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    Commercial was GREAT, NOT SO GREAT TV show

    By Taymac18, Sep 28, 2013

    Its sad to have seen the commercial end, but I do agree with most viewers in the fact that The Cavemen show was not necessary. No matter how funny the commercial is, it does not mean that you need to make a television show out of it. I really appreciated the humor that the commercial brought to us viewers. I do feel bad for the TV show being canceled so soon, but its just a lesson to all other make a tv show out of a commercial, especially when one portrays a certain amount of stereotypes.moreless

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    Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!!

    By VoyagerBoy316, Aug 21, 2010

    Not one of ABC's brighest ideas! For heaven's sake, the show lasted for a month and 11 days! The shortest ever!! Where were the brains of ABC when they made this show. It was the most stupid show ever! For one, I and countless others hated the stupid Geico commercials with those hairy pieces of crap, but then to watch a show about Cavemen. No! I can't be the only one that didn't even want to look at the show, because as I said at the beginning of the post the show lasted from October to November. The shortest ever! Not on of ABC's finest, that's for sure!

    1.0 for absurd, idiotic, and NOT one for the eye!moreless

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    a good show that ended to early...

    By InvasionFanbOy, Apr 28, 2010

    i wasnt much fan of the geico insurance commercials about oppressed cavemen, but i just loved the idea of a trio of neanderthals struggle to live in modern day america as a tv show. it is funny and amusing and the plot goes pretty fast. characters are very real thanks to the nice work done by the make up team. it might be the kind of cranial humor that america do not seem to like for some reason... i think that everyone was determined to hate it before it even came out. because of this the show ended to early, this should be worthy three season at least if you ask me.moreless

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    i thought this show was gonna be hilarious but to me this is the WORST show i ever seen. its pretty much no shock to me why it got canceled

    By bigbuck900, Jun 26, 2008

    i remember, i watched this show thinking i would love it. since i liked watching the infomercials for car insurance. [[ sorry i don't know how to spell it]]. the only episode i ever watched was the episode when they all went to get some type of frozen treat and they men a women. that episode i hated. the show was confusing was not funny and i never watched another episode since. i know this is just my opinion on this but that show was probably the worst show i seen in a long long long time. they should have just stayed with the commercials.moreless

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    They were bad at advertising it. It was on a channel that i wathc very often and i still find my self shocked when my friend said it came on and was cancelled. When Where. I was So confused.

    By shanna13, Jun 23, 2008

    They were bad at advertising it. I really looked forward to it. I loved the commercials and like the plot for the show. I would expet to not know from other channels but ABC FOX and NBC have no excuse. It was on a channel that i watch very often and i still find my self shocked when my friend said it came on and was cancelled. When Where. I was So confused. I don't know if it was good but from what she said and what i read, i call it superb because it deserved that much. I sure it was great and probally would have gon greatter if only given a chace. If only. They should give it another chance and try to advertise next time. Atleast i joined and wil never miss a premiere again. Thank G*dmoreless

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    Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By abrushing, Apr 19, 2008

    At least finish the final episodes! I though this show was a refreshing break from the norm. Sure, it was ripped off of a commercial, but it brought out a flavor of its own in the end. It was edgy, it carried minority and majority issues in a well-crafted toungue-in-check manner, and it was different. It seemed targeted to an oft overlooked market section of college-educated, not quite YUP but close, 20-30 somethings and zeroed in on them like no other show I've ever watched. Pure gold in my opinion. Tell me what I need to do to squeeze some more episodes out of ABC!moreless

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    Very clever. I looked forward to it each week!

    By NickMDN, Apr 13, 2008

    I know the critics panned this show, and when I first saw the previews for it I thought it would be a bomb.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find it funny. The dialog and play on stereotypes was cleverly done. It had much of the same low-key humor of "The Office", and I looked forward to the show each week. It was sort of that quirky show that could be either really bad or really good. Mostly, it was good.

    Sorry to see it go. I think that once the so-called "experts" destroyed it, everyone just piled on. It was a very orginal concept that offered interesting opportunities for comedy. Looking at some of the other reviews here, I guess that some people just did not get it. Thanks for trying it.moreless

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    Perfect example of why I don't listen to other's reviews.

    By USTommyMC, Mar 29, 2008

    It's a good thing that I don't listen to other people's reviews and especially if those people are reviewers for a living. If I did I would have missed out on many television shows and movies all because someone didn't like it and feels that everyone else should agree.

    When I first heard that a television show based on the cavemen from the Geico commercials was being made, I thought it was an interesting but dumb idea. I was curious but not really interested in watching the show. The show came and went and I didn't even notice.

    I am now in Iraq, on my third tour, and sometimes you get a lot of down time and while browsing other people's media files you watch anything you can to pass the time. I got a hold of all eight (including pilot) episodes of Cavemen and I was hooked. I watched all the episodes in one sitting and loved it.

    The show is placed in current times and the dialog didn't seem scripted. It's a simple look into the lives of three cavemen as they live day to day. Their troubles are familiar (race issues, girl issues, everyday life issues) but in relation to being a caveman.

    It's too bad this show was hated on by so many people. I give this show a ten because I was entertained and I connected with the characters. Shows are suppose to entertain but sadly the television network don't see it that way. Just another show that didn't please the greedy, pot-bellied network execs so it had to die. Nothing a simple television lover like me can do about it.

    If you've never watched this show because of what you've read, give it a try. It just might surprise you like it did me.moreless

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    It is about time Cavemen got cancelled. I thought it was the stupidest show on the planet. This planet is having problems of its own without those stupid Cavemen butting in. The first time my Mom saw it, I knew it would be canned after 2 months. Well

    By DoctorWho44, Mar 28, 2008

    I think that Cavemen was boring, and boring. Now carpoolers is a better show. I have already decided that I would watch my MacGyver DVDS, and all that stuff. DVDS keep you young you know? Well enough about Cavemen. It is ended, and that is that. Things happen for different reasons. I am somebody who knew Cavemen wouldn't last. It makes me happy that the stupidest show on the planet is gone. This planet needs more talented shows. It is going to be sometime before we know what is happening here. Crime is up, and violence is the #1 problem in our country today. But there are alot of people who don't anything wrong. And that is the way it ought to be. Well cheers to ABC for cancelling Cavemen.moreless

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