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  • 8.5

    A good opener and way to reconstitute the charmed ones.

    By bbch25, Jul 02, 2015

    Only thing I really want to say is how the hell did that inspector get a search warrant on their house! He has absolutely NO grounds for it.

    And I don't get people saying so far that nothing make sense or that the story they came up with for Paige's magic is pathetic. I thought it was well written, it's not like they had to create a love story with Sam or anything, that was already there, it was long enough, it's entirely possible and I feel it was hinted at before.

    I also have nothing against the exposure aspect in this episode. Exposure is always going to be a problem and I like that they aren't going to pretend that they can get a free pass. I did think it was handled well though, the inspector cortez or whoever was kind of crap and OTT but still alright. I don't get why they didn't just use memory dust on him but meh it was handled ok.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Funeral Location

    By RebeccaRiley2, Mar 22, 2014

    It was sad to see Prue (Shannon Doherty) leave, but I swear that her funeral was held in the same mausoleum that Inspecter Davidson was killed in at the end of Death Takes A Halliwell (3:16). Am I wrong?

    Anyway, I started watching this show because of Shannon but I actually think it got even better with Rose McGowan. Still, this was a fitting, yet heartbreaking, farewell to a beloved character. I think they handled it well.

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  • 10

    Charmed Again (1)

    By TrueTvWatcher, Apr 14, 2012

    Charmed Again (1) was a perfect season four premiere episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching though I was sad to learn what happened to Prue. It was touching to watch Piper and Phoebe deal with this loss while more demons wanted to attack an innocent girl who was at the funeral. I liked the surprises and meeting the hidden Halliwell sister. It was funny to watch Piper summon Grams. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

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  • 9.0

    How do you respond to the exit of a top cast member? With the best season opener in the series... Paige is found and the series grows darker.

    By iltarion, Jul 07, 2011

    Some Charmed fans would never recover from the loss of Prue. I am not one of those. Charmed Again represents easily the best season opener Charmed ever had.

    From the very first scene where a disheveled and despondent Piper tries to use magic to reach her lost sister in a candle lit attic, we are immediately introduced to a darker and grittier Charmed. Piper is an understandable mess throughout the episode, and as usual, Holly shines whenever tears are to be shed. She has had a lot of practice, and unfortunately, she will get more. Her attack of Leo for healing her instead of Prue is very true to her character and heartfelt. Her fit of anger over the demonic attack at Prue's funeral is also very fitting for the character; we are quickly reminded- same old Piper. As usual, the end of the Charmed Ones is nearly taken with relief by Piper, who now wants to concentrate on the lives that are left, and as such, the discovery of a new sister is met with a good dose of doubt and then frustration from her. This can actually be interpreted as apathy towards Paige, but it isn't. It is apathy towards being a Charmed One again.

    Like in the beginning of the series, Phoebe is again the wiccan heart of the manor, and her and Cole actually take over the demon hunting duties, temporarily. The scene where Cole and Phoebe spy Shax's attack of Paige on the rooftop is a classic. Fantastic writing. And how cool is it to see a witch being able to orb? I love this rinse and revamp of the Phoebe/Cole story. The melodrama at the end of Season 3 needed to be seriously dumped and forgotten, and that is exactly what has been done here with very little explanation how, which is fine with me. The bottom line is that Cole is back in Phoebe's good graces and it is GREAT to have him back. Great scene when he goes toe-to-toe with Shax. Kind of surprising he couldn't vanquish Shax considering the damage he does to the source in Brain Drain.

    Paige showing up at the manor and the Charmed Ones being reconstituted is another classic scene. The vanquish of Shax was somewhat quickly handled, but it was still great to see revenge exacted. Rose McGowan as Paige isn't given too much to do this first episode, but she is more than adequate in the role. She is actually more believable as a sister of Piper and Phoebe than the black haired, blue-eyed Prue was. The exposure subplot in this episode is about as ridiculous as any we ever see on this show, and it is highly annoying that the writers would beat that drum again so soon after All Hell Breaks Loose. Fortunately, it is a small part of the show, and I do like Cole threatening the guy and the Timbuktu spell. Personally, I had no problem with the show spending no time trying to explain the gap between last season and this. Everyone can come up with their own explanations, quite easily.moreless

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  • 9.6

    So sad Prue left...

    By Danny2312, Apr 19, 2011

    This episode features a few days after Prue's death, Piper and Phoebe hunt for Shax, the demon who is responsible for Prue's death. While in the funeral, Phoebe saw Paige, and she got a premoniton that Paige will be attacked by Shax. Later on, Phoebe and Cole learn that she can orb, which means that she is possibly a whitelighter. But Leo get nothing from the Elders. Luckily for the sisters, they have Cole, a good demon, and learn that Paige is the new charmed ones.

    Paige Matthews take over Prue and become the new charmed ones. She orbs things. I like Prue more than Paige.

    This episode is NOT really good, although it has a novel. The writer(s) should have done better than this.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Piper and Phoebe must continue the fight, with Prue gone, against supernatural evil. How will they use the Power of Three? Who is this Paige person? Is the writing really that bad? Yup.

