A Paige from the Past

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Quotes (19)

  • Leo: You owe me, Clyde. Or do I need to remind you of your client that I healed? The one you returned from the past - on the edge of a cliff? I believe there were thirty-two broken bones.

  • Darryl: Look, I am sick of you and your entire dysfunctional family unit. I will not falsify evidence. I am a cop. Piper: Okay, cop, do I need to remind you that you bailed Cole out of jail last night? Darryl: So? Piper: So I was wondering what you were going to tell your captain when he sees Cole on the surveillance tape. Darryl: What are you waiting for? Go get the damn tape!

  • Darryl (to Piper): Hey, what did I say... (pulls Piper aside) no creepy talk in the precinct!

  • Leo: Rough ride. Are you okay? Paige: Yeah. I'm alright. I'm all... (She looks into the mirror and sees that she is a teenager again) wrong! Oh my God. I'm so screwed. I'm supposed to come back as a ghost. Not a ghost with...braces? Leo: You're meant to relive the experience, Paige. Not observe it. Paige: Yeah. But I just wanted to come back and watch me make sarcastic comments about my lack of style.

  • Piper: Don't we need a summoning spell? Leo: No, Clyde ignores them. There's only one way to get Clyde down here. (Calling)Clyde! Get your butt down here you fetid worm from the bog of eternal stench! (to the sisters) You gotta make him mad. (to Clyde) Your mother was a chunky substance from a gin cesspool. And she smelled bad too! (Wind appears and turns into Clyde, who looks angry) Clyde: Leo! I was with a client! 1969, Woodstock, Hendricks was on stage! This better be good.

  • Phoebe: I never answered your question. Ask me again. Cole: Will you marry me? Phoebe: Yes, I will. Phoebe: Thank you, guys. Piper: Just no weddings until we vanquish the Source.

  • Piper: I object to this union. Chaplain: I didn't call for any objections. Piper: Yeah, well, I still object.

  • Darryl: You froze the crime scene. Piper: Uh-huh. Darryl: You can not freeze a crime scene. Piper: Well, I did. Okay, we got to protect Phoebe and Cole, so start wiping fingerprints.

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Notes (2)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Paige z minulosti (Paige from the Past) France: Mauvais esprits (Evil spirits)

  • This episode scored 3.4 million viewers.

Trivia (22)

  • Paige's trip takes her back to 1994, but there's a movie poster for Scream from 1996 on her wall. The poster is blurred out for reruns, possibly due to licensing reasons.

  • TRIVIA: In this episode it's stated that Paige smoked as a teenager.

  • During the scene where Morris and Piper are at the crime scene, Piper freezes the room. However, once she unfreezes it, a police officer repeats a message he heard about Phoebe and Cole stealing a wedding dress. If the officer was frozen, how was he able to hear a radio call?

  • In the beginning when Phoebe is trying to get Cole to tell her what is wrong. She calls him Phoebe.

  • How is it that Phoebe and Cole never get in any trouble for all of what Frankie and Lulu do? Darryl and Piper take the survelience tape from the jewelery store, yes. But what about all the eyewitnesses? Not just the guard he shot but the clerk, the minister and whoever was at the bridal shop they robbed?

  • Why is it that Neither Cole or Phoebe was in any danger of having their soul die? In episodes both before and after this one (Coyote Piper and Y Tu Mummy Tambien), it is said that a body can host only one spirit/soul at a time. That if the possessing spirit does not leave in a certain amount of time, that the original or both will die. However, no one is ever worried about this happening. Nor, do Phoebe or Cole ever appear to be suffering spiritually or physically.

  • At the jewelery store, Piper took the security tape from the VCR. Isn't she worried she might have left fingerprints? When they find out the tape is missing, they might dust that area as well.

  • TRIVIA: This is the 6th time that one of the sisters has been possessed.

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Allusions (4)

  • Piper: My sister was just possessed by a supernaturally born killer.
    This is a reference to the 1994 movie Natural Born Killers, which is about a murderous couple going on a rampage.

  • Piper: What is with the Blanche Dubois?
    This is a reference to the 1951 Academy award-winning film "A Streetcar Named Desire", which was based on the play by Tennessee Williams, and where the female lead was named Blanche DuBois.

  • Title: A Paige from the Past
    A reference to the saying "taking a page from the past" which means using a past example to influence the present.

  • Leo: Get your butt down here you fetid worm from the bog of eternal stench!
    The "bog of eternal stench" is a reference to the movie "Labyrinth", in which a young girl must solve a gigantic, magical maze (aka a labyrinth) to save her baby brother. Within the labyrinth, there was a place called The Bog of Eternal, and anyone who touched the bog would reek forever.