Episode 8

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Stacey McKenzie: Alanna was like the girl next door. NOTHING going on for her... and all of a sudden, she's like this little bomb show!

  • Jay Manuel: When Andrea walk out, her first pass, I was waiting for Andrea, so it was kind of a suprise to see her that second time around and I thought "Wait a minute...That is Andrea!".

  • Stacey McKenzie: Andrea is a chameleon. I like that she has potential, I mean she can do high fashion, she can do the coutures... Jeanne Beker: Well, when she learns how to walk down a runway! (Laughs)

  • Sisi: (After being eliminated) You know, I had so much fun. That's been a great experience for me and I would walk out of here anytime, I'm feeling like a winner already.

Notes (3)

  • Alanna was the runner-up, losing to Andrea in the final judgement, in a vote of 3-2.

  • Andrea Muizelaar is the first ever Canada's Next Top Model.

  • Sisi was eliminated from the competition in the first twenty minutes.

Trivia (1)

  • Marina Mikulic, the fashion designer of the finale fashion show, was also one of the girls appointments during the "go-see" challenge on the previous episode.