets in with out the password, and the password is 'X' okay? Tony: Right! 'X-O-K' Sly: No! No! Just 'X' See? Tony: Oh, right! 'X-C' Got it! Sly: No! Not 'X-C!' Just 'X'! Gee! Tony: Oh, will you make up your mind? Is it 'X-C' or 'X-G'? Sly: No! 'X'! 'X'! Tony: Oh! 'X-X'!

    • Sly: Who wants to hear a song without lyrics? Tony: What about Beetoven? Sly: He's a dog. What does he know?

    • Jake: I wrote things before but, I never wrote them with music you know, you really made it pop.

    • Tiffani: You guys are just a bunch of insecure adolescents who bet on kissing a girl to prove your masculinity...and the pathetic thing is you couldn't even do it!

    • Tiffani: (singing while fixing the car as Jake comes in)Oh the carborator's connected to the fuel line.The fuel line's connected to the gas pump.The gas pump's connected to the gas tank and the fuel cumlulated because it's better for the enviroment and that's the part that makes the car go beep beep. (Jake starts clapping and Tiffani bumps her head on the hood) Jake: Are you OK? Tiffani: Yeah.Just a little embarassed Jake: About what?Your head or the song? Tiffani: Take your pick Jake: So what are you up to? Tiffani: Well my car's burning oil and I'm trying to fix it. I gotta admit that it's harder than I thought Jake: Yeah, and maybe I was wrong about girls being in Auto Shop Tiffani: Maybe? Jake: Yeah maybe. You haven't fixed it yet. Can I give you a hand? Tiffani: Well you could tighten this bolt for me( hands Jake the wrench ) Jake: ( under his breath )Righty tighty Tiffani: What? What did you say? Jake: Nothing Tiffani: Yes you did. You said "righty tighty" Jake: Tiffani,don't be ridiculous Tiffani: Jake,admit it. I heard you( puts oil on his nose ) Jake: I think you've been inhaling too many gas fumes( puts oil on her cheek ) Tiffani: Oh. You think so huh?( puts oil on him ) Jake: Yeah( puts oil on her ) Tiffani giggles and they start slapping oil on each other until they come closer together and kiss

    • Jake: Please just tell me why we lost out on the most talented musician I've ever seen (with the others holding him back). Jake: Man, I miss Grayson but this makes his garage look like I don't know a garage.

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    Notes (97)

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *Into the Tube - Matt *California Dreams Theme Song - Matt, Jenny, Tony, & Tiff

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *If You Lean on Me - Matt *This Time - Jenny

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *It's Gonna Be Rain - Tony

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *Heart Don't Lie - Tiffani *If You Lean on Me - Matt *Castles on Quicksand - Jenny *If It Wasn't For You - Matt

    • This is the first time that the actor playing Sharkey is credited, even though Sharkey had appeared in a previous episode of the show.

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *Tommy Can't Swim - Tiffani

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *If It Wasn't For You - Matt

    • Songs Sung in the Episode *One World - Tony *Rain - Tony

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    Trivia (7)

    • The band play in the same hall as they did for the wedding in "Double Date".

    • It does not make any sense that Jenny--the band's keyboardist--is shown slam dancing during their audtion performance of "Love Is Not Like This," due to the fact that the audio of the song still has a keyboard part playing.

    • NITPICK: In a case like Sly's there would be no way that a school board could suspend him without proof of cheating. Just because someone passes a test after failing several would NOT be grounds fo suspension.

    • When Sly jumps up on the table at Sharkey's, at one point you can clearly see a boom mic at the upper left-hand side of the screen for about two seconds, before someone pulls it up and out of the way.

    • The record producer Sly tries to get to come and see the California Dreams play was not named "Jack Zyans". The record producer's name was "Joey D'rico".

    • In the first earthquake scene, Sam and Tiffani are looking to the side as the camera is to their left. In the next cut, however, the camera is right in front of them and they are facing forward, even though they never turned their heads.

    • Jake mentions the time when Sly was in the modeling school (The Fashion Man), but, according to the airing schedule, that instance would not have happened until 11 episodes later.

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    Allusions (3)

    • (Lorena has locked herself in the radio station, but Jake comes through the window) Jake: You locked the door, but you forgot the window. Some rebel. Lorena: Well, unlike you, Principal Blumford is a gentleman and a gentleman only uses a door. Principal Blumford: Why, thank you, Lorena! That's very nice! Lorena:You're welcome! (Principal Blumford knocks on the door) Lorena: Who is it? Principal Blumford: It's Principal Blumford; may I come in? Lorena: NO! Principal Blumford (imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger): I'll be back. Principal Blumford uses the phrase "I'll be back", most famous from the first two "Terminator" movies. Interestingly, Earl Boen (Principal Blumford) appeared in both.

    • Tony: He's the best game show host since Guy Smiley.
      Guy Smiley was a game-show host on the PBS children's show Sesame Street.

    • Jake calls Sam 'Chim-Chim.' Chim-Chim is the name of the monkey character from the Speed Racer cartoon.

  • Fan Reviews (27)
  • Very enjoyable

    By rogerstillstone, Jun 19, 2015

  • a rockin' teen flick for everyone!

    By SandyPeterson, Jul 31, 2013

  • Great show

    By Ihearttv90, Jul 20, 2013

  • Follow your California Dreams

    By Antique22, Aug 12, 2011

  • I still can't stand not seeing this show on tv. I would watch this show and then save by the bell. now all i get to watch is saved by the bell. I wish that i could see this show again. It needs to start with the first show and keep going.

    By kamills, Aug 07, 2007

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