Car 54, Where are You?

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  • Cpt. Block: Men, I think you'd all better leave now. There's nothing that can undermine the morale of a precinct more than its men seeing their captain cry!

  • Desk captain: Very well, Ma'am, we'll send a patrol car right away... what? You say a patrol car was already there, and it sped right by?! What? It went by TWICE?!

  • Toody: "Well, I like aardvarks, and I like to talk about aardvarks. Aardvarks! AARDVARKS!" Muldoon: "Leonard Berstein!" Toody: "Aardvarks!"

  • Cpt. Block: Oh, nothing. I just thought Muldoon could bring his guitar, and, since Way Out here has his bongo drums, we'd get together and have a little jam session... and, for an encore, I'D BLOW OUT MY BRAINS!

  • Men (to Captain Block, singing to the music of "I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore"): "So give three cheers and give a shout for the hearty captain with the big loud mouth!"

  • Captain Block (as men are removing a frozen Muldoon from the meat locker): Careful, men, don't bend him; he'll break!

  • Gallery host: Here we have "Wild Horses On The Plains." Karpathia: What wild horses on the plains?! That's "Life And Death of a Nectarine!" Gallery host: Sorry, "Life And Death of a Nectarine." Next, we have, "Banjo in the Afternoon." Karpathia: What banjo in the afternoon?! THAT is "Wild Horses on the Plains!" See? That is the wild and that is the horse! Oh, you don't understand! No one understands! Only one man has ever understood my paintings!

  • Muldoon: But, I'm Francis Muldoon, officer of the 53rd Precinct! Hot dog vendor: YOU'RE A ROBBER OF HOT DOG STANDS! That's what you are!

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Notes (11)

  • As was the case with some actors from the show, Charolette Rae appears in this episode as someone else. In her case, though, Rae played one of the major characters throughout the series.

  • Nick At Nite made a weird edit to this episode after its first few airings. They remove the ending punchline of the story! Initial airings showed the ending "act," before the closing credits, with the hole in the wall of Toody's home, where Karpathia had been recreating "Lower Manhattan At Sunset From The New Jersey Side" after Sylvia had thrown it away. Later airings cut to the end credits after the act fade out where Karpathia is painting on the wall.

  • Severn Darden was one of the founding members of the Second City comedy group.

  • Robert Morse, who stars as Officer Corrigan, is listed in the end credits as Richard Morse

  • Idlewild Airport was renamed JFK Airport a month after Kennedy was assassinated.

  • In syndication the President seen via newsfilm in this episode is Lyndon Johnson, although the episode was produced during the John Kennedy administration. After Kennedy's death, Johnson was substituted.

  • Dashboard Gag: Toody eats the last of the peanuts and gives Muldoon another can of peanuts, which turns out to be a practical joke.

  • Al Lewis, mistaken for a Russian Count in this episode, will later play a supposed Transylvanian Count in The Munsters.

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Trivia (1)

  • Theme Song Trivia: Eight months after the final episode aired, Idlewild Airport, referenced in the theme song, would be renamed J F Kennedy Airport.