Challenge of the SuperFriends

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Quotes (19)

  • Lex Luthor: The meeting will come to order! The Legion of Doom is now in session! It is the purpose of the Legion to align our infamous forces against the powers of good and defeat them, leaving us the rulers of the world. To do this, we have gathered together the thirteen most ruthless villains on Earth: The frigid Captain Cold (Captain Cold freezes and shatters a light fixture)... the sinister mind of Sinestro (Sinestro uses his power ring to conjure up a dancing yellow snake)... the awesome Bizarro and Solomon Grundy (Solomon Grundy punches a hole in the meeting table)... the cunning Cheetah, and the super-intelligent computer android, Brainiac (Cheetah uses her claws to carve the meeting table)... Black Manta and Grodd the gorilla (Grodd roars)... the Toyman and the humorous but sinister Riddler (the Riddler holds up a set of playing cards that catch on fire and evaporate)... the feminine yet ferocious Giganta and the hideous Scarecrow! (Scarecrow cackles) Not to mention the evil genius and brilliant leadership of myself... Lex Luthor!

  • Superman: Without the use of my muscles, my super-strength is useless!

  • Grodd: I'm tired of these unimaginative plans for wealth and power! Have I joined the Legion of Doom... or the Legion of Fools?

  • Toyman: Congratulations, Captain Cold. Your sinister plan is working perfectly! Captain Cold: It's not how you play the game, Toyman. It's how you win.

  • Riddler: If you thought that was tough, then tighten your belt and find your next clue before you all melt.

  • Riddler: You've done well so far SuperFriends, so here's your final clue. Follow your noses and you'll hit the mark. But even when you find them, you'll wind up in the dark.

  • Superman: Never mind the games Riddler. Where are they? Riddler: You'll have to figure that out yourselves and here's your first riddle clue. A million years ago, it was just a trickle. And if you don't hurry, your friends won't be worth one plum nickle.

  • Batman: I've got a riddle for you, Riddler. What has thirteen heads and belongs in a cage, won't learn its lessons and worsens with age? Riddler: Ummm, I give up, Batman. Robin: It's simple, Riddler--The Legion of Doom! Superman: And next time, you won't get away!

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Notes (46)

  • Villians appearing without dialogue are Brainiac, Giganta, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy, and Toyman.

  • This episode along with "Attack Of The Fearians", "The World's Deadliest Game" and "The Time Trap" was released on DVD as Challenge Of The SuperFriends: Attack Of The Legion Of Doom.

  • William Callaway, who provides the voice of Aquaman beginning with this SuperFriends series, voices the Flash in only this episode.

  • Though the Wonder Twins and Gleek never appeared in this series, pictures of Zan and the space monkey are displayed on the Riddler's SuperFriends playing cards before he burns them.

  • Although all of the SuperFriends appear in this episode, Aquaman, Apache Chief, and Black Vulcan have no dialogue.

  • This is the only episode of this series in which we see Superman as Clark Kent, as well as Batman in the Batcave.

  • This episode features Alfred, albeit in Bizarro form.

  • Villians appearing without dialogue are Bizzaro, Cheetah, and Riddler.

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Trivia (162)

  • When Wonder Woman ties Cheetah up on the rafter with her magic lasso, the star on her tiara is briefly colored purple.

  • Even though the SuperFriends are immobilized by a device that's supposed to restrict their muscle movement, they're still able to speak, moving their lips in the process.

  • When Bizarro Alfred sets the Batmobile on automatic to dispose of Batman and Robin, the car's insignia is inverted (a gold bat in a black oval) before becoming normal as it drives off.

  • The altered Bizarro that tries to dispose of Superman with a street sweeper was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. But after Superman traps him in a phone booth, he has a long blue sleeve exactly like his.

  • When the disguised SuperFriends enter the Hall of Justice, one of them is wearing a Bizarro costume with an inverted insignia (a yellow backward "S" inside a red shield).

  • It's a bit odd that when the disguised Superfriends showed up at the door of the Hall of Justice, none of the Legion members thought it was strange they were all wearing full Bizarro Superman and Cheetah costumes, when all the other people who'd been changed had kept their normal clothes while just getting Bizarro and Cheetah heads.

  • In several shots of the Superfriends when the cell flies through space, there's no roof on the cell.

  • Batman and Robin summon Alfred to bring another powerpack for the Batcomputer, and are surprised to find that he's been transformed into a Bizarro. Uh, every other man on Earth has also been transformed into a Bizarro, is there some reason why Alfred wouldn't have been?

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