Charles in Charge

La Cage Aux Fools

Season 5, Ep 21, Aired 6/28/90
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  • Episode Description
  • Sarah (Josie Davis) is concerned about animal testing at Copeland College where Charles (Scott Baio) goes, he has heard nothing about experimenting on animals so he goes to the College and sees the Head of the Science Department Stanley Willard (Ben Stein) when last they say him he was in a psychiatric hospital, he then confirms that they are doing experiments on a few monkeys, Sarah wins the bet that she made with Charles and that he has to lock himself in a cage to protest animal testing. Lillian (Ellen Travolta) offers her diner for the protest so Charles can later take Sarah, Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Buddy (Willie Aames) joins Charles in the cage to get publicity, but when everyone leaves the diner Charles and Buddy don't have a key to open the lock, so they are stuck until someone finds them and that he's gonna let the kids down and they'll never trust him again. Stanley Willard shows up and they plead for him to help them, he then has the cage transferred to the College, and the next morning they are released by Prof. Willard and end up on the front page of the newspaper and Stanley stated that there will be no more experimenting on animals, Sarah thanks Charles, it also turns out that the tickets for the movie is for Saturday night not Friday night so all is well with the kids seeing the movie after all.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Josie Davis

    Sara Powell

  • Scott Baio


  • Ellen Travolta


  • Willie Aames

    Buddy Lembeck

  • James Callahan

    Walter Powell

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    • Charles: Professor you cannot keep us in here this is insane. Stanley: Charles, I was released from a psychiatric hospital, I have papers to prove that I'm sane, can you say that. Buddy: He's got us there Charles.

    • Sarah: At least Charles is doing something worthwhile. Jamie: No, Sarah, taking us to a movie is worthwhile, standing around in a cage is something a monkey could do.

    • Christine: I'm Christine Coolidge, Channel 3 News? Who are you? Stanley: Nobody, I'm not even here.

    • Charles: Do you have a cage? Buddy: No? Charles: You should.

    • Lillian: Hiya, Sarah? I have to take your measurements? Sarah: You better measure him for a cage Aunt Lillian. Lillian: I don't knit cages, only sweaters.

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    Notes (1)

    • Sandra Kerns(Ellen)did not appear in this episode.

    Allusions (1)

    • Title The title is taken from the stage play La Cage aux Folles about a dinner party where a secret is kept from the guests.

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