Celebrity Family Feud

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    i loved this show growing up, even with all the host changes, but last night's episode was horrible!

    By buckelew, Jul 09, 2008

    i was expecting to see a good show last night, and i was very disappointed. it was like a train wreck, half the time it didn't even seem like the contestants were trying to win. it was almost like watching WWE wrestling, it was so fake. it was like they already picked the finalist and they were just pretending to try. if this series continues i hope they have better contestants. it was actually very annoying to watch, it seemed like no one really cared to win money for their charity! that's not fair! i hope it was just the crew of contestants that they chose this time that made it so hard to watch!moreless

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  • 7.3

    It was okay.

    By ppilcas94, Jun 26, 2008

    The new family feud with celebrities (Celebrity Family Feud) is a decent show. Al R. is a great host. But Family Feud to me is one of those shows that you can't watch to much of because its not long until you get bored with it. Also I usually enjoy shows with celebrities but with them on Celebrity Family Feud they seem like they don't take it seriously. But overall the show is pretty good and is worth watching. And there is also quite a bit of humor in it because of what people will say you can find an example of this on the first episode even the first answer. So it is worth watching but not MY favorite.moreless

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