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  • (right after the theme song ends) Brak: Welcome to Cartoon Planet, ev'rybuddy! My name is Brak. I am the star of the show. I know it. You know it. I know it. You know it. I know it. You know it. Ghost: HEY! Brak: WHAT? Ghost: Here's the deal. Brak. I'm the boss. You're nothing. Get it? Brak: (sassing) Big deal. But of nothing. Ghost: What?! Brak: Never mind!

  • Brak:(Singing about his sandwich) I once had a beautiful sandwich, oh man, I'm talkin' hey! It was made with fresh beef baloney and Mom bought it yesterday. It had butter and American cheese on white bread, boy oh boy! Slap a little brown mustard on top and, buddy, you're full of joy! Somebody stole my baloney sandwich on the bus to school! Was it Bob or Billy or Fred? Oh, buddy, them boys is cruel! There's just - wait a minute, I'm, I'm sittin' on it! Aw, man! I'm sorry, sandwich!

  • Brak: One minute I was a happy space pirate, looting and pillaging, and then, poof! I'm as dumb as a doornail!

  • Space Ghost: Sliced or cubed... Zorak: Solid or spreadable... Space Ghost: Cheese is good for you! Zorak: Cheese is edible!

  • Zorak: You forgot about the part where the mommy bites off the daddy's head and feeds it to the baby!

  • Zorak: And did you know there's no 'I' in 'teamwork', but there's an 'ewok'?

  • Brak: One time I had this teacher who didn't like me so I wrote a note with little hearts and flowers on it and it said "Even though you think I'm stupid, I still love you." But that didn't help, so I made a statue of the teacher outta cheese, with a ribbon around it, and I said "This is for you. Can I get extra credit?" But she just, y'know, kinda just shook her head "no". (sigh) I guess there's just no pleasin' some people. The end.

  • Brak: Hello, everybody! Today on Cooking with Brak we'll be preparing Hot Dog tortellini, or as I like to call it, tortel-weenie! To prepare tortel-weenie you'll need sixteen sacks of unbleached flour, three dozen eggs, five pounds of butter, three hundred cocktail weenies, ten quarts of pickle relish, a bag o' snails, and a stomach pump. Now let's get started, shall we?

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Notes (2)

  • (Channel Zero Sketch) Zorak: Zorak to Channel Zero, Zorak to Channel Zero. Come in, Channel Zero. Over. Ghost: Zorak, whaddaya doing? Zorak: Me? Ohhhh... nothing. Channel Zero, do you read me? The eagle wears a hat. Repeat, the eagle wears a hat. Over. Ghost: What is that, code? Who're you sending a coded message to? Zorak: Ohhh, uhhhh, buh... nobody. Ghost: You're plotting some sort of evil coupe-de-grass, aren't you? Zorak: Ho-ho, heavens, no! Zorak to Channel Zero, the eagle wears a hat. John has a long moustache. Over. Bump Announcer: TO BE CONTINUED?

  • Ingredients for Toriweenie: 16 sacks of flour, 3 dozen eggs, 5 Lbs. of butter, 300 weenies, 10 qts. of relish, bag 'o' snails, and a stomach pump.

Trivia (3)

  • This episode reveals that Brak's Father is a Dentist.

  • When Brak is telling the story about the monkey making notes for him in class, he remembers all of them put together to read 'Hello, my name is Bingo, I like to climb on things, can I have a banana? Eeik eeik'. But the letters shown in writing and at the end reads 'Eeip eeip'.

  • Fourteen years later, the TV series gets revived in the show's current format as a Friday night classic cartoon block. The revived series is animated with flash animation, mimicing the recycled animation of the show and Space Ghost does not return for the new series. Brak and Zorak are the only hosts returning (Brak seems to partially recovered from his insanity).

Allusions (13)

  • Bad Boys The song in the skit 'Bad Bug' is a parody of Inner Circle's song 'Bad Boys'.

  • Super Freak Zorak mentions Rick James' song 'Super Freak' during the Horrorscopes, while talking to Aquarius.

  • The Age of Aquarius During the Horrorscopes, Zorak mentions the song 'The Age of Aquarius', by The Fifth Dimension, from the musical "Hair".

  • U Can't Touch This The song in skit 'Don't Touch Me' is a parody of M.C. Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This'.

  • Apocalypse Now The skit titled 'Apocalypse, Whenever' is titled after the 1979 film "Apocalypse Now".

  • The title is a parody of the 1960s Tv show 'My Mother The Car'.

  • Space Ghost: My cousin Vinnie's got a trailer park in Rome, ooh yeah! My Cousin Vinny is an American film from 1992.

  • Little Jack Horner When Space Ghost talks about eating pie, and says 'What a good boy am I!', it is a reference to the nursery rhyme 'Little Jack Horner'.

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