Cavalcade of Stars

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Quotes (2)

  • Reggie Van Gleason: (upon getting a look at Christoper Blemish) You look like the advance man for a famine!

  • Reggie Van Gleason: Say, that is an odd stone you have on that ring.
    Pamela Bumper: That's no stone. I had a setting made to fit around my warts.

Notes (32)

  • Editor's Note: The TV listing in the New York Times of 11/26/1949 lists "Marx Brothers" as a guest. This seems unlikely. No mention is made of this episode in any of the exhaustive and comprehensive lists of Marx Brothers' appearances, either together or solo. Perhaps one or all were scheduled and backed out, or perhaps it was simply the work of a sleepy typesetter. Until some verification turns up, this "credit" will remain an enigma.

  • This is Jack Carter's final week as host of Cavalcade of Stars. He's been hired by NBC-TV to host The Jack Carter Show on Saturday nights from Chicago. That show will be the lead-in to NBC's other debuting series Your Show of Shows.

  • A New York Times ad for "Wheelan Drug Stores' Cavalcade of Stars" promotes the show as Jerry Lester's TV debut. The tag line for the show is "Laugh with Lester".

  • The sappy film clip is from the 1950 film The Jackie Robinson Story.

  • The 6/17/1950 edition of The Billboard magazine reports that Cavalcade of Stars has been renewed for the summer by its sponsor Drugstore TV Productions, Inc. "Drugstore" is said to be concerned about the tough competition from NBC's Your Show of Shows and is considering offers to move the show to another network come fall. ABC is interested in the series with the Friday 10PM time slot reportedly being offered.

  • It is reported in the 6/24/1950 edition of The Billboard magazine that Peter Donald will take over as emcee of Cavalcade of Stars starting 7/8/1950.

  • This is Jerry Lester's final appearance as host of Cavalcade of Stars.

  • The review of this episode in Weekly Variety of 7/12/1950 said Gleason himself was "the single highlight" of the program: "Gleason was considerable better than his material...

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Trivia (4)

  • Goof: As Ali Ben Shisk-Ka-Bob, Gleason has a pillow stuffed under his coat to plump out the outfit. The pillow slipped, sliding down into his pants, cracking up the cast and audience.

  • Art Carney plays a cop in the Honeymooners sketch. The character of Ed Norton had not yet been added.

  • Frank Sinatra makes a cameo appearance in the silent movie sketch.

  • Goof: Ed Norton goes to answer the door before the knock is heard.