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  • 8.5

    A Paige from the Past

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 14, 2012

    A Paige from the Past was a great episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging and full of action, humor and magical chaos. It was intriguing to watch Phoebe and Cole taken over by ghosts who then go on a crime spree while Paige and Leo go to Paige's past to deal with the death of her parents. The spirit who sent them there was a cool concept. I really liked all the character development and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Paige has always felt responsible for the deaths of her parents in a car accident and, thanks to Leo, we find out why.

    By Lady_Lancaster, Mar 20, 2011

    Paige has not really been what you would call a 'good' girl. She is quite a free spirit as an adult, and when she takes a trip back to her teenage past courtesy of Leo, we find that she was a pretty difficult young lady as well, but nothing out of the ordinary for most teens.

    Her parents can't seem to control her, nor can they seem to understand her, particularly her tantrums, refusal to go to school and not liking or listening to any of their rules. All in a day's work for most parents but Mr. and Mrs. Matthews wouldn't be alone in being close to the end of their rope with a teenager!

    As the family are driving along, they are having quite a heated argument when they are involved in a car accident. Paige's parents are killed but she is miraculously thrown clear and is relatively unscathed.

    Leo is able to show her that the reason she was thrown free of the wreckage was because she orbed out and also able to prove that the accident would have happened, even if the argument hadn't been taking place. Paige feels a great deal better.

    The end is pretty cheesy, but it lifts Paige's burdens, so that's the main thing.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Get with it, it's the 90s!

    By MovieMark, Jun 21, 2009

    It's a pity Brad et al didn't have the gahonies to dedicate this entire episode to Paige and her 1994 shenanigans. Yeah, Alyssa and Julian have a lot of fun as Lulu and Franky, and they're admittedly fun to watch, too, but the subplot felt entirely superfluous to the nit and grit of the episode. Once again, it's the writers' lack of a backbone that makes what could have been one of the show's strongest hours, into a criminally average episode. Rose? Easily your best performance to date (that's including everything she's been in outside of the show). The idea of Paige going back to the past screamed cliché, but having the youngest sister try and save her dead parents, and managing to change the outcome, only for them to die under similar circumstances, is blisteringly cruel, and yet incredibly powerful. I can only imagine the impact it would have had, had the whole episode centered on her visit to the past. Unfortunately, it all just feels rushed, just so we can make time for a subplot not worth mentioning, which is a shame. It's the episode that almost.moreless

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  • 9.4

    A Real Paige Turner

    By lenzinoH20, Jun 18, 2008

    A Paige From The Past-With Leo as her guide, Paige goes back in time to her teen years, in an attempt to resolve her feelings about the accident that killed her parents. Meanwhile, Piper must prevent ghosts, who have inhabited Phoebe's and Cole's bodies, from fulfilling their mission.

    One of the most surreal episodes from Charmed and featuring Rose McGowan's finest performance on the series to date, "A Paige From Past" centers around Charmed's newest sister and makes her story quite captivating. Unlike complete drivel that was "A Knight to Remember For Sucking", this is the first real indepth episode that Paige gets and it was well worth the wait. Rose is completely heartbreaking throughout as Paige must deal with the loss over her parents and her performance alone makes the story convincing. The journey to your past storyline worked well and Rose look surprisingly 8 years with her grudge clothes with the braces. All the guest stars are also wonderful with M. Scott Wilkinson and Lisa Darr who are incrediblly believeable as Paige's parents. You can just see all the concern and stress of parenthood they convey in their performances. Brian Kruase is also touching as Leo when he plays Paige's guide through her past. The scene where Paige breaks down after witnessing her parent's death again is powerful, especially Leo's words to her about how it was suppose to happen and it was her destiny. With such an excellent main storyline, it's no suprise that sub-plot failed to be even half as interesting. Cole and Phoebe being possessed by 50s southern bak robbers named Franky and Lulu was boring at best! It's only a sorry plot device used to get Phoebe to finally accept Cole's marriage proposal, but we knew she would say yes anyway. The episode ends with a moving conclusion as Paige reunites with her parents who reveal they have always been proud of her and have been watching her every step of the way. All and All, "A Paige From The Past" is a truly wonderful family drama not seen on Charmed in a while at that point and Rose finally feels like she belongs on the series.moreless

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  • 10

    great episode centering around paige definitely one of my favoirtes surrounding her

    By silverfoxy8472, Mar 07, 2008

    this is one of my favorites centering around paige the other one that i really liked was the evil enchantress and much as i like the whole vanquish evil every week deal nice to have a break from it. it also shows that paige has issues that makes her more human than her predecessor by strides. this shows you why paige is the way she is another great stroke on the part of the producers which is Brad Kern and probably holly marie combs and alyssa milano by this time. this was brillant. I think this episode ROCKED!!!


    Selena Morgansternmoreless

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  • 8.8

    Diamonds are a ghost's best friend

    By Blinksterboy, Feb 21, 2008

    Despite the name, this instalment is not all about Paige, it's actually two separate storylines, one focused on Paige and one on Phoebe.

    Paige's story sees her travel back to the day her parents died in a car crash. It tells us a lot about where she's come from and features some lovely acting from Rose, including some highly believable tears. Good as it is, though, it doesn't have the thrill of other time travel episodes, and that 'troubled teen' thing has been done before with both Prue and Phoebe. Given the air date (not long after September 11th), it's interesting that they chose to make Paige's father a fireman.

    Phoebe's story sees her and Cole possessed by the ghosts of a couple of lawbreakers from the fifties. I think it's supposed to be lighthearted but I actually found them rather sinister. As soon as I saw 'Lulu' steal the ring from the jewellers I knew how the episode was going to end. Didn't stop me enjoying the shotgun wedding though, and top marks to Alyssa and Julian for not overdoing the southern accents.

    This is a decent hour which avoids the demon plot / subplot rut. I particularly like the character combinations; Paige goes off with Leo while Piper and Darryl sort out Cole and Phoebe. If anything, there's too much action.

    Clyde. What was he about? And what was that ridiculous insult Leo came up with to summon him? Is that really the best our writer could manage?

    So Cole wants to be a cop now, does he? Nice idea, mate, but you defo need to work on that interview technique.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Paige goes back n time to change er parents death...

    By HaveSumFaith, Jun 21, 2007

    Paige begins to feel guilty for her parents death so she and leo go back in time to see why they actually died. she seemed really cool back then. i really liked her room. paige will not let her parents die so she tries to change the past. Cole and Phoebe are possesed by the ghosts of Franky and Lulu. It is so funny with their weird accents. They want to get married so they go on a wedding crime spree. At the end when Paige sees her parents it is so great. This was such a good episode in terms of Paige.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Paige feeling like she was responsible for her parents death, goes back in time when her parents were killed With Leo as her guide. Meanwhile Phoebe and Cole are possessed by two ghost who want to get married!

    By debs65, Jun 12, 2007

    This was a fantasic episode. It was a well written. It has to be one of my favourite episodes. It was great because we get to learn more about Paige's past. It was quite an emotional episode. Rose Mcgowan is an excellent actress. It was funny how Phoebe and Cole got possessed by those ghosts.


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  • 8.7

    Great episode, we finaly see Paige's past !!

    By charmed1102, Apr 04, 2007

    Guided by Leo, Paige journeys back to her high school days, hoping to confront and overcome her guilt over the accident that killed her adoptive parents. In the process, Paige recalls her first awareness of her special powers. Meanwhile, back in the present, Piper must stop the marriage between Phoebe and Cole -- or rather, the marriage between the evil spirits presently possessing Phoebe's and Cole's bodies!

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