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  • Laird: Oh no, fancy carpoolers. Carpooler: There, get it. Dougie: It's mine. I got it this time. (Everyone cheers him on) Laird: They're not going to hit you twice. (Fancy carpoolers run over Dougie) Laird: They ran over him twice. Dougie: I'm okay. I'm alright.

  • Aubrey: Gentlemen, let's carpool.

  • Laird: Okay okay, who would you do ... Jessica Biel and get no money or one of the golden girls and get a million dollars? Aubrey: Which golden girl? Laird: The little one. Gracen: The funny one or the sleazy one? Laird: The funny one. Dougie: Is the million dollars before taxes? Laird: You only find out after the act. Dougie: Golden girl. They all agree Gracen: How about this? Who would you do? Would you do Dame Judi Dench or a bear? Laird: Describe the bear.

  • Gracen: I am done with Laird... I've had it. Marmaduke: I wouldn't act so rashly, father. We are men of very few friends, lest we forget. Gracen: Oh really... how many friends do you have? Marmaduke: 27,853. Obviously you haven't seen my MySpace page.

  • Parking Committee Member: (played by Bruce McCulloch, writer and exec. producer for the show's friend and co-member, Scott Thompson, aside to another committee member about the four carpoolers) I don't like them... I can't be more specific.

  • Gracen: So How's America? Marmaduke: Sarcasm noted, processed, amplified and refracted back to you.

  • Marmaduke: (12 hours after moving out of the house and in with Laird) Hello, Mother, do come in. Father, time has not been good to you.

  • (at Aubrey's house, Laird accusing Dougie)
    Laird: It's you fault.
    Dougie: What? How is, this, my fault?
    Laird: You pushed him into your wife's Green Queen cult.
    Dougie: No, it's not a cult. It's a group of people led by charismatic leader who tells them what to say and do.

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  • Additional Credits:
    Production Staff: Katharine O'Brien, Jeff Lane. Peter Vogel. Rachel Porter, Harrison Goldstein, Robert Fure.

  • In Latin America, this episode aired on November 9, 2007, on CANAL SONY.

  • Featured Music: "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire "More than a feeling" by Boston "All out of love" by Air Supply

  • Additional Credits:
    Production Staff: Laura Cray, Jeff Lane, Karen Jacobs, Mark Stump, Blake Willinger, A.K. Pavri.

    Promotional Consideration Provided by: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

  • In Latin America, this episode aired on November 16, 2007, on CANAL SONY.

  • Featured Music: "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners

  • Additional Credits:
    Production Staff: Juan Ruiz, Charlene Smith, Brian Beery, Pamela Tellez, Giovanni Cotto-Oritz, Toussaint Banks.

    Promotional Consideration Provided by: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

  • In Latin America, this episode aired on November 23, 2007, on CANAL SONY.

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Trivia (8)

  • Jerry O'Connell and his wife, Rebecca Romijn, also appeared together in the TV show Ugly Betty (episode #16, "Derailed").

  • Rebecca Romijn, who guest stars as Laird's (played by Jerry O'Connell) ex-wife, is actually his real life wife. They were married on July 14, 2007.

  • When Dougie is kissing his wife goodbye in the morning, she hands him his lunch in a yellow lunch box. Later, when they get to work, they decide to put Dougie's tuna salad in another carpooler's engine. When Dougie hands over his lunchbox, it's not yellow anymore. It's blue.

  • While Marmaduke talks to the dwarf in the street, the sign goes upside down and up from shot to shot.

  • Writer and Executive Producer, Bruce McCulloch, (original Kids in the Hall member) has co-founding member, Scott Thompson, appear briefly as one of the Parking Committee Board Members.

  • Jerry Minor (Aubrey) is the only performer ever to have belonged to all three of the touring companies of the improvisational troupe, Second City.

  • Shining Star The featured song in this episode is Earth, Wind and Fire's first top ten hit, Shining Star, from their triple-platinum, best-selling album That's the Way of the World.

  • Kids in the Hall Dave Foley (Aubrey's boss) is the second Kids in the Hall member to have a part in this series, along with Scott Thompson. Exec. producer/creator/writer, Bruce McCulloch was also a member.