Baby's First Demon

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  • Paige (disguised as a demon, trying to get into the demonic market): I am a dissatisfied customer. (She shows the guard a knife.) I bought this athame here at the market. It's supposed to flame. It doesn't. I paid a pretty penny for it too. And for what? It almost got me killed trying to steal the Charmed Ones' baby. You know what I got for my efforts? A nice little blanket. Mm, sweet. Oh, and the Hawker who hired me? He got eighty-sixed, so I didn't even get a pay day. Guard: Who are you? Paige: I told you, I'm a dissatisfied customer. (She stabs the other guard with the athame, vanquishing him.) See? No flame.

  • Paige: Wiccan rituals and fairy guards notwithstanding, I think it's time we bust out some serious ammo. Piper: As in...? Paige: As in a good old-fashioned demon hunt. I say we bypass the Hawker and go for the jerk that hired him to steal the baby in the first place. Leo: How? Paige: Not so sure just yet, but I will say this. Once we find him, we use him to send a message, "If you come after this baby you will die in the cruelest manner possible."

  • Paige: Well, the neighbors who don't already think we're crazy now officially do.

  • Piper (about Phoebe): Oh, she's just excited. Leo: Excited, obsessed. Piper: Why, because she wants to watch her nephew sleep? Leo: No, because yesterday she was giving you breast feeding advice, and now she wants maternity leave. Piper: Well, she knows a lot about breasts. And she's an aunt, that's what they do. Family, you know. Leo: Okay, well, how is mommy doing? Piper: Mommy's tired. And happy.

  • Piper: I don't have the luxury of being careful now that half of Demonville is after our child.

  • Piper: Magical goods? My baby is a magical good? That is just sick and twisted.

  • Piper: The demons saw the forcefield, they're gonna try and find a way around it. Paige: Well unless they can get up to Elderland, he's gonna be fine.

  • Phoebe (to the baby): Ooh, I could smush you! I could just smush your little face... Paige: Is that his new name, Smush Face Halliwell?

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Notes (1)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Chlapečkův první démon (Boy's First Demon) France: Premier combat (The first fight)

Trivia (14)

  • TRIVIA: In this episode Piper fears that the constant demon fighting would make Wyatt a neurotic baby and in later ppisodes, Chris, Piper and Leo's second son from the future is referred to as a neurotic whitelighter.

  • When Phoebe is showing Wyatt's baby pictures to her co-workers they were all gathered behind her trying to take a peak, between them a blonde guy wearing a high-necked light purple sweater. However when Jason comes, he was facing Phoebe. Behind him is the same guy standing there! They cut to Phoebe and he's there and then cut back to Jason and he's there also.

  • TRIVIA: Prue's birthdate is shown on the family tree as October 25, 1971. However, Prue's birth year was shown as 1970 in the season 4 episodes Charmed Again, Part 1 (on her funeral program) and Hell Hath No Fury (on her crypt).

  • TRIVIA: As seen on the family tree document: Great-Grandma was P. Baxter (Piper's past life) (Sept 1897 - Dec 1970), married to Gordon Johnson (Sept 1895 - Aug 1965); Grams was Penelope Johnson (June 23, 1937 - March 5, 1968), married to Jack Halliwell (1930 - 1964); Mom was Patricia Halliwell (April 5, 1950 - February 28, 1978), married Victor Jones (February 16, 1949-). Prue's date of death is not noted.

  • TRIVIA: This is the first episode for The Crone. She will be shown again for the final time, in the episode Sense and Sense Ability.

  • TRIVIA: This is the first appearance for Eric Dane as Jason Dean, Phoebe's boss and later-on boyfriend.

  • In a lot of scenes baby Wyatt looks like a doll, rather than a human baby - probably due to the fact that infants are only allowed on camera for six seconds at a time.

  • TRIVIA: Foreshadowing? In this episode, the Crone mentions an event that will occur that will apparently call for the girls' powers, more than ever.

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Allusions (2)

  • Title: Baby's First Demon
    This is a reference to the phrase "baby's first ___." Parents often have a baby book to document the first of a baby's everything.

  • Paige: ...he could just zap them onto a roof like Harry Potter would or something.
    Piper: After seeing what the kid can do inside the womb, he's no Muggle.
    Phoebe: Hey, what about Potter? Potter Halliwell?
    Leo: ...that's why I'm gonna say no to Po...
    The four of them are making references to the popular "Harry Potter" book series by J.K. Rowling, later developed into a series of films. Harry is a young wizard who, when he was young, would mysteriously have the things he wanted to happen do so. His last name, Potter is a suggestion made as a P name for the baby. A Muggle is the term Rowling gives to the people in her books who have no magic in them.