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  • 9.5

    To minimew2020

    By BaltimoreB, Mar 25, 2015

    Dear Minimew2020, If you dont shut the fuck up i will stick my foot so far up your ass, you will be able to taste my god damn shoelaces. You pussy punk bitch.

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  • 8.0


    By johnnylindquist9, Oct 20, 2014

    This Show is Barely Recognized Though

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  • 8.0

    This show is pretty underrated.

    By leviwellsy, May 08, 2014

    No, seriously. I watched this as a little kid, and I pretty much just LOVED it. About a year or two ago, I watched an episode of ChalkZone on YouTube, for old time's sake. I still liked it. But again, what did you expect from the golden age of Nickelodeon?

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  • 1.0

    Almost Naked Animals is better that this stupid show

    By minimew2020, Mar 04, 2014

    The characters are ugly looking, the voices lack-skill, and It's just as bad as CatDog.

    Nicktoons, take it off or you'll be sorry

    That's pretty much it. It's a poor man's Ed, Edd and Eddy, just like how Squirrel Boy is a poor man's Beavis and Butt-Head. It might definitely be on TeenNick soon. Just like CatDog. Which reminds me. This show currently has the EXACT same stereotypes as CatDog.

    Looks like Nick took a step in the WRONG direction this time. The idea is kinda catchy but the show itself? No. Just no.

    Dissappering Act is a total ripoff of a classic Ren and Stimpy episode, Hard Times for Haggist, in a way. Portal Portal is a rip off of another Ren and Stimpy episode, A Yard Too Far

    Waist Mountain is also a rip off of Ren and Stmpy episode, Bell Hops. OK that episode wasn't good but not worse than this piece of shit. The Heist knocks off another Ren and Stimpy episode, Fake Dad.

    Water Water Everywhere rips-off the Ren and Stimpy episode Blazing Intrails and has the EXACT. SAME. FUCKING. PLOT!!!!!!! White Board is an obvious rip-off of the Ren and Stimpy episode, Jerry the Belly Button Elf. It even has the same plot!

    This show obviously isn't going have high rating. Nick, this was a major letdown. Hopefully Breadwinners will do much better. 0/10 for this show.moreless

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  • 5.0


    By yotomareviewsstuff, Jan 13, 2014

    did not hate this show but I did not love it

    it was hard to watch but it was actually not bad

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  • 8.0

    Compared to Today's Cartoons, This is Decent

    By StephanieCast2, Jul 03, 2013

    I have vague memories as a child about this show, and just rediscovered yesterday. From my observations, there's no doubt that this show is creative and has a great concept behind it. Even though the humor is somewhat lacking it's better than the humor most cartoons on Nickelodeon today offer. If I had a choice between this or the current episodes of SpongeBob, i'd pick Chalk Zone any day.

    Characters: 75% (C)

    There's nothing negative about them, but there not memorable.

    Plot: 90% (A-)

    Like I already said, this show is definitely creative and the creativity will keep you interested.

    Humor: 60% (D-)

    The humor used is more of puns than potty humor (or at least from what I've seen) but it's better than the pathetic attempts at comedy Almost Naked Animals does.

    Voice Acting 75% (C)

    Like the characters there's nothing memorable about it, but at least it's not like nails on a chalkboard.

    Average: 80% (B-)

    And one more note to: Minimew2020

    I know you stole my review of Almost Naked Animals and put it here. I reported you and had it deleted. Have a Nice day.


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  • 8.5

    This show is great!

    By Maddodelose, Jun 21, 2013

    My seventh TV review.

    This show is about an 10 year old boy named Rudy Tabootie, who goes on adventures with his friends, Snap and Penny, in Chalk Zone. This show definitely needs to return to Nickelodeon since Nickelodeon has been putting on bad shows, such as Fanboy and Chum Chum and Marvin Marvin. This show rules!

    My rating: 8.5 out of 10

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  • 6.0


    By IHateNumbers123, Apr 06, 2013

    Awesome concept, decent comedy, fair amount of toilet humor. Overall, creative and decent.

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  • 2.5

    Show that has potential but FAILED to used it.

    By DreadAngelus, Jun 20, 2012

    You know, I like the concept and the style of this show, but they failed to handle it.

    Plot: Rudy, a boy who discovered a chalk, well, a magical chalk that can go to the dimension made by chalk drawings! Along with his friend Penny, and Snap from the chalk world, they discover more things. While Snap is sort-of discovering the human world. You know, this is a great plot actually, but they left it out in the dark, and dragged themselves to the dirt, made everything too pointless, too bland and boring.

    Characters: Way too boring and simple. We got a typical bully and strict teacher. Their concepts should be more complex.

    Humor: They got no good jokes, not annoying, but bad. They got bad, boring jokes.

    Art: The art is fine, could use a little more coloring touch, animation is too stiff.

    Overall: 2.5. I saw a lot of potential to this show, but they really don't know how to use it!moreless

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