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    Silly, but in a good way. I am always amazed by how far Dave Chappelle will go. The "Racial Draft" is a must see, but first check out the parody of "Samuel Jackson" beer.

    By edjbuddha, Jul 10, 2007

    The Episode starts out with “Samuel Jackson” the beer. Though I don’t think Chappelle looks much like Samuel L Jackson he sounds just like him. This scene is hilarious to watch. There is even a little bit more of it in the closing credits you can’t miss.

    The “Slow Motion” was also a funny little skit. Especially the transformation of Mrs. Kim to the sexier Mrs. Kim. The toilet scene was a bit much, but it was funny that he blew out of his shoes.

    The “Racial Draft” was the high-light of the show. Dave Chappelle plays “Tiger Woods” to a “ti”, no pun intended. They do call the “Asian” Chinese a few times, but this scene was well worth starting the season with. EdJmoreless

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    By ZachDresch, Aug 03, 2006

    One of my favorite episodes! Racial Draft is one of the best sketches Chappelle ever did. The slow motion skit was awesome too. Especially when Dave took a crap in slow motion.

    Plus I've gotta mention the best sketch of the night: Samuel Jackson Beer. The best line was: "Yes, they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in h**l!!" Great episode, and I reccommend it.

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    A great show! A best start of a new season! Personal favourite- the last part including the racial draft. Something someone should have thought of by now:)

    By adrijana_sk, Jun 24, 2006

    A great show! The first two parts are awsome, with an accent on the Samuel Jackson part- a real S. J. idea! Very good-hillarious. My favourite though, is the racial draft. Chapelle does have a huge point behind the whole act- the way people label and re-label themselves in terms of race. Definately a good point was Tiger Woods, with his :"goodbye fried rice, hello fried chicken"!

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