Charlie's Angels

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Quotes (448)

  • Sabrina: Jill, you'll never guess who ordered the sheriff. Jill: Charlie, who else.

  • Beau: It was all a con. One great big con. Jill: (Smiling) I guess you know that, uh, there was never really any oil. Beau: Yeah. (Nodding his head) I guess I know that. Wilder: What do we do with them? Beau: Well we came to dig a grave. May have to make a whole cemetery.

  • (Coming out of the shack down in the Swamp area posing as Jenny Lou) Jill: Just leave him to me. You know grandpa's getting old and he really ain't dealing with a full deck up there. So, uh, I think I can get him to sell. Beau: How much? Jill: Quarter of a million.

  • Aram: You know, I'm getting pretty tired of meeting Janet Le Maire's everyday. What the devil are you two up to? Sabrina: Who? Aram: You and the one yesterday. The one who filled you in. Sabrina: Fill me in about what? Aram: You can turn it off, honey? There never was a barn down by the river!

  • Kelly: (Sitting with Beau and Henry) All that money and she's back for more.

  • Hotel Front Desk Man: May I help you? Sabrina: (Posing as Janet Le Maire) Yes, I'm Janet Le Maire. Desk Man: Oh. Yes, Miss Le Maire. Ah, we have your reservation. And may I say welcome home. Sabrina: Thank you. Jill: (Posing as Janet Le Maire's secretary) It is the 4th floor? Desk Man: Absolutely. Ah, Suite 400. Sabrina: Oh, I'm afraid there's been some mistake. Now my secretary... Jill: (Jill interrupts Sabrina) Mr. Woodville. When I phoned you from Mexico City, didn't I tell you that Miss Le Maire wanted the 4th floor. Mr. Woodville: Isn't that what I requested? Desk Man: Yes, sir. I can assure you Miss Le Maire, Suite 400, is on the 4th floor. Sabrina: Yes, well, you don't seem to understand. I meant the 4th floor. Desk Man: The entire floor. Sabrina: Yes, there are two of us. Desk Man: But there are people on the 4th floor. Sabrina: Very well, if you can't arrange it. (She turns and starts to walk way) Desk Man: Oh, no. No. No. It'll take just a minute to move them. Sabrina: You are very kind.

  • (To Sabrina posing as Janet Le Maire) Woodville: Make it look good. You have an audience. (Helping Jill off the plane) Jill, you look terrible. Jill: Thank you. Woodville: See Bosley, never give up hope. Plans do change.

  • Rachel: What about the real Janet Le Marie? Beau: We'll take care of her when the time comes.

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Notes (200)

  • Farrah Fawcett was credited as as Farrah Fawcett-Majors in this episode.

  • Prior to becoming Sabrina Duncan, Kate Jackson previously starred in another one of Aaron Spelling's productions called The Rookies as Nurse Jill Danko.

  • Bo Hopkins as Beau Creel was credited as Special Guest Star.

  • The shots of Kelly coming out of the swimming pool, Jill playing tennis and Charlie being served a drink while in the jacuzzi were all filmed at Aaron Spelling's residence.

  • Jaclyn Smith previously guest starred with Diana Muldaur in the January 7, 1973 episode of McCloud called Showdown at the End of the World and with Kate Jackson in the December 16, 1975 episode of The Rookies called The Code Five Affair.

  • This is the only episode in which David Ogden Stiers appears. When the series was picked up later that year, his character of Scott Woodville was cut.

  • Upon its initial airing, the pilot drew a 54 share in the Nielsen ratings, which translates into over half of all television sets in the country in use that night were tuned in. The pilot ranked 3rd among all tele films for the year and when it was re-aired on September 14, 1976, it ranked 4th.

  • As a result of Kate Jackson's last-minute decision to play Sabrina instead of Kelly, Jaclyn Smith is prominently featured in the first third of the pilot as she establishes her cover as the phony heiress, Janet Le Maire to the Samara Vineyard.

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Trivia (104)

  • Farrah Fawcett was credited as Farrah Fawcett-Majors in this episode, and throughout season one.

  • Goof: When Sabrina comes in after a practice run, camera crews can be seen in the reflection of her helmet.

  • Trivia: Although Sabrina raced in this episode, Jill was the one who later on went to be a stock car racer.

  • Joe Burke was credited as Joseph Burke in this episode.

  • Jaclyn Smith plays a dual role in this episode, Kelly Garrett and the murdered model, Dana Cameron.

  • Charlie's mansion is shown as 674 Vinewood Lane.

  • Kelly's house number is 326. She drives a yellow Mustang, California license plate number 356-CFX.

  • Goof: As soon as Kelly, Jill and Bosley arrive at Charlie's mansion, Wardlow gets out of his car. When Wardlow opens the car door, you can see the reflection of the camera man in the door.

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Allusions (23)

  • Sabrina: We just happen to have our version of Amarillo Slim warming up in the bullpens. This comment is referring to "Amarillo Slim," aka Thomas Austin Preston, Jr., who is a professional gambler famous for his poker skills and proposition bets.

  • Taylor: You mean, you three are a team?
    : Just like the Supremes.

    This comment is in reference to The Supremes, the extremely popular musical group lead by Diana Ross.

  • (Whispering loudly in the changing room) Kelly: Do you think you can corral Woodman? Jill: Ooh! Faster than Roy Rogers. Kelly: Roy Rogers. Jill: Yeah. In my tomboy youth, I was a real Roy Rogers freak. Oh, do you know when Trigger died, they stuffed him? I mean there's nothing sacred anymore. This quote is referring to Roy Rogers, who was a famous singer/cowboy actor, and his horse, Trigger.

  • Kelly Garrett mentions Laverne and Shirley. Laverne and Shirley, a spin-off of Happy Days, is a sitcom that also premiered in 1976 that featured the two female lead characters.

  • Kelly: You know, Red, I think you'd make a great stud-of-the-month. You make Burt Reynolds look like one of the Seven Dwarfs. This quote refers to the near nude centerfold that Burt Reynolds posed for in the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Seven Dwarfs refers to the dwarfs who took in Snow White after she left her evil step-mother in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • Kelly: What do you think?(Revealing her new colorful bikini to Jill.) Jill: Shirley Babashoff, eat your heart out. Kelly: Backstroke, anyone? This comment is in reference to Shirley Babashoff who was a world-record holder 11 times and set 39 United States records in individual and relay events. Her eight Olympic medals made Babashoff one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history.

  • (Watching a free-form film on Little Bo Peep.) Jill: Oh, Little Bo Peep. Sabrina: That is not that Little Bo Peep I knew and loved as a child. Kelly: Yeah, well this is the unabridged edition. Little Bo Peep is a nursery rhyme about a little girl who was tending her sheep and lost them.

  • Jill: Listen, when I was a kid, it took five Ralph Terrys, six Gil McDougals and a whole mess of Tony Kubeks to get one Davey Clusak bubble-gum card. This comment is in reference to Ralph Terry, Gil McDougal and Tony Kubek who were all Major League Baseball players for the New York Yankees.

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