Central Park West

Episode 1

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 9/13/95
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  • Episode Description
  • Successful editor Stephanie Wells moves from Seattle to a fancy, luxurious apartment in Central Park West along with her writer husband Mark Merrill. She's been offered a job as the editor of the trendy magazine 'Communique', owned by the very wealthy Allen Rush. Allen is married to Linda Fairchild Rush and is the stepfather of her grown-up children Peter and Carrie. Carrie writes a column in 'Communique' for a ridiculously high salary and her bitchy attitude immediately gets her in a conflict with her new boss Stephanie. Peter, however, has a very successful career as a lawyer at the district attorney's office and is doing good. His good friend Gil Chase works as a broker and dumps his girlfriend Deanne Landers after he's thrown away all her money on a bad investment. She then shows up at his work and promises to get back at him. Peter, Gil, Carrie and their friend Nikki Sheridan, a talented SoHo art gallery owner, play soft ball in a park and are joined in the game by the beautiful Alex Bartoli. She and Peter later walk around in Central Park West and seem to fall instantly in love. Allen has arranged for Mark to get a teaching job at a respectable school but Mark feels the school board is giving him the job as a favor to Allen and not because of his abilities. Deanne sues the company Gil works for. Peter and Alex have a romantic dinner together and are photographed. Carrie arranges a party for Stephanie. There is of course a hidden agenda; Mark is also present and Carrie goes out of her way to seduce him by pretending she's a big fan of his writing. Deanne's law suit goes nowhere but she's not planning to let Gil get off that easily. Alex turns out to be a journalist. The picture of her and Peter and everything he's said to her is to get printed on the first page of the newspaper she works for. She feels guilty, though, because she's fallen for him. Carrie makes progress with Mark and he lets her read the play he's working on.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Barrowman

    Peter Fairchild

  • Michael Michele

    Nikki Sheridan

  • Ron Leibman

    Allen Rush

  • Tom Verica

    Mark Merrill

  • Justin Lazard

    Gil Chase

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