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  • Alex: Honey, I'm gonna need you to look after Senator Barnes' wife today. Isabel: Alex...I'm pregnant.

  • (Rebecca shows Jaime her new tattoo) Jaime: Becky, you got inked? Rebecca: Yeah. Jaime: It's just like mine. You know what this means, right? You're mine forever.

  • Rebecca: Did you tell your dad why you're not going to college? Jaime: the party. (They kiss)

  • Pancho: I'm not selling the sugarcane to the Samuels, Frank. Now, bad things may come out of that, I don't want you to handle them alone. I'm making Alex president and CEO of the company. Frank: Papi, you can't do that. Pancho: I love you, Frank. But for reasons you don't know, you're just not the right man for the job.

  • Amalia: Ay Enrique, ooh. Your brother and that girl. She's gonna have to get pregnant. Isabel: Ay Mami, por Dios. Amalia: Hey, how else is she gonna get Enrique down the isle? Henry: It's your fault, Mami. Still looking for somebody like you. Amalia: Ah yeah, you're looking in the wrong place.

  • Pancho: Well, Doctor, I guess I'm not as tough as I look. Dr. Rodriguez: Oh no, you're still a tiger bunch. Pancho: Have you tried the pastelitos? Dr. Rodriguez: Pastelitos! Heh. How do you think I got this weight, eh? Steamed broccoli and chicken salads? Pancho: Alright, so tell me, how long do I have? (Silence breaks out) Dr. Rodriguez: Six months. A year. (Pancho smiles nervously). It's time to tell your family, Panchito. Por favor. Take Amalia on a cruise. Enjoy yourselves.

  • Katie: Mom! Guess what! Uncle Henry says I can go to the club Saturday. Isabel: What?! Amalia: Ave Maria! Henry: (From the other room) It's not my fault! Isabel: She's only seventeen!

  • Frank: Ellis, when we worked together in secret ... you and I did on the landsale ... that was something that would have benefitted both of our families Ellis: Absolutely! Frank: So why was Alex so against it? Ellis: I've no idea. Ask him. Frank: I'm asking you. Ellis: Why? Frank: Because you're the one that's here. Ellis: Frank, what's going on? Frank: Alex has this thing about your family. And now it has come up. Out of the blue. Again. And i don't know what's behind it. I just ... I just wanna make sure I'm not being ... Ellis: What? Frank: ... played? Ellis: By Alex? Frank: By you.

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  • Australian Air date: 28/11/07

  • Featured Music: "Lost without you" by Robin Thicke "Mi tierra" by Gloria Estefan "Let go" by Imogen Heap "Grace Kelly" by Mika "Numb" by Linkin Park feat. Jay Z "Impacto" by Daddy Yankee feat. Fergie "The Sweet Escape (Konvict Remix)" by Gwen Stefany feat. Akon

  • The show is located on Miami Beach, Florida.

  • Cane has already been set to air internationally. The show will air on Global and ITV3 in Canada and the United Kingdom respectively, as well as on Warner Channel in South America.

  • This episode was re-broadcasted on Azteca America on 09/29/07.

  • For the initial broadcast, Chevrolet sponsored this episode and it aired with limited commercial interruptions. Thus, CBS had Eddie Matos give a gratuitous remark to the car company at the end of the episode.

  • The series was given a thirteen-episode order on May 14, 2007.

  • Australian Air date: 28/11/07

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  • What has happened to Lamont Samuels? Eliis had a brother on the first episode.

Allusions (2)

  • In the opening sequence, the commercial being shown for Duque Rum is an allusion to the actual national Barcardi Mojito advertisements that aired on U.S. television.

  • Title The title of this episode is a a play on a sermon by poet/preacher John Donne (1572-1631). The line in question—"No man is an island entire of itself."—would later be the inspiration for writer Thomas Merton's No Man Is An Island (1955).