Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Reign Storm / Toddler Terrors Of Time Travel

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 9/29/90
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  • Episode Description
  • Reign Storm Princess Toadstool desperately needs a vacation, but she won't admit it. Practically forced into one, she ends up going to real world Hawaii with Toad. Princess Toadstool quickly has a blast and some fun in the sun. Meanwhile, the Mushroom Kingdom is left in the hands of Mario and Luigi. With King Koopa secretly causing trouble, they quickly feel like taking a vacation themselves. They think relief comes when Princess Toadstool returns early, but it's really a robot built by Kooky. As the robot Princess causes havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom, the real Princess considers extending her vacation. Toddler Terrors Of Time Travel King Koopa is certain that if not for the Mario Bros., he would've conquered the Mushroom Kingdom long ago. Kooky, therefore, builds a time machine to give him a chance to change history. Learning of the plot, Mario, Luigi and Toad intend to be along for the ride – leading to problems during time travel. While the five do arrive to past Brooklyn, they are also reverted to toddlers. Certainly inconvenient, but King Koopa and Kooky soon manage to restore their normal ages. Mario, Luigi and Toad are clearly outmatched as babies, but they refuse to give up and let history be changed.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tony Rosato

    voice of Luigi

  • Harvey Atkin

    voice of King Koopa

  • Walker Boone

    voice of Mario

  • Tara Strong

    voice of Hip Koopa / Hop Koopa

  • Greg Morton

    Additional Voices

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • (After Toad discovers that there is a rock star in the bushes) Toad: That's no rock star! That's Kooky von Koopa!

    • Lady: Gracious! How rude! I thought you made plumbing a party? Kooky: We do, lady. This is a fun little game called "Stuff Your Furniture Down the Drain"!

    • Princess: I have to go! My subjects may need me. Cutter: Your subjects? Princess: I'm a princess. Cutter: Oh, sure ya are. Toad: She's not kiddin', Cutta! She really is a princess, of the Mushroom Kingdom!

    • Mario: Princess, how can you be so nice to Bowser Koopa?

    • Baby Chase Baby Chase. Why did you seem to call this "Baby Chase"? We've been searchin' everywhere and every place. Baby Chase. Wonder where he's hidin'? We know we've got to find him. Baby Chase. How could he disappear and leave without a trace? But now we're on the track. We're gonna get him back! And end this Baby Chase. Baby Chase. How could he disappear and leave without a trace? But now we're on the track. We're gonna get him back! And end this Baby Chase!

    Notes (7)

    • All 7 Koopalings appear in "Reign Storm" but Kooky is the only one to have an important role. He's also the only Koopaling in "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel".

    • "Toddler Terrors Of Time Travel" was the animated dubut of Parabeetles.

    • "Reign Storm" is the third out of four episodes on which Koopa is called Bowser Koopa.

    • Songs Featured: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ("Reign Storm") and Baby Chase ("Toddler Terrors of Time Travel").

    • "Reign Storm": The Piranha Plant that intercepts the letter Mario and Luigi send to the Princess is known as a Nipper Plant, which are first seen in the game on World 5-1.

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    Trivia (5)

    • "Reign Storm": When Koopa hides behind the throne, the robot Princess has a crown on her head, even though the real Princess has it. Not only that but when Kooky comes back, he hits the robot Princess and knocks its head off. Then the head disappears in the air.

    • "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel": Kooky says that they (him and Koopa) will arrive in Brooklyn on a day in 1983 "just before noon". When the Doomship does land in Brooklyn in 1983, however, the clock reads 2:00 P.M.

    • "Reign Storm": When the Princess sees through Kooky's disguise, she and Toad head back for the Mushroom Kingdom. Kooky follows, trying to stop them from saving the day, only to arrive too late. He may have gotten back earlier than he was supposed to, because he's right there in the crowd with the rest of the Koopalings at the start of the next scene.

    • "Reign Storm": At the beginning, Mario's shoes completely disappear at one point.

    • "Toddler Terrors Of Time Travel": Just when Toad jumps towards the Doomship he's still a baby, but when he lands on the doom ship he's suddenly back to normal and stays like that for the rest of the episode.

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