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    This Show was awesome! It was about three beautiful women who were private detectives. Most episodes were action-packed! With a little mystery added by their boss only being shown from behind. Neither the viewers nor the characters got to see him!

    By kski, Dec 16, 2011

    This show was great in that in it's time, in the 1970's women were still being viewed as sub-par to men. But shows like Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, and Bionic Woman showed woman as smart, capable, strong and independent! Yes the shows were criticized as "jiggle" shows but looking beyond the sexiness, the women were strong role models. Guys and Girls alike, liked the show. The show had a little mystery to it. The 3 women worked with Bosley, he worked with the women but more in the background. Their top boss would speak to them on a speaker phone type thing to give them their assignments. They'd often say: "Good morning Charlie!" speaking to a box. Charlie was never shown. The characters didn't even know what he looked like, and neither did the viewers. A little silly, but it worked. It was as cool show!moreless

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    charlie's angels was great in season 1 and 2 but by 3 it was tied and lost Kate by season 4 with Shelley in helm as new angel they didn't know what to do with her character and instead of improving the script's they blamed Shelley and canned her too bad

    By harrysaccount, Nov 18, 2011

    first season breakout hit with Farrah who left at end of season by 2 Cheryl was brought in and was great but she and Kate didn't always get along by season 3 Farrah was back for 3 episodes and kate was canned or left at end of season by 4 the producers decided to gradually introduce Tiffany and she Shelley wasn't given much to do or say till 10Th episode angels on campus which she was great but they changed format from team to solo and but end of season ratting dropped to 18 and the public didn't take to shelley like Cheryl and the producers blamed her for ratting drop and replaced her by season 5 with Tanya Roberts and the show was getting tired and was cancelled at end of seasonmoreless

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    Cheryl Ladd as Kris Munroe, Jill Munroe's little sister. She was always caring and understanding. She brought humor to her role.

    By CherylandJordan, Apr 30, 2008

    Cheryl Ladd as Kris Munroe, Jill Munroe's little sister. She made you believe that you could have a job that only men were getting. She made you want to root for the under dog. Even if she made a mistake. She always came out on top, with humor, and a big smile. Cheryl never wanted to just step into Farrah's shoe. That's why she made Kris Munroe with humor and with a loveable personality because in all honesty that was how she did things. Cheryl Ladd saved the show for the entire cast, crew, and for me. We need more shows that the women can kick butt and still act like ladies.moreless

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    Pretty cheesy by todays standards

    By CAPNDEL, Oct 04, 2007

    I can remember when this was one of the hottest programs on TV. People tuned in all over the country to watch every week. The premise of the show is pretty cheesy by todays standards, and even the standards of the 70's to be honest. But it was a huge success regardless.

    I was a little too young to remember much about the show. Other than the fact that Farah Fawcett was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the country at the time. And I think that was a lot of the appeal of the show.

    When you think about all the crime drama shows that popped up during the 70s; Chips, Starsky and Hutch, the Streets of San Francisco, and others, this show was by far a stretch of the imagination. But that did not matter to much of the general public back then. No matter how far out there the idea of 3 lovely women fighting crime might have been people tuned in, in droves.moreless

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    koo i lub diz show. it koo and kinda funny. but i kike da movie better

    By ssssdfgbcv, Jun 16, 2007

    diz show iz koo but i like da movie better. no offence but i hv 2 keep it open minded homie.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . itz not all dat gr8t any mur . . . . . . umm sooo ya. . . and ad movie waz soo koo but da show is kinda wakk how many of u ppl lik da show? (iif u do tell me y{only if u want}cuz i need 2 kno)moreless

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    By x0xVivianx0x, May 09, 2007

    WOW this is so exciting!!detectives ahahahah i think its a great movie! definitely kool and sometime sreal funny too lol pretty long time ago but still a great movie =]the 3 ladies are so well brave lol its really kool watching it especially the exploring ones lol my mum thought it was a quite good one and my friends luved it and so do i! lol io havnt seen it all but half way through i was at friends house watching so yeh..i like adventure movies =] well you know you should watch this its the bomb!! its real great!!moreless

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    Who didn't watch this?

