After the Storm

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  • 8.5

    Great start!

    By JDML23, Oct 14, 2012

    I totally loved this. I find Beckett's and Castle's attempt to keep the new aspect of their relationship a secret to be hilarious.

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  • 10

    After 5 years

    By Duckgate, Oct 01, 2012

    Finally! :-)

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  • 7.5

    After the Storm

    By thefanof, Sep 27, 2012

    For fans hoping to see what exactly went down that night between Castle and Beckett you were a bit disappointed, but for those who liked the last season finale, and wanted to see more high intensity action you got your wish. A little disappointed that it went so far up to a Senator, but this was still a really fun return to Monday's best TV show.

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  • 9.0

    New Beginning

    By sh811a, Sep 26, 2012

    Castle and Beckett finally becoming a couple was a touchdown, hopefully both will go all the way to the Super Bowl. Alright enough Football analogy down to business, this was a good start to the new season. I liked the first few minutes when we see the morning after, as Castle see Beckett wearing nothing but his shirt on, she really does look great in it let alone with her hair down. Their interaction was as usual sweet, but the funniest moment was seeing Castle hiding Kate from his mom and daughter. Yeah I know it's a bit juvinile but it's understandable, it's a little hard to spill the news at first; however I also find it amusing because it actually is fun making Castle and Beckett have some romantic misadventure for a while.

    I did like seeing that the revolving case of the show is finally getting a conclusion, I felt it went on long enough and it was time our patience became rewarded. And of coruse everyone is working as usual but also you felt at the same time nothing was really the same. Mainly the character Esposito whom is still in a dark place, despite still being himself his friendship with Ryan has a crack that could be growing. Though personally I feel Esposito need to get the frak over it, if Ryan didn't put in the call Kate would of died. But I noticed one little moment when he was observing a Millitary Recruitment facility he wasn't just waiting for a friend but it looked like he was seriously thinking of coming back to his former life. It could be nothing but it seems like a hint that Esposito could be out of the picture possibly, after the suspension, his friendship with Ryan on shaky ground, let alone love life going no where he's probably wondering if he really has a place in the Precent anymore. I don't know we'll just have to wait and see.

    But this episode is unfortunately not perfect, I do think how the case was falling into place was just a little rushed. I was a little disapointed that Madox was offed so quickly it felt a bit unsatisfying, personally I would of liked to of seen a 2 on 1 battle with Castle and Kate against Madox sort of like in the movie "The Raid Redemption". Ok, ok tall order but still it sounds a lot cooler and satisfying. But also just that Kate signed back up to her Precent again too quickly.

    I really liked that moment with Kate and the Senator. I'll admit the Senator is a scum sucker, despite all that he's achieved as well as his reasons on his possition as a saying goes "Good Deeds alone don't by you a ticket to Heaven." Personally just like Kate I don't give a damn about his achievements, it doesn't for the crimes or sins he's commited, but worst of all doesn't errase the fact he ordered the hit on Joanna Beckett. One moment that made my guts boil was when he was talking bull crap that he actually knows her and what she'll do next. Then Kate threatened him with the leverage she has against him which has made him lose his hold on her, and a really cool moment was when she then hits him hard with the mussle of her gun just as a reminder of how close she was to killing him and that she will always have that opportunity open. It was sort of the motiff of predator becoming prey, so the Senator was dead wrong, he knows nothing about Kate.

    And in the end both Kate and Castle come home to each other, today isn't just the day the case was solved but the day both had a new beginning together.moreless

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  • 2.0

    No longer the same Beckett

    By MattVerhoeven, Sep 26, 2012

    What happened to s1-3 Beckett. The kick-ass, take no prisoners Kate Beckett that made me fall in love with the show. To me, s4 Beckett was a coward, unwilling to deal with anything regarding her partner (Old Beckett would show no such hesitation). From the childish "Hide in the closet" (What are we, Greys Anatomy) to the really unsatisfying end of Maddox, I feel that this show has lost all its charm, and broken a main character, just to start a relationship. Only thing I found good in this episode was Beckett pistol whipping the senator, other than that I was disappointed.moreless

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  • 1.0

    The End

    By bigarbel, Sep 25, 2012

    The previews with Castle and Beckett hooking up sounded quite nice and I was hoping we would get the old and fun Castle back. The "Previously on Castle" however made me fear we were again going to be bored to death with the who-killed-becketts-mother story line. And yup after 5 minutes of fun we were back in the tedious story line. After 10 minutes, I decided to just stop and scrap Castle from my viewing list. A shame as it used to be so good.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Season 5...

    By claireross84, Sep 25, 2012

    I personally loved this episode. I especially loved the way the relationship between Castle and Beckett was handled. Very grown-up and realistic I thought. The case regarding Joanna Becketts murder I thought could have been more dramatic, seeing as they had it dragged out this long but it was nice to see it coming to a conclusion of sorts. Overall the writers did an excellent job and looking forward to the rest of the season!

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  • 9.5

    And It Begins

    By B_craggs, Sep 25, 2012

    I loved this episode. Firstly, because of the first ten minutes and, secondly, because we finally had some real closure in Johanna Beckett's murder. Not complete closure, but at least it isn't hanging over everyone's (Kate's) heads. I actually liked the tension between Esposito and Ryan, but if that goes on for too long it could get annoying. And when I mean too long, I mean the next episode. The premiere did have the same dramatic quality as the fourth season everyone was complaining about, but it kind of had to because of the way season four ended. After this episode, though, it should return to the lighter side everyone keeps reminiscing so fondly over. At least, that is what I heard. And am also hoping for.

    I"m so freaking excited!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Season 5 Begins

    By karlmeszaros, Sep 25, 2012

    It's really nice to have Castle back! I think it was past time to have Rick & Kate together and I thought there was also some really good movement forward in the mystery surrounding Kate's mom's murder. I felt that it was ignored at times last season and I'm glad they unraveled a huge piece of it without a final conclusion..

    I enjoyed the scene with Kate and Captain Gates. it had genuine warmth and admiration, something we didn't see much, if any, of in her first season on the show.

    There was a lot to the plot here and I'm going to watch it again because I'm sure I missed some things the first time.moreless

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