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    Better than Let the Games Begin! but still terrible

    By minimew2020, Mar 27, 2011

    It's very rare that I will make a point to watch something on TV. When I heard that Catscratch was returning, I had to see it, no matter what. that & Rocko were my favorite nick shows for a very long time. The sense of humor was delightfully twisted and original.

    Upon seeing the season 2 premier of CatDog I was mortified. I mean all of the "jokes" were not funny. OK they're eating snot and puke. That's funny? A fight between Cat and Dog? I don't see how anyone except immature children would find that funny. It's like Peter Hannah was just trying to tick everyone off or something. And this is on the first channel for guys? If this is what the show was supposed to be like the whole time it's a good thing that restrictions were put on it because the show would have bombed and nobody would have any clue who CatDog were. I am really angry they would go and ruin this first seaon. I will not regard the this junt.

    2 stars out of 10 is completely justified. The show is deplmoreless

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