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    Amazing Episode!

    By FGProdigy, Apr 10, 2013

    Guys, come on. Be a little more lenient. The acting from the cast was fantastic! The chemistry from all the characters working together was great. Although the Caskett duo despised Agent Fallon at first, they find out that he has to be this way in order to prevent any more disasters. We find out that Agent Fallon's wife was killed in the 9-11 incident and when he threatened to put a bullet through the suspect's head, the bullets were already removed. Caskett once again defies death 2 times this episode. From when they almost freeze to death and when the nuclear bomb almost goes off. Also the part when they cuddle in the freezer and hold hands moments just before the bomb is set to explode really enhances Castle and Beckett's relationship. Not only that but at the end of the day when Beckett and her boyfriend are hugging, you can see that Beckett looks at Castle until he leaves. Clearly, there is something going on here ;) Great episode and keep it up!moreless

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    By thefanof, Nov 05, 2011

    I am glad that I am not the only one who was upset with this episode. I get that some two parters often have the first hour be better than the second, but the first half was mediocre and this was just a disaster. Meaningless and contrived action scenes out of nowhere, Castle coming off like a complete moron out there, and then teasing Castle and Beckett dying. Fine, but how they avoided death, by him ripping every wire out, that really irked me.

    Weak episode from the script alone, and I just never got invested in the storyline. Sorry Castle, but the truth hurts.moreless

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    This episode was one of the worst written ones so far...

    By troyx87, Oct 27, 2011

    Spoilers ahead.

    This is my first time writing a review on this site, but I just found it so necessary after watching this episode. There were so many things wrong about this episode (and the previous one leading up to this) but Im gonna focus on one main thing.

    The Castle/Beckett relationship. Two times in this episode the pair were going to die, yet we never saw any signs of love/even like for each other. These 2 have been dodging their attraction for 3 years now (tv time), though when it comes to facing certain death, neither has any affection for the other to show, even if it may be their last ever. Theres never a look of 'I've always loved you', a kiss or even a hug. The kiss from one of the previous issues was a huge step forward, but for it to be like theres nothing between the 2 when the couple is facing death, after everything that has happened in this shows existance is extremely irritating and poorly written. As much as I love this show, I was so frustrated that I was considering giving up on it. I really hope this wasnt the season finale.

    The relationship aside, there were many other plot holes too. At the end of the first of this 2 parter, they find the bomb and start getting shot at. Castle is doing nothing, wouldnt a first instinct/necessary move to be to call 911 and tell that that you have found the nuke that is threatening to destroy manhatten? Obviously they were getting shot at, but they skipped a majorly important step. Also, what moron runs into a shipping container? Yes, getting shot at makes you want/need to run, but that is pure stupidity and Beckett is smarter than that. Who doesnt know that they can be locked and barricaded?

    Next thing: Trying to get out of said shipping container/freezer. There were clearly refridgeration pipes on the wall, kicking them would either result in a kink, or breakage, which would leak or stop fluid running, therefore slowing down the cooling process. Thats not rocket science. And there were was clearly a fan unit on the back wall, they never even tried to kick that out, which would have resulted in freedom. They avoided these 2 obvious options and decided to sit in the cold, ready to die and not tell the other how much they really care, which is an obvious lie from everything we've ever seen.

    To put in some nice words, the first ep of this 2 parter was good for the most part. The change of feel, music and vibe was a welcome change, but its the last 10 minutes or so that got to me. This episode itself, so many things were just wrong and poorly written that have caused a major drop of respect from me.moreless

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    Unlike many others,I feel this is a good episode. The first one is ok,but I feel this part is better.

    By pr0teu5, Aug 25, 2011

    Unlike many others,I feel this is a good episode. The first one is ok,but I feel this part is better.

    I think the writers are trying to get the different view point of American Homeland security. Like 70's FBI and CIA, now day the Homeland Security has the "bad" reputation. This is a episode about them as much is about people's fears(and the action come after that fear, like racial profiling). How easy it's for us as people to generalization an whole race. At the same time,the plotline point out how hard it's to protect others when you need to be paranoid about everyone, and that many people hate/dislike you for it. People also have habit to forget those that give their life to save and protect others, when they are not in distress. Personally I find this episode did bring out both side quite nicely. The whole plot is quite "normal" in Castle. A fine plot with twist. Because this one is without the normal "hei,look, a arabic man, must be the terrorist" flavor, I give this a plus 8.5. Spoilers:

    The dying by freezing was quite ok, but not as good as it could have been. But I did like the fact before Castle fall in to unconsciousness, Beckett was trying to say "I love you". And he wake up with "Biker boy" ogle at him XD. I find it quite funny.moreless

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    Ice, Ice Baby, Part 2

    By pretty_sure, Aug 24, 2011

    Oh my gosh, you people need to take a major chill pill, and you know I'm mad because I haven't used that phrase since the '90s when I was watching Rugrats in my feety pajamas!

    Ok, so it wasn't the perfect episode, but it was still good. It was a great episode. You people are so critical, when this was good. I would like to see all you who rated this a 6 or less I would like to see you all write a better episode!

    It wasn't the perfect conclusion, but none the less it is Castle at it's best, and if you don't like it then don't f***ing watch!moreless

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    If I wanted to watch 24, I wouldn't be watching Castle.

