Celebrity Family Feud

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  • Ice-T: They searched us like fifteen times getting in here and for some reason they searched Coco twenty-five times.

  • Al: Show me "Captain Winky".

  • Al: So, the pressure is on you, Kathie? Kathie Lee Gifford: What else is new. I carried Regis for 15 years.

  • Al: Which animal communicates best with humans? Cassidy: Dogs. Al: How ironic it would be if that's up there, isn't it Dog?

  • Al: Name something women stuff. Cody: Their bra. Kathie Lee: I'm so proud! Al: How do you know?

  • Al: Name something people cheat on. Nancy: Their spouse. Vincent: Al, can I say something? Al: Please, go ahead. Vincent: That ain't why we broke up. I never cheated on her.

  • Al: Name something you might find on Hugh Hefner's night table. Bridget: All right, I think we're going to go with viagra. Al: I guess you know.

  • Vincent: They call me this all the time, they call me hunk. Al: Hunk, you hear that a lot? Vincent: Yea. Al: See, I hear chunk.

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  • Corbin Bernsen's father passed away the morning of the show's taping. In spite of the sad circumstance, Corbin felt that he had to go through with the show, which he did.