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  • (Andy pulls out his Velcro wallet) Nick: Seriously. It’s time for a big boy wallet. Andy: You want to pay? Nick: Point taken.

  • Lars: This discrimination lawsuit, such frivolous. Joel: Not every discrimination lawsuit is frivolous. Lars: Oh, of course not. Nobody’s saying that. Joel: You just did. Lars: You can take anything out of context. Joel: That is the context. Lars: I don’t discriminate, Joel. My gardener’s Mexican. Lawyer: I think he’s from Ecuador, Lars. Lars: Oh yeah, Ecuador with the hats.

  • Lawyer: Mr. Hogan, can you explain what this is. Hogan: That is the employee complaint box. Lawyer: How many complaints do you usually find in there? Hogan: None. In fact, I only recently learned of its existence.

  • Nick: Let me ask you a question, Joel, how many replenishers have a PhD.? Joel: None. Including you.

  • (in a kid's ball pit) Kyle: Hey, as long as here, do you mind if we finish? Joel: Yes. Josie: Yes we can finish, or yes you mind? Joel: Get out!

  • Nick: You guys are such a sucker for these fads. Juice bars, cupcakes, fancy coffees. Andy: Honey-glazed hams! Joel and Nick: What? Andy: Come on, the Great Ham Craze of ’96. You guys remember. I was obsessed. I had like, five, six sandwiches a day. Big, like, thick ones. Joel: Okay. Andy, in order to be a fad more people had to like it then you.

  • Nick: You guys love this stuff because everybody else, it’s basic herd-mentality B.S. Joel: Then why are you here? Nick: So I know what to hate.

  • Nick: I appreciate your flirtations, but I’m just here to hate this crap so what are your worst toppings? Heather: Oh, you’re that guy. Nick: What guy? Heather: The guy that hates everything everybody else likes because it makes him feel superior. Tell me, what’s it like to hate the Beetles? Nick: Superior.

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Notes (3)

  • Stephanie Lemelin and Julie White do not appear in the episode.

  • Stephanie Lemelin does not appear in this episode.

  • Music: The Underdog by Spoon

Trivia (4)

  • Joel, Nick and Andy refer American composer and pianist John Tesh as one of their own: a caveman.

  • When Andy and Nick are checking the mail, Andy is holding a ribbed noodle. The scene cuts to Andy and Nick walking into their apartment and Andy is holding a round noodle.

  • When Thorne calls him, Andy is glazing a ham: a reference to "The Cavewoman" when Andy mentions his personal obsession with the "Great Ham Craze of ’96."

  • The car Andy drives is a VW, but the logo is taped off.

Allusions (3)

  • The Flintstones Unknown guest star says to one of the cavemen: "Yabadabadadooo" the expression that Fred Flinstone uses when leaving from work.

  • Heather: Don’t speak French to me, Frasier. Referring to the sophisticated radio talk show host Dr. Frasier Crane from the TV show Frasier, played by Kelsey Grammer.

  • Geico "Airport" ad: Nick walks past a picture of the caveman mascot, and then comes back into frame to look at it, just like the Geico caveman did in this original ad set in an airport terminal.