    By mot425, Apr 07, 2011

    Big Castle fan but this episode exposes ABC's conservative bias. Instead of the usual murder mystery we get a bunch of government propaganda bullet points: terrorists (foreign or domestic) are always out there ready to attack with dirty bombs etc., our national security people might occasionally push the limits but are always good and just and well-intentioned and would never do anything illegal, we should be more aware of our [manufactured] wars and the troops, etc.

    At one point Beckett pondered how many times such occurrences have happened since 9/11 without anybody realizing it... the answer to that question is, **nothing like this has ever happened**. Our government and media enthusiastically announce anything that even remotely resembles an act of terrorism or a terrorist plot. When some guy tried to set his underwear on fire in a plane, we heard about it for months. If the government ever uncovered a terrorist plot with a massive dirty bomb, you can be sure it would be in the news for YEARS.

    I thought Castle might eventually become an outlet for government propaganda considering the network it airs on, but it's still sad to see it happen.moreless

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    By pjt, Mar 27, 2011

    I think I'll call this and the previous episode the "The Almost" episodes.

    In the previous episode, 'Setup', they almost got radioactive poisoning, but didn't, then Castle almost admitted his feelings to Kate but got interrupted by Montgomery. Then almost got off the case, but they managed to get the info to work on and found the bomb. Then they got almost shot, but managed to run into the freezer.

    In this episode they almost froze to death, but luckily their colleagues defied a direct order and saved them. While in the freezer Kate almost confessed her feelings to Castle, but just passed out before she could do that. Then Josh almost went abroad for another couple of months but stayed instead to help them in the ambulance. The DHS guy almost shot the suspect, but it turned out to be only trick to force a confession out of him (And it looked as if Kate almost shot the DHS guy, but she couldn't really have done it, and he said, he knew that). After that they almost go in time to Nazihah Alhabi's house but she just got abducted before that. And then they found the bomb, and they got almost blown up, but then Castle ripped all the cables out and they were saved. Then Beckett jumped to hug Castle and almost held on to him too long, but then she came to her senses and let him go. The mayor almost gave them a medal for saving the city. Finally Castle almost confessed his feelings to Beckett, but then he saw Josh, and changed his mind in the last minute.

    Actually I don't know which direction this will take now, because it's obvious for both of them what they feel for each other, so it's gonna be rather unrealistic if nothing happens between them this season, so I predict a big confession from at least one of them as the season cliffhanger.moreless

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    By yarnqueen, Mar 27, 2011

    I agree with whoever it was that remarked about how "hot" Josh is--of course he is, he wouldn't be competition if he wasn't!

    The incredible moments in this and the first part, are the times that he sends his family away. In the first part, not only does he send them away, but he sends Alexis away mad. That would haunt her forever if he hadn't been around to save the day!

    Whoever said that this was a vent for the government's conservative wing must be looking backwards. A conservative viewpoint would have had the Syrians as the bad guys for the whole show. It was a cool twist to have EVERYONE that Kate and Castle thought were safely out of the city come back!

    And how they all (Martha, Alexis, and Josh) worked together to save Castle and Kate's lives.

    The "Fallon" guy was kind of a re-visitation of the Dana Delany 2- parter, a real nasty guy who turns out sympathetic at the end.

    Some reall chills and thrills, previously stated by other reviewers.moreless

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    Time's Running Out

    By sh811a, Mar 27, 2011

    This was a pritty good followup. Not much I can say except it's built in the moments. Like the time both are in the freezer was both suspenseful and sweet, I liked that moment Kate was about to say I love you but she passes out before that. That was sweet and at the same time I'm glad she didn't say it, don't get me wrong I want both to admit their feelings but I don't want them together too soon.

    Even like that other moment when Castle talks to Kate and questions if it was right to tell his Mom and Alexis to leave but for them not to warn their friends due to threat of a panic. Castle says he's felt like he was a monster at that moment, but that's not true he was just being human and a hero. The thing that most people forget sometimes is that heroism has it's limitations, the mission is to save people but not everyone because logically we can't. You and the rest can only to the best you can to save and protect who you can.

    I even liked when we saw some humanity in the HLS guy (forgot his name)let alone sympathtic when we hear his wife died in the 9/11 tragidy. Yes, he's a butt weed he's aware of that and isn't proud, but he has to be to do his job. And he is good at his job but he's not perfect he needs other minds to help him. Also he never crosses the line, at times he comes close but he always restrains himself.

    I would of given it a perfect score but it kinda had that fundamental problem that some two parters tend to have and that's maintaining momentum. In the middle of the episode I don't know I felt that momentum they had got a little lost, I felt like something more needed to happen or be done. But all the same near the end things picked up to that final very suspenseful moment.

    I thought that had to be one of the finest moement in the show, at least in my book. When the bomb is ticking to the last minutes, I'll admit at that moment I was a little worried because this is a sittuation where for once they don't have the answer. Both Castle and Kate tenderly hold hand and then Castle at the last minute tears the wire off. I couldn't help but cheer, this was a nuke he disarmed and he saved all of New York city. Give Castle a medal, Castle in my book gets the you got guts award.

    And of course in the end it's a bit sad because even though Castle did save New York, he didn't get the girl. Instead Kate goes off with the no name guy I still don't care about despite what he did for them.

    I can't help but feel the whole thing might have been a lesson for both of them to learn which is, if both have feelings for one another they better come out with it and soon because they don't have all the time in the world and right now time's running out.moreless

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