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  • S 1 : Ep 20

    Spindango Fundulation/Duck and Cover

    Aired 2/10/07

  • S 1 : Ep 19

    Blikmail/Love Jackal

    Aired 10/13/06

  • S 1 : Ep 18

    Free Hovis/Three Against Nature

    Aired 9/29/06

  • S 1 : Ep 17

    Major Pepperidge/Magic Staff

    Aired 9/22/06

  • S 1 : Ep 16

    Katilda/The Secret Door

    Aired 6/2/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker

    Additional Voices

  • Rob Paulsen


  • Maurice LaMarche


  • John DiMaggio

    The Chumpy Chumps

  • Jess Harnell

    Mitchell the Mammoth

  • show Description
  • Cats + Cash = Chaos! From creator and executive producer Doug TenNapel comes a wild new comedy about three brothers. Catscratch's stars are Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle, who happen to be cats, which were raised in a mega-mansion by Mrs. Edna Cramdilly. After her death, Edna left her house and all her money to the cats. The rich kitties live a wild life of freedom and adventure and they can't seem to keep out of trouble. Sibling rivalry abounds as the brothers have very different and unique personalities. Mr. Blik is the bossy leader of the group who will let nothing stop him in his quest to be the best. Gordon, although a messy eater, is honest and loyal, and has a huge crush on Human Kimberly, the neighbor. Waffle is the silly, pushover, happy-go-lucky guy of the bunch, who happens to be as dumb as a stump. Hovis was Edna's long-serving butler who has stayed on to look after the cats. Although he is not thrilled with his new masters he puts up with them. Human Kimberly is the cats' 8-year-old neighbor and friend, and the recipient of Gordon's huge crush. Last but not least in the list of characters is Gear, the brothers' ultra-macho monster truck. The cats have a rival--wait, did we say "rival"? We meant "rivals" named the Chumpy Chumps. The cats are adventurers so they have their own adventures as they encounter and battle cat-hating mouses, other cats, cat-hating dogs, dangerous bears, bad gangs, creepy monsters, giant squids, homeless bums, Kimberly's friends, attacking zombies, unknown bad luck, cute bunnies, scary aliens, man-eating sharks, good vets, evil club owners and guards, helpful lobsters, evil robots, bullying alley cats, dangerous static electricity, big mammoths, exploding bombs, and, of course, mall jobs. Character Guide: Mr. Blik: The self proclaimed leader of the three, He loves both deceit and money. Gordon: Gordon is a Scottish cat who will stand up for any of his brothers. He has a major crush on Human Kimberly. Waffle: The silly one of the three brothers, he can be tricked easily, and Gordon nearly always stands up for him. Hovis: The cat's butler, he hates Mr. Blik, and he seems to hate being a butler. He is also a Handy Helper at times. Gear: The cat's car. Gear is a monster truck the cats cruise in. Blik also modeled him to turn into a spaceship. Human Kimberly: The cats' neighbor and friend, she is the only girl that is a main character on this cartoon.moreless

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  • Quotes (109)

    • Mr. Blik: Look! (points) Waffle: (gasps as he looks at Mr. Blik's finger) A finger!

    • Waffle: (about Blik and Gordon) But... if they're telling the truth... Squeakus: Then you're about to face some powerful hurt.

    • Gordon: (to Waffle) Great rocket ship, Waffle. I particularly like the real rocket smoke. Waffle: Real... rocket... smoke?

    • Mr. Blik: From now, Hovis, you may call us Catstronauts. Hovis: Sounds painful.

    • Gordon: (about Waffle) He was always there for you, especially when you didn't want him to be!

    • Waffle: Hello, class of 1985. Today, we say good-bye to our school... and say hello to our future, MAKIN' FRENCH FRIES!

    • Mr. Blik: You can't go! Waffle: And why not I have to say? I'm almost a person as much as you guys! Why can't I me Waffle me go?

    • Gordon: We thought the lawn was on fire. Waffle: He said grab our wee ones.

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    Notes (118)

    • This episode, along with "Go! Gomez Go!/Unicorn Club," aired both on the same night, in celebration of the series premiere.

    • There is a game to tie in with "To the Moon" episode segment on

    • "Nicktoons Network" first air date of this episode was November 25, 2007.

    • This episode originally aired in reverse order on Nickelodeon, with "To the Moon" being first, and "Bringing Down the Mouse" second.

    • There is a game to tie in with "Go Gomez Go!" episode segment on

    • Character Debuts: Human Kimberly, Randall, Gomez, Luther, Tadd, and Brick.

    • This episode without commercials is 24 minutes and 2 seconds long.

    • Catscratch should be set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since the tower Randall goes to the top is similar to the One Liberty Place building. Also, the city bears a resemblance to Philadelphia.

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    Trivia (40)

    • Costumes For The Mouse Hunters Ball: Gordon- Knight Outfit Blik- Ship captain hat Waffle- Helihat

    • Waffle wears his helihat again in the online game "Mecha Cat Desctructo."

    • When Gordon is about to get into the fight with Mr. Blik, his eyes are green. When he crashes, they are blue.

    • Gordon has blue eyes, when in the other episodes he has green eyes.

    • Running Gag: Mr. Blik and Waffle getting their heads stuck in a tree hole when the are in the unicorn costume.

    • The race was called "The Bakersfield 500", suggesting the show could take place in Bakersfield, California.

    • Why would Human Kimberly give Gordon chocolate? Cats die if they eat chocalate.

    • The hanger the cats run into to inflate themselves is Hangar 18. It is a reference to the film of the same name, and thusly the song of the same title by the band Megadeth.

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    Allusions (23)

    • In "To The Moon", the cats are at the moon and see a large statue of themselves. This is an allusion to Mt. Rushmore, a statue of America's founding fathers.

    • Episode Title: Bringing Down the Mouse This is a reference to the movie, Bringing Down the House.

    • A lot of the racing scenes are from Speed Racer, a classic cartoon and the first anime ever brought to America.

    • Sassyfrass Sassyfrass gets her name from Sassafrass. A tree whose roots were once used in making root beer.

    • "Paging Dr. Girard. Paging Dr. Girard" This is said over the loud speaker in the hospital in "Lovesick." This is a reference to Michal Girard, the director of the show.

    • Hanger 18 The hangar the cats run into to inflate themselves is Hanger 18. According to UFO theorists, the government is keeping a downed UFO in Hanger 18 in Roswell, New Mexico.

    • The music from parade day is the tune of the theme song.

    • Root Beer Bubbles: Float Up to Start Next Sequence This is a reference to the sequence of bubbles from another Nicktoon, Spongebob Squarepants

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  • Very Original, Wacky, and Wierd

    By NatT96, May 11, 2013

  • AWESOME show

    By bautistakenrick856, Sep 20, 2014

  • I miss this show!

    By Murvine_Taylor, Sep 16, 2014

  • It's okay

    By kawaiimilksha, Aug 16, 2014

  • Holy sh*t i love this show

    By erikpisack, Jan 14, 2014

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