Charles in Charge

Lost Resort

Season 5, Ep 20, Aired 6/14/90
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  • Episode Description
  • Charles (Scott Baio) has to go down to Maui to look after a Hotel for Professor Higler, he can't because he has to look after the kids, he then asks Buddy (Willie Aames) to go instead but he and his fiance Nurse Bennett are going to explore caves and each other, Buddy comes back and Charles has already gone, so he calls his cousin Dudley (also played by Willie Aames) but when Charles arrives he sees someone that resembles his best friend Buddy, he then realizes he came all the way for nothing, Dudley asks him to stay in the room where he's staying "The Boat House". Dudley and Mitch try to stop a jumper from jumping and he'll jump unless his girlfriend agrees to marry him, the there's someone climbing the Hotel calling himself "The Human Fly", Dudley has a plan and calls the local television station, but with he and Mitch's job at risk and with the owner of the Hotel on his way. Mr. Higler (Dick Gautier) receives a phone call from the owner saying he sees the person climbing the Hotel and loves that it's a tribute to him and Dudley and Mitch's jobs are saved. Charles returns home and tells the Powell's about his trip and gets a telegram from Buddy who delivered it personally and is waiting in the kitchen, it says that he gave Dudley the job, so he goes and shows his appreciation literally.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Josie Davis

    Sara Powell

  • Scott Baio


  • Ellen Travolta


  • Willie Aames

    Buddy Lembeck

  • James Callahan

    Walter Powell

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    • Charles: So, Adam, my young friend, Hawaii is everything that is good about nature, you know what I mean? Adam: Yeah, you mean you met some pretty hot babes over there right? Charles: You got it.

    • Charles: It's amazing how much you look like Buddy. Dudley: Really? We didn't look at all alike 15 years ago, we were much younger and shorter. Charles: Uh-huh? Your definitely Buddy's cousin.

    • Karl: Some maniac is climbing up the side of the building? Dudley: Um, that's not a maniac sir, that's a human fly. Karl: Then I'll call a SWAT team.

    • Dudley: Quit being such a baby! If I jumped every time a woman turned me down, I'd be a kangaroo by now.

    • Charles: You know it's amazing, if you had darker or fewer brains, you'd look just like Buddy. Dudley: Thanks!

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    Notes (2)

    • The end credits roll over a picture of the whole cast in the living room scene from the opening credits with them by the stair case.

    • Sandra Kerns(Ellen)did not appear in this episode.

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