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  • (Cat Wants To Win Sweepstakes and listens to radio) Dog: It's fetch time. Cat: Not now, I gotta hear my name. Dog: I could've told ya that, it's Cat.

  • Winslow: I love fetch. (Ball hits Winslow)

  • Cat: (to Dog) All you can eat does not mean you could actually eat it all!

  • Mr. Depot: (enters Taco Depot and it's a mess) Ahem! What's going on here? Rancid: Well, um, Mr. Depot. What an unexpected pleasure. Mr. Depot: Can it, rabbit! This place is a pig-style! You call yourself a manager? Look at you! (rips off manager tag off Rancid and cries) You're eating all my profits! (to Dunglap) Here, kid. (puts on manager tag on Dunglap) You're the new manager. Dunglap: Yes, sir! Um, your, uh, Taconess!

  • Rancid: Only one thing more pathetic than a dumb dog, a dumb dog attached to an extremely dumb cat!

  • Cat: We'll show that rabbit! Dog: Yeah, two heads are more than one!

  • Cat: Dog, you're eating so fast, you're giving me the hiccups!

  • Dog: Boy! Look at that baby go! Adventure! The open road! It just doesn't get any better than this.

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Notes (23)

  • Originally aired before the first Rugrats movie

  • The animation is different in this episode.

  • This episode is often played on Nicktoons, a new channel showing only Nickelodeon cartoons and cartoons that were recently bought, like Kaput & Zosky, Corneil & Bernie and Leader Dog.

  • After the episode "Dog Gone", there was a short entitled "Mailbag", which saw Catdog reading fanmail.

  • Peter Hannan, the creator of CatDog, also sings the opening and closing song.

  • The episode "All You Can't Eat" was made into a game at

  • This episode hints that Rancid Rabbit is a bad guy in the series.

  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Roachy.

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Trivia (74)

  • Cat is an American Bobtail while Dog is an American Foxhound.

  • The Greaser Dog, Lube looks entirely different in this episode from the way he does though-out the rest of the series.

  • The policy at Taco Depot was "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Catdog!"

  • We learn that Lube has a fake leg.

  • There are three Prize-Stuffer: number one, number two, and number three; each wears a foam finger with their respective numbers.

  • At the company dinner, the box-lickers' special is salt.

  • In "Diamond Fever", it shows Cat using a wooden stick to get a diamond out of the wall, but in a closer view, it turns to metal.

  • Cat brings back the "bottom suit" from the first episode, "Dog Gone".

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Allusions (53)

  • Episode Title: All You Can't Eat A reference to buffet style restaurants where you pay a fixed fee to eat anything you want.

  • Place: Taco Depot Taco Depot is a spoof of Taco Bell. Or it might be a mix of Taco Bell and Home Depot.

  • Title: "All You Need is Lube" The title of "All You Need is Lube" is a reference to the Beatles song "All You Need is Love."

  • "Kavity Crunch Cereal" Kavity Crunch Cereal is based on the Captain Crunch Cereal by Quaker.

  • Idigidog The Idigidog sled race is a reference to the Iditarod Dog Sled Race.

  • Episode Title: Armed and Dangerous A reference to the 1986 film, Armed and Dangerous.

  • The tite A Fistfull Of Mail alludes to a famous Clint Eastwood movie called A Fistful of Dollars.

  • Dog: We both gave up our favorite possessions for each other!
    "Brother's Day" is a spoof on O. Henry's short story "The Gift of the Magi." In it, a woman sells her hair to buy her husband a watch chain, and her husband sells his watch to buy her hair combs. As a result, neither is able to use the gift he or she receives. At first, Cat and Dog do the same thing, but Dog's decision to buy a new gift and look up the recipe for mud allows for a much more cartoony ending.

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