Chappelle's Show

Ep. #102

Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 1/29/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Pretty Whirl Girl: This sketch is about when Dave gets this pretty white girl to sing his thoughts, as he claims that nobody wants to hear himself say them. Tyrone Bigguns: This is the first episode in which Dave breaks out his now infamous 'Tyrone Bigguns' crackhead character as Tyrone visits an elementary school in order to keep kids off drugs. Dave's Educated Guess Line: Dave having his own psychic hotline and predicts stuff based on stereotypes (a satire on Ms. Cleo). Wrap it Up: In this hilarious sketch people who get tired of another person pull out a box that says Wrap it Up.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mos Def

    Musical Guest

  • Sophina Brown


  • Donnell Rawlings

    Caller (voice)

  • Dave Chappelle


  • Neal Brennan

    Interviewer (voice)

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Another great episode.

    By kikindoonoots, Apr 17, 2006

  • The second installment of the series made me laugh a few times, not nearly as much as most of the episodes from the Chappelle Show.

    By Burnsy, Jul 31, 2005

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  • Quotes (14)

    • Tyrone: We all know you can sneak into your momma's room, while she's sleeping, and take 5, 10 maybe 20 dollars from her purse, run on down to 3rd Street, catch the D Bus downtown, and meet a Latin American fellow name Martinez, we know that! And we know that Martinez's stuff is the bomb!

    • Tyrone: Then I upgraded to a little drug called acid. Very inexpensive and affordable, even young children could afford it. It was so bad! I did two hits of that! And Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo and all of my favorite cartoon heroes came to my room and ate cookies with me, and sang song for 16 hours! God damn! Talking about, "Tyrooooone, don't clean up your rooooom." And Mickey Mouse was doing the bass line this, "Ba-ba-ba-booooo. Ba-ba-ba-booooo."

    • Tyrone: Kids, y'all are looking at a dead man. I should not be in front of you today! Drugs and alcohol have ruined my life. I started doing drugs when I was little, just like you. Me and my friends would go home and smoke marijuana after school. Can you say marijuana? Kids: Marijuana. Tyrone: That's what I was smokin'! Sometimes dippin them in fluids, and me and my friends would laugh and giggle, and eat all of the cookies! It was terrible! TERRIBLE!

    • Tyrone: It is truly an honor and a privelidge for me to be here at Pinehurst school or whatever your school is called today. I say it is a privelidge because it is a violation of my parole to be around children.

    • Dave as Educated Guesser: Cuz a brotha can't get enough of that ass!

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    Notes (3)

    • First appearance of Tyrone.

    • Tyrone Biggums is a crackhead, who appears at a school to speak for "Drug Awareness Week". He certainly makes the kids there very aware about drugs.

    • Musical Guest: Talib Kweli and Mos Def performing the song "Close Edge".

    Allusions (1)

    • Dave the Psychic Dave is making fun of Ms. Cleo, the woman who claimed she was psychic and offere dher hotline and had a jamican accent which everyone says is fake.

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