    By da_dunker, Apr 29, 2007

    I have loved "Charlie's Angels" since I was a little boy. I started watching it during the third season, then Kate Jackson left. Her departure was such a loss to the show because Sabrina had so much personality and she actually had a great sense of humor and the only one who was believable as a detective. Still, this show was not about credibility - most of its fun qualities had to do with the chemistry between the three Angels. The first season was by far the best. The season's episodes had serviceable, sometimes even interesting and complex plot lines with only a modicum of filler. Some good scriptwriting, too -especially "Consenting Adults". Attention was paid to editing, the music and the action sequences. A few of the musical motifs could remain in one's head. In addition to everything else, it was certainly not sloppy. None of the episodes were less than entertaining. ("The Seance" and "Angel Trap" being the least interesting. Maybe because these were the only episodes that were focused on a single Angel, Kelly and Jill, respectively, rather than the others which were group efforts...) Kate was excellent and extremely compelling as Sabrina Duncan, Farrah was quite good (sometmes mesmerizing) as the fun-loving, athletic, charming flirt Jill Munroe (I have always thought her comedienne skills could have been tapped into more) and Jaclyn was beyond lovely and sweet as Kelly Garrett, the perfect third banana. (I actually think Kelly had better hair than Farrah.) When Farrah left the show, Cheryl Ladd stepped in and was great. She was cute, funny and did not take herself too seriously. She was not possessed with Farrah's hypnotic charisma, but she was also a bit more generous with the other actors than Farrah had been. I wonder why Kate Jackson was so unpleasant towards Cheryl??? Too bad. I always liked to think they were all buddies offscreen, too. And, if anybody cared to notice, Cheryl Ladd was probably the best all-around actor on the show, versatility-wise. So, it did not matter so much that the 2nd season's episodes were not as tightly constructed as the previous one's and were not always as interesting. These three girls were great together and the show was still a lot of fun. By the third season, the producers and everyone else involved (sans the actresses) figured that because the ratings had not slipped, then the success of the show had nothing to do with quality, because the third season's episodes were mostly not very good, sometimes pretty bad. Also, Kelly and Kris started looking a little bit dumpy and Sabrina started wearing too much makeup. And when Jill returned, she was no longer charming and bubbly, she became snotty and aloof. And her hair looked like she didn't comb it. What was up with that? Maybe it was the actress' resentment about having to come back for guest appearances? Or maybe it was 1979 chic to become disco Bo Derek with rude tan boots? Anyway, at least Kate Jackson's character actor skills were still around to carry the show. It was still watchable. When she got fired (big mistake on the producer's part!), the show went into steep decline, which nevertheless held attention because of the girls. Cheryl Ladd pretty much took over. Shelly Hack was laughably bad, perhaps because she took the show too seriously. Especially the episode where she was supposed to be a streetwalker!? She dressed and acted like a modern day Katherine Hepburn, or at least the producers' notion of it. She actually seemed to think she could make her lines sound intelligent. It could be painful to watch sometimes... Maybe if somebody had encouraged her to being more laid-back she would have been better. And Sabrina was no longer around. Sigh, weep... By the fifth season, it didn't matter. The show's plotlines and scripts were sub-juvenile. Yechhh! Tanya Roberts did a good job as Julie, though, and had a really nice sense of humor. Plus, she was a lot sexier and tougher than the imbecilic and grossly misplaced Tiffany ("peacocks aren't indigenous to this latitude") ---okay, whatever. I am enormously devoted to this show, which was inarguably a lot of fun for its first two seasons. Too bad Aaron Spelling was devoured by his own unabashed cynicism. The show could have stayed at a higher level of quality. Anyhoo... Favorite episodes: "Consenting Adults", "Dancing in the Dark", "Angels at Sea", "The Big Tap-Out", "The Blue Angels", "Angels in Paradise", "The Jade Trap", "Angel Flight" (with the most unsympathetic, annoying client the girls ever had to deal with. Sabrina, how could you? Still a whole lot of fun.), "Angels in Springtime" (with the gorgeous gorgon Nancy Parsons!) and "Angels on the Line" (with the best-worst psycho drag-queen I have ever seen.)moreless

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    I grew up watching Charlie's Angeles.I love the drama.The romance.I love how beautiful the women was.I love when they start fighting some body how they fight.I used to play like I was them.They still come on and I still watch them.I loved when dress up.

    By Toyata, Mar 31, 2007

    Charlie's Angels has always been a positive show.It about these private detective solving crimes.I used love when one girl is absent from the show they brought other girl in.Jill sister was Chris Monroe.I used to get mad when I had to go to school because I would miss it.I was happy when it was time for vacation time.I would sit down in front of the T.V and watch Charlie's Angels.My sister hate watching Charlie's Angel.Me and her would be fighting over the T.V.This show always sent a positive message to kids.This is a show I would let my kids watch.moreless

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    3 gorgeous but very intelligent girls are hired by a man they never see but only hear as they go out to solve any investigation that gets thrown in front of them

    By POWWFAN01, Mar 10, 2007

    There are so many reasons for which i liked this show, i loved the way the ladies planned how to solve these missions, to be fair though it didnt come as a shock when Farah left as i thought the show could've done beter in the firstplace however i was gutted when after 3 seasons as Sabrina Duncan Kate Jackson bowed out, however Jaclyn Smith stayed with the show as Kelly Garrett aka The angel that never grew up which i loved because she was my fa angel and because she was the one who could only get herself into danger.moreless

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