    By johndoe70, Apr 19, 2011

    Oftentimes a great television series has fallen due to casting changes (i.e. Sliders or Talk Radio) and I am sorry to say that this what begins to happen with the Charmed Ones. Although it did survive for a total of eight seasons. For one reason or another, Shannen Doherty left the series and the show never fully recovered. Her replacement, Rose McGowan, is a talented actress but losing the chemistry that the original cast had hurts the series. The writers had to find a quickly find reason, in two episodes, to create a fourth Charmed One, who could be the third Charmed One. Story wise, the result [given the limitations] does work, but it is not terribly too creative. Personally, I never really liked Paige as a character because she reminded too much of Phoebe. I also generally felt that the quality of writing and the production values took a nose dive during this season as well.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Piper and Phoebe mourn the death of their beloved sister, unaware that forces are at work to rejoin the Power of Three.

    By Lady_Lancaster, Mar 20, 2011

    Prue is dead and, therefore, technically, so is The Power of Three as there are now only two sisters left.

    What Piper and Phoebe are unaware of is that they have a long-lost half sister about whom they know nothing. She is the product of Patty's affair with her Whitelighter, Sam, and, in the Halliwell tradition, her name starts with a "P" as she is called Paige.

    I found this episode really weak for a season opener and thought the writers could have done much better. Naturally, for the show to continue, they had to bring in another sister, but the whole thing was quite cheesy. The only reason I gave it a 7 was because Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs did an excellent job of portraying their character's immense grief. The rest of it was pretty average.moreless

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  • 9.3

    New Sis On The Block, Part 1

    By lenzinoH20, Feb 13, 2011

    Charmed Again Part 1-Mourning the death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe must now come to grips with the loss of their oldest sister, and the loss of the Power of Three. However, The Source discovers an unknown sister - the daughter of Patty and her whitelighter Sam, who had been kept hidden, Paige, the now-youngest Halliwell can restore the Power of Three and reunite the sisters' strength as witches.

    An overwhelming first part to this sad and surreal premiere that sees Piper and Phoebe grieving over Prue's death and preparing for her funeral while unknowingly, they discover they have another sister named Paige. Despite not resolving the shocking cliffhanger at the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose", "Charmed Again" Part 1 is a stunning episode regardless. I'm glad that instead of shying away from the loss of Prue, the writers fully embrace the harsh reality of losing a sister. Brad Kern continues to writer some impressive dark drama and the cast works wonders with the material. Holly Marie Combs, never the less, is the shinning star of this episode. Now, the best actress on the series and stealing literally ever scene from the rest of the cast, she conveys Piper's grief so convincingly that you believe the actress herself is actually grieving. It would make sense that Piper would be the most hurt as her and Prue were always the closest. Alyssa Milano does a fine job of making Phoebe's pain internal as she tries to direct her focus on her witch duties, especially when Paige becomes the lastest innocent.

    Speaking of Paige, Rose McGowan (Scream, Jawbreaker) makes her smooth and solid entrance into the series as the charismatic, quirky Paige Matthews. The writers really crafted a relateable character whose just your average everyday woman in her 20's who has some soul-searching to do. Rose gives a fine performance throughout as she becomes sucked into the world of magic and is shocked by it all. I love how the writers brought back the relatioship between Sam and Patty, as it was genuis and it came in handy to create the character of Paige. The revelation scene where Patty and Grams reveal Paige's identity is acted so well by the whole cast as Piper and Phoebe discover they have another sister. The scene where the Charmed Ones are reconstitued is beautifully done as well as when all 3 sister reunite and vanquish Shax for good.

    The only real annoyance in the episode is Inspector Cotrez and that lame storyline with him findng out the sisters are witches. It's just drags and it sucks this storyline continues on to part 2. On the plus side, I love that the writers are finally building on the Source's agenda with the Charmed Ones and his appearence is now making the series more darker. All and All, "Charmed Again" Part 1 is a marvelous first part with some brilliant writing, dark, emotional scenes and truly surreal acting by Holly Marie Combs.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Very little is resolved from last year, but Brad manages an impressive premiere nonetheless.

    By MovieMark, Dec 21, 2010

    Treating this episode as a revamp to the series, I wasn't particularly bothered by a lack of explanation as to how Prue died and how Phoebe escaped the underworld. Truth is, fans knew of the onset squabbling and falling out, and the writers did a commendable job at attempting to move on without Shannon.

    All that said and done, Part One is an impressive Charmed episode. Despite some obstacles, Brad Kern manages to produce a compelling script, aided by series best performances by Holly and Alyssa, respectively. Rose McGowan, too, fits in nicely here, with a mix of all three former leads and a unique touch of her own, Paige's debut is solid.

    There are plenty of fantastic little moments Charmed rarely does so well tucked away inside this first part. Piper gets the bulk of them and I especially enjoyed her attacking Leo, asking him why he didn't do anything to save Prue. It's a good way of tackling the subject of why Prue died without digging too deep into the already convoluted reasoning behind it.

    Shax is back, which is always good. He's probably one of the best villains the show has ever had. It's a pity he looses some of his mystic appeal, with Leo jumping on him hoping for a jockey back. It would have been good to keep him around for the 2nd part, as the Source has yet to become to nefarious villain due to obvious casting issues, and he mucks up the dire second half completely.

    Overall, it's the better half of this two hour special and probably one of the best Charmed episodes of the season. There's an emotional hook for fans reeling from the loss of Prue, there's quite a few impressive action set pieces, and the script has plenty of lighthearted moments in an otherwise dreary, full on cry-fest.moreless

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