I'll Lay My Monsters Down

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    By Arska, Apr 21, 2013

    I actually enjoyed this episode very much. The humor that has always been there and that becomes stale after a Californication marathon was there. The heart of the show that seems to emerge in these kind of episodes was there too.

    The only flaw that it had (in my opinion) was that Hank just doesn't seem to have what takes to move on. I like Karen and Hank as individual characters but I just don't feel it between them. I felt it back in the first two seasons or so but now it seems that they seriously have too much baggage that is going to stop them from having a healthy relationship.

    Just like Lew Ashby said "It's not about giving up... It's about moving And I think that Karen is starting to do just that while Hank still has problems with moving on which is my biggest problem with this show..moreless

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