Central Park West

Episode 20

Season 2, Ep 7, Aired 6/26/96
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  • Episode Description
  • Marshall Dodd announces that he'll make Brock and Allen deliver one bid each. Just one round; highest bidder gets the company. Brock confronts Dianna about her liaison with Allen. Tyler apologizes to Gil but once he has Rachel alone, he starts making the moves on her. Brock assembles a family dinner at the Zinc Bar. Linda brings Carrie along and Jordan brings Mark, who starts groping Carrie underneath the table. Again, Carrie is made looking like the crazy one and rushes off. Later, Carrie violently attacks Mark. The cops take her away and she is put under the psychiatric care of Dr. Kyle Rose, who wants to keep her for observation for 2 months. Tyler feels that Brock neglects him in favor of Gil, so he goes to Dianna and informs her that Gil is in charge of keeping the Starworks bid safe. Dianna arranges for Rachel to work late hours and then drops by Gil's flat. Acting very seductive, she manages to steal the Starworks bid while Gil is on the phone. After almost (but not quite) seducing Brock, Dianna gives shows Allen the Starworks bid. Allen offers Linda a quick divorce but only if she signs papers saying she'll get nothing and that she's put him through mental cruelty by being unfaithful. Linda refuses to sign put Allen uses a letter from Peter to blackmail her to go along with it. Carrie and Linda read Peter's letter, in which he begs them to stop looking for him. Realizing that Allen has his bid, Brock prepares to go even higher. He also removes Dianna from the board. Tyler, Gil and Rachel shot tequilas at the Zinc Bar. Gil ends up completely drunk and is carried home to bed. While he sleeps it off, Rachel and Tyler have sex in the next room. Brock is angry when he finds out Linda has signed papers that deprives her of her 3% of Rush Media. Linda thinks the stocks were all Brock wanted her for and leaves him. Dr. Rose decides to release Carrie but Mark dresses up like a janitor and attacks her in the psychiatric clinic. Carrie goes crazy and accuses all the janitors of being Mark; causing Dr. Rose to reconsider his decision. Brock wins the bidding war because Allen delivered a very low bid; he was only scaring Brock to go higher. Allen and Dianna decide to get married.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Barrowman

    Peter Fairchild

  • Noelle Beck

    Jordan Tate [episodes 14 - 21]

  • Ron Leibman

    Allen Rush

  • Gerald McRaney

    Adam Brock [episodes 14 - 21; recurring in episode 13]

  • Tom Verica

    Mark Merrill

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  • Notes (3)

    • Michael Michele (Nikki) and Melissa Errico (Alex) do not appear in this episode.

    • John Barrowman (Peter) appears in this episode only as a voice-over in the scene where Linda and Carrie are reading his letter. This was to become Barrowman's final episode but he remained in the opening credits for the next and final episode too.

    • MUSIC: "Missing" by Everything But The Girl.

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