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  • Patrick: Give me a break Holly: sure where?

  • (Charlie walks into Recus where Colette is treating a patient and mistakes him for a patient) Colette: Ah. I am sorry sir but this area is off limits to members of the public. Charlie: Ah. But I am sorry. I am affraid you don't understand. Colette: If you would like to give your name to the lady at the desk. Charlie: No but. Colette: The lady at the desk please. Charlie: (Giving in) The lady at the desk. Colette: (To Amy) I found this gentleman wondering into Paeds. Amy: (Jokingly) And your name is?

  • Collette: Duffy i'd liked to help you. Duffy: *she takes an unesay breath* I i Think i might be pregnant, can you help with that? * walks off in tears*

  • Holly: I don't know why I bothered bringing you. Patrick: Because you wanted a lift, remember.

  • Lara: A strange thing happened to me today, I lost the best man I've had in a long time. Now I'm stuck here with you, what's that all about? Patrick: Just lucky I guess.

  • If you save someone's life, you become responsible for it forever - Spencer

  • Charlie: Now leave me alone or I'll call security. Colin: I am security! Charlie: Then kindly throw yourself out.

Notes (152)

  • Part 2 of the special Christmas episode Casualty @ Holby City.

  • Final appearance of Maxwell Caulfield (Jim Brodie)

  • Final appearances of: George Harris as Clive King and Julia Watson as Baz Wilder - however Julia Watson did eventually rejoin in series 9.

  • DVD: Casualty (CCTV30308) released on 10th July 2006

  • First appearances of: Maureen O'Brien as Elizabeth Straker and Helena Little as Mary Tomlinson

  • First appearances of: Eddie Nestor as Cyril James and Kate Hardie as Karen O'Malley

  • Final appearance of Lisa Bowerman as Sandra Mute.

  • Final appearance of Robert Pugh as Andrew Ponting

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Trivia (6)

  • This is more of a thought really than a goof: Alistair Taylor returns to the programme after a three-year absence and no-one seemed to notice or require an explanation. Surely at least one person would have welcomed him back?

  • Continuity Error: Charlie celebrates his birthday in this episode set during January yet in Gas, he said he was a Taurus, meaning he was born between 21 April 21 and 21 May.

  • The dead woman found in the toilets blinks several times.

  • When Louis fell he landed on his stomach with his chin to the ground, yet his only injury was on his cheek.

  • On the end credits the character Louis Fairhead, played by Jack Dedman, was credited as Louis Thompson. Thompson is the surname of the actor who plays the character of Louis's father.

  • Louis has been rapidly aged from about 11 years old to about 16. The character was born on-screen in 1996, but was aged upon the characters return in 2004 to about 11 however with the casting of Gregory Foreman, a nineteen year old actor, his age has jumped about 4 years.

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    Not really a quote but in the scenes at Baxter's Garage, the radio in the background is blaring out loads of music contemporaneous with when the epsiode was made.